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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A local charge is payable for the solarium and gym.
▪ At times, up to seventy iron lungs packed patient rooms, a solarium, and the hallway.
▪ In addition there is a billiard room, solarium, cinema, indoor and outdoor pools, bowling alley and gym.
▪ Keep fit, sauna and solarium.
▪ Optimum Sports Centre: Indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, solarium, massage rooms and outside whirlpool.
▪ The hotel has its own health club with saunas, solarium and work-out equipment available at a small charge.
▪ There is a lounge, T.V. room, table tennis, cellar bar, large sauna, solarium and steam bath.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Solarium \So*la"ri*um\, n.; pl. Solaria. [L. See Solar, n.]

  1. An apartment freely exposed to the sun; anciently, an apartment or inclosure on the roof of a house; in modern times, an apartment in a hospital, used as a resort for convalescents.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several species of handsome marine spiral shells of the genus Solarium and allied genera. The shell is conical, and usually has a large, deep umbilicus exposing the upper whorls. Called also perspective shell.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1891, "part of a house arranged to receive the sun's rays," earlier "sundial" (1842), from Latin solarium "sundial," also "a flat housetop," literally "that which is exposed to the sun," from sol "sun" (see sol).


n. 1 An establishment with sunbeds in it or where one can rent sunbeds. 2 A room, with many windows, exposed to the sun. 3 # Anciently, an apartment or enclosure on the roof of a house. 4 # An apartment in a hospital, used as a resort for convalescents.

  1. n. a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun [syn: sun parlor, sun parlour, sun porch, sunroom, sun lounge]

  2. [also: solaria (pl)]

Solarium (myrmecology)

A solarium is an earthen structure constructed by certain members of the Formicidae for the purpose of brood incubation. Solaria are usually dome-shaped and fashioned from a paper-thin layer of soil, connected to the main nest by way of subterranean runs.

Tapinoma erraticum is an example of a solaria-constructing species whose skill at so doing was noted by Horace Donisthorpe in the early 20th Century in his book British Ants, their Life Histories and Classification.



Solarium may refer to:

  • Sunroom, a room built largely of glass to afford exposure to the sun
  • A Terrace (building) or flat housetop
  • The Solarium Augusti, a monumental meridian line (or perhaps a sundial) erected in Rome by Emperor Augustus
  • Tanning bed or tanning booth, non-medical devices that emit ultraviolet light for the purpose of creating a cosmetic tanning of the skin
  • Solarium (constellation), a former constellation
  • Solarium, a PHP client for interacting with Apache Solr
  • Project Solarium, an Eisenhower administration initiative to analyze policy towards the Soviet Union
Solarium (constellation)

Solarium ( Latin for sundial) was a constellation located between the constellations of Horologium, Dorado and Hydrus. It was introduced in 1822 on the Celestial Atlas of Alexander Jamieson, who substituted it for the constellation Reticulum invented by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. A decade later it was picked up by Elijah Hinsdale Burritt to whom it is sometimes attributed. It was never popular and is no longer in use.

Usage examples of "solarium".

In addition to what looked like the original monastery buildings, Aiglemont had a glass solarium, which probably covered a pool of some sort, a structure housing the mechanical system for the funicular, a narrow concrete or stone patio in front, and a sickly piece of green which turned out to be a small, oblong patch of Alpine meadow that ran along the side of the main buildings and ended in an abrupt drop-off to the valley floor thousands of feet below.

In his left hand, he carried a bouquet of flowers from the solarium at WindLass but even though he inspected each individual tombstone, he could not find hers here in the Boucharde family plot.

Inside Lamb House she wondered how a mystery in which several people have achingly endless, convoluted conversations over tea and biscuits, all of them knowing there was that body hi the solarium but, with their Jamesian sensibilities, making such oblique references that no one knew if anyone knew if he or she knew.

Minister, Lwo Kang, some thirteen years earlier, the poor man blown into the next world along with his Junior Ministers while basking in the imperial solarium.

He spent all afternoon in the solarium near the top of the armillary sphere.

There was the whine of the blowers as she dried off, and then she ran through the hot room on her way back into the solarium.

She sat in the solarium, her bare feet warm against the heated stone floor, and drank chamomile tea or claret, staring down to where the ceaseless stream of people passed along the canal path, and watching the narrow boats as they piled their way slowly between Camden Lock and Little Venice, two miles to the west in Paddington.

Lifting his eyes from the solarium set under the aplustre for reference in keeping the course, Arrius beheld the rower approaching.

And you really weren't anybody if you didn't possess, at the very least, a Wesleyan chapel with all its bits and bobs intact, that you had painstakingly tortured into a design studio, complete with en suite bathrooms, fitted kitchen and solarium.

The ship's swimming pool, solarium, gym, and garden-bar provided me with many a divert­ing hour's worth of entertainment as I pretended to nap with a Wild Turkey highball close at hand, all the while secretly eaves­dropping on what the metapsychic Jeunesse Doree —including Marc himself—was getting up to.

If Solaria hasnt signed over anything, its simply a clerical error.

On Solaria, they grew so fetishistically dependent on robots that husbands and wives could barely stand to touch each other.

Inside were reception rooms, a ballroom, a grand banqueting hall, fifty guest bedrooms, a library, swimming pools, solariums, games rooms, and cavernous underground garages stocked with a range of vehicles that any motor history museum would kill to obtain.

The next day Gonzales sat in the solarium, where he lounged among black lacquer and etched glass while thoughts of death gnawed at the edges of his torpor.

I once ended up in the solarium in the middle of the night, battling an ivy vine to the death.