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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
winter sports
▪ And make absolutely sure the policy you buy covers you for winter sports and not just travel.
▪ In the summer, athletics, cricket and tennis take over from the winter sports.
▪ It was winter sports, for heaven's sake, not an in-depth seminar on personal relationships!
▪ Its annual travel policy includes cover for up to 17 days of winter sports.
▪ Snowmobiling is the Indy 500 of winter sports.
▪ The policy now includes 17 days' winter sports insurance free.
▪ They come for the winter sports and the spectacular scenery.
▪ Women's new-found physical freedom extended to other outdoor activities, particularly winter sports.

Usage examples of "winter sports".

He turned from the bed, clutching a weather-stained winter sports jacket, to face the muzzle of a gray-blue A-pistol.

I'm not fond of mountains, in part because I have so little interest in winter sports, especially those requiring costly equipment.

Nestled in the French Alps, Grenoble was a stunning cityold and historic, known for its fine winter sports, particularly in downhill skiing, and its medieval landmarks.

In early December he went on a skiing trip with some friends, for he was into winter sports too.

I ordered my accommodation here on Orb months ago, when I first received my nomination, and I specified the Alpenland enclave so we could all enjoy some winter sports when you came as my guests.

When the cleaners entered the McCormick Place auditorium to get ready for the Winter Sports Show, the lights disturbed a bat.

Tail end of the season for winter sports, but still plenty cold, and the weather would be lousy.