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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
coup d'état
tit for tat
▪ The temple was a squat, two-storey structure, encrusted with oriental tat.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tat \Tat\, n. [Hind. t[=a]t.] Gunny cloth made from the fiber of the Corchorus olitorius, or jute. [India]


Tat \Tat\, n. [Hind. tatt?.] (Zo["o]l.) A pony. [India]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1882, "to do tatting," back-formation from tatting.


Etymology 1 n. 1 cheap and vulgar tastelessness; sleaze. 2 Cheap, tasteless, useless goods; trinkets. 3 (context India English) gunnycloth made from the fibre of the ''Corchorus olitorius'' or jute. vb. (context transitive intransitive English) To make (something by) tatting. Etymology 2

n. (context India dated English) A pony. Etymology 3

n. (context slang English) A tattoo.

  1. n. tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar [syn: cheapness, tackiness, sleaze]

  2. a projective technique using black-and-white pictures; subjects tell a story about each picture [syn: Thematic Apperception Test]

  3. [also: tatting, tatted]

  1. v. make lacework by knotting or looping [syn: intertwine]

  2. [also: tatting, tatted]

TAT (band)

TAT is a rock/punk band hailing from London, England.


Tát is a town in Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary.


Tát is a town in Komárom-Esztergom county, Hungary.

Tat (HIV)

In molecular biology, tat is a protein that is encoded for by the tat gene in HIV-1. Tat is a regulatory protein that drastically enhances the efficiency of viral transcription. Tat stands for "Trans-Activator of Transcription". The protein consists of between 86 and 101 amino acids depending on the subtype. Tat vastly increases the level of transcription of the HIV dsDNA. Before Tat is present, a small number of RNA transcripts will be made, which allow the Tat protein to be produced. Tat then binds to cellular factors and mediates their phosphorylation, resulting in increased transcription of all HIV genes, providing a positive feedback cycle. This in turn allows HIV to have an explosive response once a threshold amount of Tat is produced, a useful tool for defeating the body's response.

Tat also appears to play a more direct role in the HIV disease process. The protein is released by infected cells in culture, and is found in the blood of HIV-1 infected patients.

It can be absorbed by cells that are not infected with HIV, and can act directly as a toxin producing cell death via apoptosis in uninfected "bystander" T cells, assisting in progression toward AIDS.

By antagonizing the CXCR4 receptor, Tat also appears to selectively encourage the reproduction of less virulent M- tropic ( macrophage-tropic) strains of HIV (which use the CCR5 receptor) early in the course of infection, allowing the more rapidly pathogenic T-tropic ( T-cell-tropic) strains (which use the CXCR4 receptor) to emerge later after mutating from M-tropic strains.

Usage examples of "tat".

Augen auf uns und mit seiner Kraft in uns, mit den Augen und der Kraft eines lebenden Menschen, konnten wir die Tat vollbringen, Bruder.

Winter nahm ihn Gwydion wieder nach Caer Dathyl zum Fest der Sonnwendfeier mit, wie er es jedes Jahr tat.

She was tired, this little sister of his who had hung on to the gate and cried when he went away to war, and cried again when he returned to find her working all the daylight hours tatting lace for Widder Leggett so she would have a little food and a cold pallet to sleep upon.

Several months earlier when Vlad had wanted to kill Palea Dumont, their mother, Tat had been hard-pressed to get Andrei to agree to accompany her on a search for Vlad to try to dissuade him from killing her.

I know my poy Malcolm will pe laying on ta top of his old cranfather to keep him waarm, and let peoples pe know tat ta plind piper will be lying town pelow wite awake and fery uncomfortable?

In Caer Seon konnte er sich sein eigenes Klima schaffen, und das tat er auch, brachte jedoch zuerst rasch das Kind zu Bett, um es herauszuhalten.

We were all supposed to look similar, to be instantly recognizable, dark-haired and pale with emeralds on our cheeks and accreditation tats if possible, carrying our swords like Shamans carried their staves.

I could feel the inked lines of my own accreditation tat twisting and tingling under the skin of my left cheek, the emerald set at the top of the twisted caduceus probably flashing.

Toronto for you -- and Canada, because this country is still pretty much pioneer in its deepest feelings and thinks art is something the women amuse themselves with in the long winter evenings -- you know, knitting, tatting, and barbola -- while the men drink bootleg hooch in the barn.

Auf eine vornehme Vermaehlung Paar, das, vom Glueck geliebt, auch Liebe gluecklich macht,-- Sie, die ein fuehlend Herz, und nicht die Ahnen schaetzet, Und nicht der Wuerden saure Pracht, Und nicht der Taten Glanz, die man in Marmor aetzet-- Er koemmt, hier ist er schon, der schoenste deiner Tage, Der schoenste, weil die Lieb ihn schmueckt, Und ihr erfuellter Wunsch der Hoffnung suesse Plage Im Wechselkuss erstickt.

If the media ever found out that Slattery had handed the Russians to the Mafia, that he had made murder possible, both he and the bureau would have been sliced, diced, and tat toed Calling it a scandal would be like calling Vietnam a skirmish.

Until Naive Prober tries one of its probing defections the players might as well be two Tit for Tats.

So, when Naive Prober plays against Tit for Tat, both do worse than when Tit for Tat plays against another Tit for Tat.

Remorseful Prober does better against Tit for Tat than Naive Prober does, though not as well as Tit for Tat does against itself.

Remorseful Prober or Naive Prober, but they too ended up with fewer points, on average, than simple Tit for Tat.