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symphony orchestra

n. (context music English) A large orchestra that traditionally plays western classical orchestral music.

symphony orchestra

n. a large orchestra; can perform symphonies; "we heard the Vienna symphony" [syn: symphony]

Usage examples of "symphony orchestra".

The viewpoint character in the Captain's story was the underpaid second chair French horn player in the Lobsterville Symphony Orchestra who had just lost his wife to a professional ice hockey player.

After all, listening to the Houston Symphony Orchestra together wasn't exactly a real date.

So call Alexandrov the new conductor of the ideological symphony orchestra.

A very fine symphony orchestra gave weekly concerts, schools ran on schedule, little-theater groups were formed.

The haughty Constance was marginally older than Jeremya tall, stringy woman with the face of a Gorgon but a talent that had gotten her into the London Symphony Orchestra and a distinguished string quartet.

If I lived anywhere else in Somerset, I probably wouldn't have heard a symphony orchestra till I came here.

She did not know whether she was hearing a full symphony orchestra or only the theme.

Pity and awe seize the extras just as it will the audience, depending on who is playing the Wurlitzer organ at New York's Strand theater or, if they are lucky enough to be booked into the Capitol, an entire symphony orchestra guaranteed to drag powerful emotions from any audience during those last moments as Miss Glover loses her head and the camera moves from the ax-man's knees to his hooded head to the tower of the castle behind to the stormy sky above where the sun emerges from behind a cloud bank to make a thousand prisms of the camera lens as Mary Queen of Scots' troubled soul is received by angels -- gloria, gloria, gloria!