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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Speight \Speight\, n. [G. specht, probably akin to L. picus: cf. D. specht. [root]169. See Pie a magpie.] (Zo["o]l.) A woodpecker; -- called also specht, spekt, spight.


n. (context bird English) a woodpecker.


Speight is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:

Usage examples of "speight".

Most close acquaintances were the subject of a Spike rage at some point, with three exceptions: Eric Sykes, Johnny Speight, and jazzman Ronnie Scott.

Kingston Trio sang in their choirboy voices, it abruptly occurred to me that the wallpaper man could turn out to be Jack Speight with a different name.

Jack Speight and Eric and Daddy had me out on the ocean in a rocky boat.

I wove an entire network of those connections, a kind of visualized rope ladder over the gorge of the two people in my life I still feared and hated most: Jack Speight and Tony Price.

One day I got a telegram from Speight, the man that was working on a mine I had an interest in out in New Mexico.

He was on the wire to the network, talking to the news editor, Joe Speight, who was in the control room at ATN Headquarters in New York.

To paraphrase Johnny Speight, he did not trouble me and I did not trouble him.

Just as Spike was working himself into a great rage, Johnny Speight, on his way upstairs to see Eric, walked into my office.

Johnny Speight rang to congratulate Spike on the creativity of the shows, then Eric arrived at Number Nine and went straight to his office to add his plaudits.

One day Johnny Speight called to see me as he left Number Nine, and was laughing his head off.

Johnny Speight, an early convert to computers, came in one day when Spike was mid-flow.

Unfortunately I caught a virus and was in bed for the recording, so missed seeing Denis Norden, Johnny Speight, Eric and Spike together again.

Eustace Kinnit has telephoned the President of the London and Home Counties National Bank and the Keeper of the Speight Museum of Classic Antiquities in his attempt to find someone of influence to help him get the lad released.