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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sun lounge
▪ A sun lounge, verandah or covered porch?
▪ The sun lounge with its comfortable settees is ideal to relax in.
sun lounge

n. sunroom

sun lounge

n. a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun [syn: sun parlor, sun parlour, sun porch, sunroom, solarium]

Sun Lounge (railcar)

The Sun Lounges were a fleet of three streamlined sleeper- lounge cars built by Pullman-Standard for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1956. The cars featured a distinctive glazed roof area meant to capture the ambience of a dome car in a lower profile, as tunnels on the East Coast of the United States prevented the use of dome cars there. The Seaboard employed all three Sun Lounges on its flagship Silver Meteor between New York City and Miami, Florida. The cars later saw service with the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad and Amtrak. Two of the three survive in private ownership.

Usage examples of "sun lounge".

One thing I'msure of, I shall not drift into retirement and spend my days hanging around Froxbury Mansions in a dressing-gown, nor shall I ever repair to the Golden Gate retirement home, Weston-super-Mare, and sit in the sun lounge retelling the extraordinary case of the Judge's Elbow, or the Miracle in the Ecclesiastical Court which saved a vicar from an unfrocking.

Malcolm carefully folded away his copy of the Times and made his way to the sun lounge.

The boats were now stowed on the after end of the new upper deck formed by these cabins, and the remainder of it had been glassed in as a sun lounge with a service pantry.

Greg led Julia and Victor Tyo into the sun lounge, checking quickly to see if any of the children's toys were lying about underfoot.

Cade held the door while they entered, closed it, and led the way back through to the sun lounge.

There didn't seem to be any custom of any sort when I went in now and had a cup of coffee in an empty sun lounge overlooking the bay.

Wild was in the sun lounge, grinning, no doubt, tracing the history of third stream jazz for some little girl from a cold climate.

There was a new glass sun lounge across the whole of the front, and a car park where there had been garden.

Presumably with Union Jacks all over it, two-way radios, heavy machine guns, mobile cocktail bar and sun lounge.