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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Specie \Spe"ci*e\, abl. of L. species sort, kind. Used in the phrase in specie, that is, in sort, in kind, in (its own) form.

``[The king] expects a return in specie from them'' [i. e., kindness for kindness].

In specie (Law), in precise or definite form; specifically; according to the exact terms; of the very thing.


Specie \Spe"cie\, n. [Formed as a singular from species, in sense 5.] Coin; hard money.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"coin, money in the form of coins, metallic money as a medium of exchange" (as opposed to paper money or bullion), 1670s, from phrase in specie "in the real or actual form" (1550s), from Latin in specie "in kind" (in Medieval Latin, "in coin"), from ablative of species "kind, form, sort" (see species).


Etymology 1 n. 1 type or kind, in various uses of the phrase '''in specie'''. 2 money, especially in the form of coins made from precious metal, that has an intrinsic value; coinage. Etymology 2

n. (context proscribed English) (singular of species English)


n. coins collectively [syn: coinage, mintage, metal money]


Specie may refer to:

  • Coins or other metal money in mass circulation
  • Bullion coins
  • Hard money (policy)
  • Commodity money
  • Specie Circular, 1836 executive order by US President Andrew Jackson regarding hard money
  • Specie Payment Resumption Act

Usage examples of "specie".

His greatest problem was the sheer quantity of specie he now had aboard his own ship.

I think this must be admitted, when we find that there are hardly any domestic races, either amongst animals or plants, which have not been ranked by some competent judges as mere varieties, and by other competent judges as the descendants of aboriginally distinct species.

But to extend the hypothesis so far as to suppose that species, aboriginally as distinct as carriers, tumblers, pouters, and fantails now are, should yield offspring perfectly fertile, inter se, seems to me rash in the extreme.

I have ever conversed, or whose treatises I have read, are firmly convinced that the several breeds to which each has attended, are descended from so many aboriginally distinct species.

In some cases, I do not doubt that the intercrossing of species, aboriginally distinct, has played an important part in the origin of our domestic productions.

For when it is stated, for instance, that the German Spitz dog unites more easily than other dogs with foxes, or that certain South American indigenous domestic dogs do not readily cross with European dogs, the explanation which will occur to everyone, and probably the true one, is that these dogs have descended from several aboriginally distinct species.

Evidently, the Acme shop simply carried red primroses, of the species primula obconica because there was a call for them.

His upper lip was furry and mobile, making his face more expressive than those of earlier adapid species.

Throughout our history we have proved to be a remarkably adaptable species.

Hence since it is seen in its proper species, and is adored in heaven, it is not seen under its proper species in this sacrament.

She had found four species that adsorbed heavy metals, and two that absorbed dissolved silicates and fixed them into their rigid stalks.

Pleistocene Age, when the world warmed up and people became much more mobile, and that the cultivation of wild species, before agriculture proper, encouraged the birth of more children.

Among the molluscs and zoophytes, I found in the meshes of the net several species of alcyonarians, echini, hammers, spurs, dials, cerites, and hyalleae.

Because they evolved rapidly, had worldwide distribution by virtue of their open-water habitats, and species are readily distinguished, ammonoids are index fossils for the Jurassic.

Fourteen species of autotrophic nannoflagellates, twenty heterotrophic flagellates, forty heterotrophic dinoflagellates, and several metazoans, including polychaetes, amphipods, copepods, euphausids, and fish.