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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thana \Tha"na\ (t[aum]"n[aum]), n. [Written also tana, tanna.] [Hind. th[=a]n[=a].] A police station. [India]

Tanna (island)

Tanna (sometimes spelled Tana) is an island in Tafea Province of Vanuatu.


Tanna may refer to:

  • Tanna (island), an island in Vanuatu
  • Tanna, Germany, a city in Thuringia
  • Tannaim (plural, Tanna singular), a Rabbinic sage recorded in the Mishna
  • Tanna, a last name common among Lohanas
  • Christian Tanna, a member of the rock band I Mother Earth, brother of Jagori
  • Jagori Tanna, a member of the rock band I Mother Earth, brother of Christian
  • Tanna (genus), a genus of cicadas
  • Tanna, a genus of jumping spiders, renamed in 2006 to Araneotanna
  • Tanna fruit-dove, a bird endemic to Vanuatu
  • Tanna ground-dove, an extinct bird endemic to Vanuatu
  • Tanna languages, a subgroup of the South Vanuatu languages
  • An Old High German word meaning oak from which the word tannin is derived
  • Dan Tanna, main character of the TV series Vega$ (1978–1981)
  • tanna leaves, a fictional plant
  • Tanna (film) - a film set on Tanna.
Tanna (genus)

Tanna is a genus of cicadas from Southeast Asia. In 2010 Lee and Hill placed Tanna in the subtribe Leptopsaltriina of the tribe Cicadini together with a number of related genera that also possess abdominal tubercles, including Leptopsaltria, Maua, Nabalua and Purana, and others.

Tanna (film)

Tanna is a 2015 film set on the island of Tanna in the South Pacific, telling the true story of a couple who decided to marry for love, rather than obey their parents' wishes.

The film won the Audience Award Pietro Barzisa at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

Usage examples of "tanna".

Jessica scolded, stabbing a quick glance behind to see if Tanna had overheard.

With heavy eyes, and a weary heart, Jessica watched Tanna play with Sarah Elizabeth, watched as she extended her pinky finger to her.

Jessica and Tanna smiled, but the stress had taken its toll on Jessica and she immediately fell into a deep sleep.

As Jessica went to her, Tanna twisted around to see what was the matter.

He buried the ax into the stump and hurried into the cabin to find Jessica and Tanna clustered around Sarah Elizabeth.

Before the vision was over, Tanna found herself looking at yet another her, one physically quite different.

Then Tanna saw still another Sarah Elizabeth, only this her was a man.

It was at this point that Tanna grew dizzy and lost her grip on the bucket, dropping it into the stream.

Joshua and Tanna looked up in surprise as she burst through the doorway and came to Sarah Elizabeth, whom she instantly snatched to her chest.

Then Tanna turned so Sarah Elizabeth could look out the doorway after her mother, who sat beneath a tree and closed her eyes.

They both looked to Tanna, who smiled, unsuccessfully trying to hold back her tears.

And all the time the Snark was rushing madly along toward Tanna, in the New Hebrides.

There was no mistaking Tanna, for the smoke of its volcano was towering high in the sky.

Warri, in mindtouch with Tanna, led both of them around washouts and the worst of the mud.

So by the time Tanna and Kyra had slogged the last few feet to the tent, the sentry was standing at ease, the door flap was unlaced, and Sewen was ready to hold it open for them against the wind.