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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an orchestral concert/a symphony concert (=one in which an orchestra plays)
▪ Tickets for orchestral concerts range from $15 to $35.
▪ She did not leave the hospital without the cello she played in a London symphony orchestra.
▪ Her two brothers are both cellists with well-known symphony orchestras.
▪ When he married her, she was a reserved, very plain girl who played the harp in a provincial symphony orchestra.
▪ What determines whether firms, households, or symphony orchestras respond to price changes?
▪ He has also had many composing commissions for radio big bands and symphony orchestras.
▪ Receiving a Harmonious Edit Imagine listening to a symphony orchestra playing Beethoven.
▪ The conductor's baton with attendant symphony orchestra.
▪ Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6
▪ The symphony is looking for a new conductor.
▪ the St. Louis Symphony
▪ A tape deck played a Beethoven symphony and children played with Fisher-Price toys.
▪ It is also a haven for the symphony, ballet and theater.
▪ Looking back, I thought it was a symphony from hell.
▪ Scores by Holst, Faure, Elgar and Cherubini are also in store during the symphony subscription series.
▪ Then the war came and after the war the concert-managers offered me a chance to do all the Mahler symphonies.
▪ We are not expecting to be a new board for the symphony.
▪ When he married her, she was a reserved, very plain girl who played the harp in a provincial symphony orchestra.
▪ Who else has had five symphonies of his own played to international audiences by the age of nine?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Symphony \Sym"pho*ny\, n.; pl. Symphonies. [F. symphonie (cf. It. sinfonia), L. symphonia, Gr. ?; sy`n with + ? a sound, the voice. See Phonetic.]

  1. A consonance or harmony of sounds, agreeable to the ear, whether the sounds are vocal or instrumental, or both.

    The trumpets sound, And warlike symphony in heard around.

  2. A stringed instrument formerly in use, somewhat resembling the virginal.

    With harp and pipe and symphony.

  3. (Mus.)

    1. An elaborate instrumental composition for a full orchestra, consisting usually, like the sonata, of three or four contrasted yet inwardly related movements, as the allegro, the adagio, the minuet and trio, or scherzo, and the finale in quick time. The term has recently been applied to large orchestral works in freer form, with arguments or programmes to explain their meaning, such as the ``symphonic poems'' of Liszt. The term was formerly applied to any composition for an orchestra, as overtures, etc., and still earlier, to certain compositions partly vocal, partly instrumental.

    2. An instrumental passage at the beginning or end, or in the course of, a vocal composition; a prelude, interlude, or postude; a ritornello.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, a name given to various types of musical instruments, from Old French simphonie, sifonie, simfone "musical harmony; stringed instrument" (12c., Modern French symphonie) and directly from Latin symphonia "a unison of sounds, harmony," from Greek symphonia "harmony, concord of sounds," from symphonos "harmonious, agreeing in sound," from assimilated form of syn- "together" (see syn-) + phone "voice, sound" (see fame (n.)).\n

\nMeaning "harmony of sounds" in English is attested from late 14c.; sense of "music in parts" is from 1590s. "It was only after the advent of Haydn that this word began to mean a sonata for full orchestra. Before that time it meant a prelude, postlude, or interlude, or any short instrumental work." ["Elson's Music Dictionary"] Meaning "elaborate orchestral composition" first attested 1789. Elliptical for "symphony orchestra" from 1926. Diminutive symphonette is recorded from 1947.


n. 1 an extended piece of music of sophisticated structure, usually for orchestra 2 harmony in music or colour, or a harmonious combination of elements 3 (context US informal English) a symphony orchestra

  1. n. a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra [syn: symphonic music]

  2. a large orchestra; can perform symphonies; "we heard the Vienna symphony" [syn: symphony orchestra]

Symphony (disambiguation)

A symphony is an extended piece of music for orchestra, especially one in sonata form.

Symphony or Symphonic may also refer to:

Symphony (MBTA station)

Symphony is an underground light rail stop in Boston, Massachusetts on the "E" branch of the MBTA Green Line. It is located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Huntington Avenue. Symphony is the outermost underground station on the "E" branch; after leaving Symphony, outbound trolleys emerge onto the surface and continue down the median of Huntington Avenue.

This station is not wheelchair accessible. Planned but currently unfunded renovations would make the station fully accessible.

Symphony (El Khoury)

Bechara El Khoury's Symphony, subtitled The Ruins of Beirut, was composed in 1985. It was the third of a series of works inspired in the ongoing Lebanese Civil War, being preceded by tone poem Lebanon in flames and a Requiem. It is composed of four movements, marked Drammatico, Misterioso, Poetico and Tragique.

It was recorded for Naxos Records in 2002 by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, conducted by Vladimir Sirenko.

Symphony (Sarah Brightman album)

Symphony is the ninth studio album from the English Soprano singer Sarah Brightman. This classical crossover album is a contrast to her previous collaboration with producer Frank Peterson, 2003's Harem; using more Gothic influences instead of Eastern.

The single " Running" was the IAAF's Green Project Charity song, which Brightman performed at their 2007 Championships opening ceremonies in Ōsaka, Japan. An alternate version of the album's first single, " I Will Be with You", featuring Chris Thompson, was the theme song for the tenth Pokémon film: The Rise of Darkrai. The Spanish duet with Fernando Lima, " Pasión", was the theme song for the Mexican soap opera of the same name, and was also released as a single. The London Symphony Orchestra and Brightman's younger sister, Amelia Brightman, are featured on the album.

Symphony (software)

Platform Symphony is a High-performance computing (HPC) software system developed by Platform Computing, the company that developed Load Sharing Facility (LSF). Focusing on the Financial Services Industry, Symphony is designed to deliver scalability and enhances performance for compute-intensive risk and analytical applications. By enabling distributed computing, users will be able to run applications without worrying where the applications reside or whether there's enough capacity available to support demand.

With Platform Symphony 4.0, Platform also gives developers free access to the Symphony Developer Edition (Symphony DE) with no restrictions or time limits. Symphony Developer Edition is a free High-performance computing (HPC) and Grid computing SDK and middleware developed by Platform Computing. It has been described as "the first and only solution tailored for developing and testing Grid-ready service-oriented architecture applications".

Symphony (candy)

Symphony is a variety of two chocolate bars made by The Hershey Company under the Hershey brand name. The milk chocolate contains the identical ingredients used in the regular chocolate bars made by Hershey's, but have varying amounts of some ingredients (specifically cocoa butter, chocolate and lactose) in order to give a creamier flavor. It marked the first departure from Hershey's original milk chocolate recipe in 1894 designed by Milton Hershey.

The name "Symphony" is given to the bars because it is supposed to be a treat to the mouth in the same way music is to the ears.

Symphony (film)

Symphony is a 2004 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by I. V. Sasi and produced by M N Thankachan, starring new comers Siva and Anu Sasi with Swathi Varma, Riyaz Khan, Jagadish and Jagathi Sreekumar

Symphony (Agendia)

Symphony is a suite of assays that analyze hundreds of genes in an individual breast cancer. The test is marketed by Agendia. The results aid physicians in deciding appropriate treatment for each patient.

There are four breast cancer tests within the Symphony suite:

  • MammaPrint, which assists physicians and patients in complex chemotherapy decisions by giving a clear and unambiguous high or low result of the risk of metastasis during the period when chemotherapy is effective (the first five years after diagnosis);
  • TargetPrint, which identifies the presence of certain receptors and helps identify patient candidates for hormonal treatment and targeted therapies;
  • BluePrint, which identifies three different biological subgroups that react to specific therapies in different ways;
Symphony (Stucky)

The Symphony by the American composer Steven Stucky is a four-movement symphony for orchestra. The work was jointly commissioned by the New York Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It was composed from January through July 2012 and premiered September 28, 2012 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, with conductor Gustavo Dudamel leading the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The work had its New York City premiere November 29, 2012, with Alan Gilbert leading the New York Philharmonic.

Symphony (Ran)

The Symphony is a symphony for orchestra by the Israeli-American composer Shulamit Ran. The work was commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1987 and was premiered in October 1990. The piece was awarded the 1991 Pulitzer Prize for Music and took the first place Kennedy Center Friedheim Award that same year. It was composed in a primarily atonal style.

Symphony (video game)

Symphony is an indie developed shoot-em-up video game produced by Empty Clip Studios. It was released for Microsoft Windows in August 2012, and for Linux and Mac OS X in May 2014.

The game is played by manipulating a ship and firing on enemy ships, earning points and collecting power-ups that are dropped by the ships. The patterns for the appearance of the enemy ships are based on analysis of a selected music file, either from those that ship with the game or from those already on the user's computer. As the player completes songs, they earn new abilities they can add to their ship, while defeating specific bosses from certain songs will increase the game's difficulty level.

Usage examples of "symphony".

The unlucky promised symphony has haunted my imagination ever since it was bespoken, and it is only, alas!

She is a member of the Borzoi Club of America and was invaluable to me in the writing of Dark Symphony.

She is a member of the Borzoi Club of America and was invaluable to me in the writing of Dark Symphony.

Solovievs and the description of a big symphony concert in Moscow about 1900 are masterpieces of verbal expressiveness, delicate realism, and delightful humor.

From time to time staccato notes of delight added a distinct jubilant quality to this symphony, heralding the arrival of some group of Church dignitaries from one or other of the seven principal parishes of Venice, gorgeous in robes of high festival and displaying the choicest of treasures from sacristies munificently endowed, as was meet for an ecclesiastical body to whom belonged one half of the area of Venice, with wealth proportionate.

C minor quartette, D major symphony, a concerto by Bach, played by Fanny, and a duet for two pianos.

They use the words counterpoint, fugue, symphony, oratorio, polyphony, the mode of Beethoven, the orchestration of Mahler, but their essential point is that, like a musician, the novelist seized time and reconstructed it according to his own laws, which were very close to those of orchestral music.

We played together in the Champlain Symphony when we were both starting out, and later in the Sackbut Sextet.

He scrambled to the side, past Pony and Symphony, and looked over the splotchy brush and the rolling clay to the black silhouette of mountaintops just visible far in the west, their outlines silver under the light of the descending sun.

She enjoys landscaping, her AOL True Trekker friends, performing in the Yakima Symphony Chorus, and is a 4-H volunteer.

Besides these operatic performances and his symphony concerts, he gathered about him a succession of young virtuosi pianists.

It is no good for the aestheticians to say that you ought not to be moved by a picture or a symphony because it fills you with erotic excitement or melts you to tears by reminding you of some longforgotten scene, or through its associations exalts you to mystic rapture.

Within thirty seconds they had started work on their usual nocturnal symphony, a rousing fanfare of farting and snoring, moaning and wanking.

Ladies who were pregnant were placed in a weaving symphony of sound that carried subliminal suggestions even into the developing forebrain of the fetus.

Vaughan Williams dies just after the debut of his final symphony, a last holdout against Boulez and Berio.