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type species

n. (context biology taxonomy English) A species which has been designated as typical of a genus, and is chosen as the species according to which the genus is named.

type species

n. (biology) the species that best exemplifies the essential characteristics of the genus to which it belongs

Type species

In zoological nomenclature, a type species (species typica) is the species name with which the name of a genus or subgenus is considered to be permanently taxonomically associated, i.e., the species that contains the biological type specimen(s). A similar concept is used for suprageneric groups called a type genus.

In botanical nomenclature, these terms have no formal standing under the code of nomenclature, but are sometimes borrowed from zoological nomenclature. In botany, the type of a genus is a specimen (or, rarely, an illustration) which is also the type of a species. The species that has that type can also be referred to as the type of the genus. Genus and family ranks, the various subdivisions of those ranks, and some higher-rank names based on genus names, have such types.

In bacteriology, a type species is assigned for each genus.

Every named genus or subgenus in zoology, whether or not currently recognized as valid, is theoretically associated with a type species. In practice, however, there is a backlog of untypified names defined in older publications when it was not required to specify a type.

Usage examples of "type species".

The Corn Mint (Mentha arvensis) is the type species of the Japanese Menthol plant, but is not endowed with useful medicinal properties, great care indeed, as has been mentioned, having to be taken to eradicate it from Peppermint plantations, for if mingled with that valuable herb in distilling its strong odour affects the quality of the oil.

In the type species glabra, the pods are smooth, hence the specific name.

It will deploy one-half All beyond Deneb's helipause, the Welcome and Identity modules which were so successful with the Antarians sentients not dissimilar to the beetle-type species of the first assault.