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n. (misspelling of tache English)


TASH can have several meanings:

  • Shortened form of Natasha
  • Tash (rapper), a solo artist and former member of rap group Tha Alkaholiks
  • Tash (singer), British/Turkish Cypriot singer
  • Teymour Tash was an Iranian royal minister
  • TASH - (medicine), a.k.a. Alcohol septal ablation - a cardiologic medical procedure for treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Tash (Narnia) is an evil fictional deity in the Narnia stories
  • Tash is a slang abbreviation for " moustache"
  • TASH (organization) deals with disability issues
  • Tash is a nickname for British photographer Alan Lodge
  • Tash is a nickname for Dallas Cowboys running back Tashard Choice
  • Täsch is a village in Valais, Switzerland
  • Tash, Iran, a village in Gilan Province, Iran
  • Tash-e Olya, a village in Semnan Province, Iran
  • Tash-e Sofla, a village in Semnan Province, Iran
  • Tash is Persian for master, partner, gold or silver gauze
Tash (Narnia)

Tash (Turkish for "Stone" or "Rock") is a fictional deity found in C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series. He is an antagonist in the novels The Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle.

Tash is the patron god of the ruling class of Calormen. The Calormene capital is named Tashbaan, and the Tisrocs and Tarkaans and Tarkheenas all claim descent from Tash. The worship of Tash is the only formal religion depicted in the world of Narnia, except that the people of Narnia honour the memory of Aslan, a great lion who was killed and returned from the dead many generations before. There are temples to Tash, Calormenes regularly use ritual phrases such as "Tash the inexorable, the irresistible" and "Tash preserve us", and he is the only being referred to by any character in the books as a god. At the end of the series, Tash is revealed as the antithesis of Aslan (who represents Jesus), and appears as a terrible demon, with a skeletal, humanoid body, a vulture-like head, and four taloned arms.

TASH (organization)

TASH is an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates, and people who work in the disability field. The mission of TASH is to promote the full inclusion and participation of children and adults with significant disabilities in every aspect of their community, and to eliminate the social injustices that diminish human rights. TASH operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It has over 30 chapters and members in 34 countries and territories and is headquartered at 2013 H Street NW, Suite 715, Washington, D.C. 20006.

Tash (rapper)

Rico Smith, better known by his stage name Tash, is an American rapper. He is most known for his work as a member of West Coast hip hop group, Tha Alkaholiks alongside J-Ro and E-Swift. He has released two solo albums, Rap Life (1999) and Control Freek (2009), and has worked on five albums with Tha Alkaholiks. Tash recently announced signing with the hip hop record label Amalgam Digital to release his independent debut entitled Control Freek.

Tash (singer)

Tash (born Sertac Nidai) is a British- Turkish Cypriot singer whose music is an "East-meets-West" fusion of R&B and Middle Eastern influences. He is the first artist signed to the Sony Music Middle East on a full record deal. Tash released his debut album, "In The Deep", in 2012 with his lead single "Habibi Leh"; the album heavily trades on Tash's Turkish Cypriot roots.

Usage examples of "tash".

It would be bitchy to suggest that Tash looked like an Escada-clad Tarzan as she sailed through the air on her vine, I mean, rope.

Tash and Deevee both scrambled backward as the blob lunged forward and landed heavily on the spot where they had been standing.

A small slurp above her gave Tash just enough warning, and she scrambled out of the way as another blob dropped from the ceiling.

Passing even more rooms, Tash saw a blob that was just about the size and shape of a human man, lying on the floor.

Tash remembered the Rodian turning into a blob in his cell, and shivered uncontrollably.

Thick tendrils of ooze burst from the center of the blob on her shoulder and wrapped themselves around her waist and legs, dragging Tash down to her knees.

Cele that he got old Nigger Tashs scab for her and he gessed she wood begin to turn prety dark culored before a week or 2.

Checking to make sure no one was nearby, Tash stepped in front of the plexiform panel.

The largest blobs were the most violent, crashing against the plexiform that separated them from Tash.

And Hroc was awake, and Milo and Tash and Froo, and Flinx and Spear, and Sunflower and Throstle and two mice from Foggy Bottom.

Tash came for her weekends and we went to the movies and had lunch at the Indonesian restaurants in Muswell Hill which she liked, and I willingly put up with Deng Deng Goreng and bean shoots for the pleasure of her company.

When the arrangements had been made, when we had parted and I was living alone in the house, and I had spent the weekend at the Zoo and the Natural History Museum and the cinema and the Hard Rock Cafe with Tash, overfeeding and over-entertaining her but not knowing what else to do, I was sitting alone in the canteen at Megapolis when the chairman in shirtsleeves once again put his lunch down beside mine.

Still holding the electroscope, Tash stepped out onto the top floor of the Infirmary.

Taking the electroscope from Tash, Hoole confirmed that the virus clouds no longer floated in the room.

Tronie had taken Tasher, who was between Nuvie and Hartal in age, to her hearth.