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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Speight \Speight\, n. [G. specht, probably akin to L. picus: cf. D. specht. [root]169. See Pie a magpie.] (Zo["o]l.) A woodpecker; -- called also specht, spekt, spight.


Specht is a German surname meaning "woodpecker". Notable people with the surname include:

  • August Specht (1849–1923), German natural history painter
  • Bobby Specht (1921–1999), U.S. figure skater
  • Doug Specht (born 1942), Canadian footballer
  • Eckehard Specht (born 1953), German chemical engineering professor and thermodynamics expert
  • Günther Specht (1914–1945), German fighter ace in the Luftwaffe during World War II
  • Harry Specht (1929–1995), U.S. social worker, author, and dean (1977-1995) of the University of California, Berkeley School of Social Welfare
  • Johann Georg Specht (1721–1803), German civil engineer and architect
  • Karl-Wilhelm Specht (1894–1953), German infantry general during World War II
  • Léonard Specht (born 1954), French professional football player
  • Michele Specht (born 1973), U.S. actress, comedian, and voice actress
  • Minna Specht (1879–1961), German educator, socialist, and an advocate of German resistance to Nazism
  • Paul Specht (1895–1954), U.S. musician and dance-band leader
  • Richard Specht (1870–1932), Austrian lyricist, dramatist, musicologist, and writer
  • Wilhelm Specht (1907–1985), German mathematician

Usage examples of "specht".

Evidently Specht did not need to be good at riddles to come up with the answer to that one.

Pix and Specht had promised secrecy, they indulged in such dark and mysterious hints that the truth was soon known.

Fink has insulted Herr Wohlfart, who is quite raging, and Herr Specht says there is to be a duel.

When Anton went round dispensing a bundle of Turkish pipes, which he had bought while abroad for his colleagues, Specht proposed that they should all sit cross-legged on the sofas and on the floors, in true Turkish fashion.

It came out, however, from certain dark hints given by the first bass, that Specht had been unreasonable in his demands upon them.

At length Specht had not been able to resist taking the quartette into his confidence on the subject.

Purzel, who had never been exciting social elements, he only found Baumann and Specht remaining of all his former acquaintances, and they, too, thought of leaving.

The nickname they had bestowed upon him was Specht, Woodpecker, for his fiery topknot.

Korkziehergang, ganz so, als statte der Specht vormittags ihrem Wohnbaum einen Besuch ab.