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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Brussels sprout
▪ Aerials sprout up like weeds on the roof.
▪ On the fringes of the crowd, the odd tent sprouted up where beer and whiskey were being sold.
▪ Beyond her kitchen window, crocuses sprouted up from the grass, bright as doubloons, orange and heliotrope.
▪ Superior products would evolve and stiff competition would sprout up as Roundup patent protections expired around the globe.
▪ We all sprouted up in these valleys of mirth.
▪ The snags offer safe nesting sites for birds, as thousands of young trees and plants sprout up on the surrounding riverbank.
▪ I didn't discover the first snail or the first nettle that sprouted up on this planet.
▪ More links between the distant parts of the globe began to sprout up all over.
▪ Jim seemed to have sprouted a beard overnight.
▪ Weeds are starting to sprout through cracks in the sidewalk.
▪ Beyond her kitchen window, crocuses sprouted up from the grass, bright as doubloons, orange and heliotrope.
▪ But even the grass roots of the club are sprouting.
▪ Dark hair sprouted off the stump as if off a swollen knuckle.
▪ Early potatoes should be sprouted indoors now to go out in spring.
▪ He was standing in the centre of the corridor with sheaves of documents sprouting from his fists.
▪ Superior products would evolve and stiff competition would sprout up as Roundup patent protections expired around the globe.
▪ The end started around the time our subjects sprouted the slightest of facial hair.
▪ Banana-flavoured Brussels sprouts are even under consideration.
▪ Bring a pot of water to a boil and immerse Brussels sprouts in boiling water.
▪ Cover pot and simmer until Brussels sprouts are just barely tender, about 5 minutes.
▪ Drain Brussels sprouts and set aside to cool.
▪ Add bean sprouts and cook another half minute.
▪ I pried open several cartons of bean sprouts, basil, and lettuces and soaked them in a pail of water.
▪ A sprout can take just so much and then no more.
▪ Add bean sprouts and cook another half minute.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sprout \Sprout\ (sprout), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Sprouted; p. pr. & vb. n. Sprouting.] [OE. sprouten, spruten; akin to OFries. spr[=u]ta, AS. spre['o]tan, D. spruiten, G. spriessen, Sw. spruta to squirt, to spout. Cf. Sprit, v. t. & i., Sprit a spar, Spout, v. t., Spurt.]

  1. To shoot, as the seed of a plant; to germinate; to push out new shoots; hence, to grow like shoots of plants.

  2. To shoot into ramifications. [Obs.]


Sprout \Sprout\, v. t.

  1. To cause to sprout; as, the rain will sprout the seed.

  2. To deprive of sprouts; as, to sprout potatoes.


Sprout \Sprout\, n. [Cf. AS. sprote a sprout, sprig; akin to Icel. sproti, G. sprosse. See Sprout, v. i.]

  1. The shoot of a plant; a shoot from the seed, from the stump, or from the root or tuber, of a plant or tree; more rarely, a shoot from the stem of a plant, or the end of a branch.

  2. pl. Young coleworts; Brussels sprouts.

    Brussels sprouts (Bot.) See under Brussels.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English -sprutan (in asprutan "to sprout"), from Proto-Germanic *sprut- (cognates: Old Saxon sprutan, Old Frisian spruta, Middle Dutch spruten, Old High German spriozan, German sprießen "to sprout"), from PIE *spreud-, extended form of root *sper- (4) "to strew" (cognates: Greek speirein "to scatter," spora "a scattering, sowing," sperma "sperm, seed," literally "that which is scattered;" Old English spreawlian "to sprawl," -sprædan "to spread," spreot "pole;" Armenian sprem "scatter;" Old Lithuanian sprainas "staring, opening wide one's eyes;" Lettish spriežu "I span, I measure"). Related: Sprouted; sprouting.


"shoot of a plant, sprout; a twig," Old English sprota, from the verb (see sprout (v.)). Cognate with Middle Dutch spruyte, Dutch spruite "a sprout," Old Norse sproti, German Sproß.


n. 1 A new growth on a plant, whether from seed or other parts. 2 A child. 3 A Brussels sprout. 4 An edible germinated seed. vb. 1 (context gardening English) To grow from seed; to germinate. 2 To cause to grow from a seed. 3 To deprive of sprouts. 4 To emerge from the ground as sprouts

  1. n. any new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud

  2. a newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed)

  3. v. produce buds, branches, or germinate; "the potatoes sprouted" [syn: shoot, spud, germinate, pullulate, bourgeon, burgeon forth]

  4. put forth and grow sprouts or shoots; "the plant sprouted early this year" [syn: stock]


Sprout or Sprouts may refer to:

Sprout (surname)

Sprout is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bob Sprout, American baseball pitcher
  • Jonathan Sprout, American singer-songwriter
  • Pomona Sprout, fictional character in the Harry Potter franchise
  • Tobin Sprout, American musician
Sprout (2012 TV series)

is a 2012 Japanese television drama series based on the manga of the same name by Atsuko Nanba. Yuri Chinen who is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC played the lead role. It premiered on NTV from July 7 to September 29 every Saturday night.

Sprout (TV network)

Sprout (formerly PBS Kids Sprout) is an independent American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by the NBCUniversal Cable subsidiary of NBCUniversal, all owned by Comcast. Sprout replaced the PBS Kids channel on some cable and satellite providers. The network, which also maintains a complimentary video-on-demand (VOD) service and website, features a mix of children's programs acquired from the Public Broadcasting Service ( PBS) and original programming exclusive to the network, which is aimed at preschoolers and their families. The network's live programming and wraparound segments are produced at NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

As of February 2015, Sprout is available to approximately 58 million pay television households (49.8% of households with television) in the United States.

Sprout (novel)

Sprout is a young adult gay novel by American author Dale Peck first published in May 2009. The novel depicts an openly gay teenage boy who moves to Kansas after his mother dies from cancer. While he struggles with harassment at school and two potential boyfriends, he has to decide if he will hide his sexual orientation in order to win a statewide essay-writing contest. An act of betrayal leads to the book's climax.

The book won the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Children's/Young Adult literature, and was a finalist for the Stonewall Book Award in the Children's and Young Adult Literature category. Booklist added the novel to its Rainbow List 2010, a bibliography of young adult books which include significant LGBT content.

Peck says he based some characters and plot in the book on his own experiences growing up on Long Island, in New York, and in Kansas.

Sprout (computer)

Sprout by HP (styled as sprout) is a personal computer from Hewlett-Packard announced on October 29, 2014 and released for sale on November 9, 2014. The system was conceived by Brad Short. Eric Monsef, a former Apple, Inc employee, is leading the sprout team.

Sprout has dual interactive screens - a vertical touch screen display positioned in-line above a horizontal ‘TouchMat’ display, and also down-facing imaging sensors. The "Sprout Illuminator" serves as a projector, camera, depth sensor and scanner, and projects an image, for example a virtual keyboard, on the TouchMat. For additional input, Sprout includes an Adonit stylus, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse set. This enables users to interact with physical and digital content while working. Content can be digitally captured and manipulated in 2D or 3D directly on the TouchMat interface. HP claims that this greatly simplifies and streamlines the creative process.

Usage examples of "sprout".

From his right hand sprouted thin branches hung with miniature autumnal leaves.

Priests commonly call such a habit, a celestiall Stole: in my right hand I carried a light torch, and a garland of flowers upon my head, with Palme leaves sprouting out on every side: I was adorned like unto the Sun, and made in fashion of an Image, in such sort that all the people compassed about to behold me: then they began to solemnize the feast of the nativitie, and the new procession with sumptuous bankets and delicate meates: the third day was likewise celebrated with like ceremonies with a religious dinner, and with all the consummation of the order: when I had continued there a good space, I conceived a marvailous great pleasure and consolation in beholding ordinarily the Image of the goddesse, who at length admonished me to depart homeward, not without rendring of thanks, which although it were not sufficient, yet they were according to my power.

The wall had sprouted an enormous pair of arms, and Barnacle found himself seized in a grip there was no escaping.

Poor Blad would sprout a forest of spears before he could open his foolish mouth.

The steel points of pikes flamed red with sunlight, as if already blooded, while the pavilions of the knights and high lords sprouted from the grass like silken mushrooms.

Leptospermum and the Boronia serrulata, and Epacris longifolia had begun to sprout.

Mr Sprout at once saw his opportunity, and suggested to Mr Du Boung, the local brewer, that he should come forward.

Mr Sprout, on behalf of Mr Du Boung, protested against that proposition.

As Grunnarch tried to assemble the force, vines and creepers that bristled with thorns sprouted from the ground between his men.

Like most people in Medicine Creek, Corrie went out of her way to avoid meeting Brushy Jim, yet he looked just the same as she remembered: a mass of pale red hair and beard that sprouted from his entire face, leaving nothing visible but two beady black eyes, a pair of lips, and a patch of forehead.

On his windowsill, in a Burpee Seed-N-Start container, he was sprouting twelve tomato seedlings, and, remembering that Cathlin was interested in weeds, you dutifully sniffed them.

She and Corran settled down to a meal of it around a table that extruded from the floor, sprouting like a mushroom when a discolored place on the wall was stroked.

They have seen in his round, jolly, fruitful face post-offices, land-offices, marshalships, and cabinet appointments, charge-ships and foreign missions bursting and sprouting out in wonderful exuberance, ready to be laid hold of by their greedy hands.

They have seen in his round, jolly, fruitful face, Post-offices, Land-offices, Marshalships, and Cabinet appointments, Chargeships and Foreign Missions, bursting and sprouting out in wonderful exuberance, ready to be laid hold of by their greedy hands.

They have seen in his ruddy, jolly, fruitful face, postoffices, land-offices, marshalships, and cabinet appointments, and foreign missions, bursting and sprouting out in wonderful exuberance, ready to be laid hold of by their greedy hands.