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n. traditional Japanese ankle socks with a separate section for the big toe.


n. a sock with a separation for the big toe; worn with thong sandals by the Japanese [syn: tabis]


are traditional Japanese socks dating back to the 15th century. Ankle-high and with a separation between the big toe and other toes, they are worn by both men and women with zori, geta, and other traditional thonged footwear. Tabi are also essential with traditional clothing— kimono and other wafuku as well as being worn by samurai in the feudal era. The most common colour is white, and white tabi are worn in formal situations such as at tea ceremonies. Men sometimes wear blue or black tabi for travelling. Patterned and coloured tabi are also available and are worn most often by women, though they are gaining popularity among men as well.

In contrast to socks that, when pulled on, fit the foot snugly because of their elastic weave, tabi are sewn from cloth cut to form. They are open at the back so they can be slipped on and have a row of fasteners along the opening so they can be closed.

Tabi (disambiguation)

Tabi are traditional Japanese socks.

Tabi may also be a romanisation of the Arabic word ʈābiʕ , meaning "follower", used in English to refer to:

  • Tabi‘un, generation of Muslims born after the death of Muhammad
  • Tabi‘ al-Tabi‘in, the generation which succeeded them

Tabi may also mean:

  • Tabi, Angola, town and commune in Bengo Province, Angola
  • Tabi Bonney, Togolese indie musician
  • William Etchu Tabi, Cameroonian footballer

Usage examples of "tabi".

He wore a dramatic black costume, with high tabi and a hood that allowed only his eyes to show.

They cut abruptly into a side aisle, the soles of their tabi giving them fair purchase on the slick, reflective floor.

They even checked the folds of their clothing and the soles of their tabi, searching for a fragment of glass from the Hall, but found none.

On her little feet she wears white tabi, socks of cotton cloth, with a separate place for the great toe, so as to allow the scarlet-covered thongs of the finely lacquered clogs, which she puts on when she stands on the stone steps to receive her guests, to pass between it and the smaller toes.

Women are dressed for burial in the silk robe worn on the marriage day, tabi are placed beside them or on their feet, and their hair usually flows loosely behind them.

My feet were covered in white tabi, split-toed socks, and I wore zori, the straw sandals of old Japan.

The Slaver Associations had offered a brick of gold called a tabi for him.

Katun was determined to collect that tabi and retire from the slave business.

In his neat, starched but ordinary kimono, new sun hat hanging by its thong on his back, new tabi and thongs, he was like the son of a prosperous merchant.

She wore white two-toed tabi socks and geta clogs, which gave her a slightly pigeon-toed stance that Gobi found quite charming.

They even checked the folds of their clothing and the soles of their tabi, searching for a fragment of glass from the Hall, but found none.