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n. The state of being tacky


n. tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar [syn: cheapness, tat, sleaze]

Usage examples of "tackiness".

I start having my cowhide supplier send you the raw goods, dye, tackiness, and texture built in and ready for cutting, what the bottom line is.

As they went through their chemical routines, the cyanobacteria became very slightly tacky, and that tackiness trapped microparticles of dust and sand, which became bound together to form slightly weird but solid structures—the stromatolites that were featured in the shallows of the poster on Victoria Bennett’s office wall.

Tom took the gunner's position to the left of the breech of the Bofors gun and the big carousel of ammunition beneath it, ignoring the tackiness and the smell, and wiping off the control surfaces with a handkerchief and the sleeve of his tunic until they were clean enough for government work.