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amino acids

n. (amino acid English)

Usage examples of "amino acids".

Each amino acid portion of cystine can make up part of a separate chain of amino acids.

For it not only codifies the twenty amino acids, but also announces the beginning and end of a protein chain with 'start' and 'stop', like a punched card prepared for a modern accounting machine.

A protein to be of use must not only assemble amino acids in the right sequence, but then must engage in a kind of chemical origami and fold itself into a very specific shape.

The machine would not, of course, give the precise order of amino acids.

On Earth we use just twenty out of many hundreds of possible amino acids.

They will insure we get enough essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, to build strong bodies and immune systems, and to maintain health and vitality.

In addition, we know that montmorillonite clays are a potent catalyst for combining amino acids into longer chain molecules resembling proteins.

Proteins are made from a catalogue of fairly tiny molecules known as amino acids.

For most organisms, humans included, the catalogue contains exactly 22 amino acids.

If you string lots of amino acids together in a row, and let them fold up into a relatively compact tangle, you get a protein.

The two most important classes are the amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, and the nucleotide bases, the building blocks of the nucleic acids.

Because I had gotten used to working with amino acids and couldn't work with the genetic code of my alien plants.