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tax revenue

n. The total revenue which a taxing entity - state, municipality etc. - gets from all taxes.

tax revenue

n. government income due to taxation [syn: tax income, taxation, revenue]

Tax revenue

Tax revenue is the income that is gained by governments through taxation.

Just as there are different types of tax, the form in which tax revenue is collected also differs; furthermore, the agency that collects the tax may not be part of central government, but may be a third party licensed to collect tax which they themselves will use. For example, in the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) collects vehicle excise duty, which is then passed onto HM Treasury.

Tax revenues on purchases come in two forms: "tax" itself is a percentage of the price added to the purchase (such as sales tax in U.S. states, or VAT in the UK), while " duties" are a fixed amount added to the purchase price (e.g., for cigarettes). In order to calculate the total tax raised from these sales, we must work out the effective tax rate multiplied by the quantity supplied.

Usage examples of "tax revenue".

Columbus would have appreciated the additional tax revenue and job openings at any time, but they were a godsend during the Depression years.

There was sort of a bidding war going on between our two fair towns, and whoever came up with the sweetest incentives would get the extra jobs, the added property tax revenue, and all those other wonderful perks that new businesses bring.

Back before the Squadron took them, that had been one of the district's main sources of tax revenue, a government monopoly.

He also offered to have his men escort the wagons carrying tax revenue on their twice yearly journeys back to Eldacre.

The Congressional Budget Office was already estimating the tax revenue to be realized from increased American auto production, and members were salivating over that like Pavlov's dogs for their bell.

Money, profit, and tax revenue making their proper circle under the wide Suffolk sky.

On the legal side, there's more than one jurisdiction, and for some of the European countrieswell, banking is a big moneymaker, and no government ever turns its back on tax revenue.

The government will post bond in the amount of, oh, one year's tax revenue from Herax and the surrounding district.

By 1880 it was generating more tax revenue than Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield together even though collectively they had twice the population.