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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thana \Tha"na\ (t[aum]"n[aum]), n. [Written also tana, tanna.] [Hind. th[=a]n[=a].] A police station. [India]


n. The banxring or tree shrew.


Tana may refer to:

Tana (Norway)

The Tana ( or ; ; ; ), is a long river in the Sápmi area of northern Scandinavia. The river flows through Finnmark county, Norway and the Lapland region of Finland. The Sámi name means "Great River". The main tributaries of Tana are Anarjohka and Karasjohka.

Tana (film)

Tana is an Albanian feature film, produced by the "New Albania" Film Studio . The movie premiered on 17 August 1958. The film was directed by Kristaq Dhamo, and written by Kristaq Dhamo, Fatmir Gjata, and Nasho Jorgaqi. The music was also composed by Çesk Zadeja. The film was entered into the 1st Moscow International Film Festival.

Tana (footballer)

Pedro Tanausú Domínguez Placeres (born 20 September 1990), commonly known as Tana, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for UD Las Palmas as a winger or forward.

Usage examples of "tana".

To the northwest, Kenia reared his mighty head, and we could trace the Tana river curling like a silver snake almost from his feet, and far away beyond us towards the ocean.

Tana and Estrela were working together on rock studies, Estrela chipping the outer surfaces off of rocks and Tana pressing the portable X-ray crystallography unit onto the freshly exposed surface to map the microcrystalline structure.

Toch, captain of the Dutch vessel, Kandong Bandoeng, will sigh and climb down into the boat for the trip to Tana Masa where he will negotiate with the drunken half-cast of Cubanese and Portuguese extraction about certain business matters.

All that day the Kandong Bandoeng lay at anchor off the coast of Tana Masa and did nothing.

South Varanger Garrison and a substantial part of the Finnmark Brigade was surrounded and destroyed by Soviet forces here, at Tana, on the sixth.

Diamonds have been discovered in the Thika river, one of the headstreams of the Tana.

At Tana they met anthropophagi, who fortunately would not eat foreigners, whom they found revolting, but only their own children.

Then we also implement the word-order seen in Cirion's Oath, with the demonstrative following rather than preceding the noun it connects with: In the entry TA in the Etym, Tolkien actually described tana an anaphoric word for "that", meaning that it refers back to something already mentioned.

The Venetians were also allowed to return, and they built a trading colony at Tana, which may have been a restoration of the prior one they had had at Azov.

Mallë tano "of that road", genitive of mallë tana "that road" the genitive ending -o displacing a final -a as usual.

Tracing the circuits of the flour-stream blender to allow for manual operation seemed straightforward enough, but I forgot about the sample analyzer with its additive-injection unit for quality control Bypass that and you get raw stuff with a funny color and unpredictable properties that brings the bakers screaming- Try to inject the additives manually and you end up with half-poisonous crap contaminated with benzoyl peroxide and potassium bromate and Tana knows what else.

Though Quick Antelope and Big Neck were right to point out to Tana that the woman did not belong to him alone, Satay would have let him have her.

To the northwest, Kenia reared his mighty head, and we could trace the Tana river curling like a silver snake almost from his feet, and far away beyond us towards the ocean.