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sun parlor

n. a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun [syn: sun parlour, sun porch, sunroom, sun lounge, solarium]

Usage examples of "sun parlor".

Hunter Blake lay back in the cushions of her invalid chair in the sun parlor of the great Blake mansion on Riverside Drive, facing the Hudson with its continuous reel of maritime life framed against the green-hilled background of the Jersey shore.

I ought to stick a hand grenade up my ass, if you want the truth, he whispers privately to me, while my mother occupies the bathroom and my sister dresses for school in her 'room, the sun parlor- I got enough All-Bran in me to launch a battleship.

He walked through the lounge to the sun parlor where ``dinner'' was being served.

He couldn't see in a straight line into the sun parlor, because, for one thing, the doors were closed.

I've wanted him all the time, but I was afraid you didn't, on account of his seeing you in the sun parlor that day, you know.

Chilton who had seen her in the sun parlor with the rose in her hair and the lace shawl draped about her shoulders.