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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Speight \Speight\, n. [G. specht, probably akin to L. picus: cf. D. specht. [root]169. See Pie a magpie.] (Zo["o]l.) A woodpecker; -- called also specht, spekt, spight.


Etymology 1 n. (alternative form of speight English) Etymology 2

n. (obsolete spelling of spite English)

Usage examples of "spight".

And we may, without offence, observe, that many very learned men, who have been ambitious to be thought poets, have only rendered themselves obnoxious to that satyrical inspiration our Author wittily invokes: Which made them, though it were in spight Of nature and their stars, to write.

Do, good Detraction, do, and I the while Shall shake thy spight off with a careless smile.

I not commend but much admire Thy England yet unknown to passers by-her, For it will praise itselfe in spight of me: Thou, it, it, thou, to all posteritie.

A Fter long stormes and tempests ouerblowne,The sunne at length his ioyous face doth cleare:So when as fortune all her spight hath showne,Some blisfull houres at last must needes appeare.