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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
soya bean
▪ It is made from fermented soya beans and the whole process of producing the sauce should take at least a year.
▪ This would be valuable for those crops processed before use, eg, oilseed rape, sugar beet or soya beans.
▪ They pull toy boats made out of old soya bean oil cans.
▪ By 1959 four-fifths of wheat and nine-tenths of soya bean oil exports were paid for in this way.
▪ After clearance, rice is cultivated, followed by soya beans and maize and eventually semi-permanent pastures are established.
▪ The traditional consumers of soya beans are countries of the Far East.
▪ All soya sauces provide invaluable seasoning to strict vegetarian diets that are based mainly on relatively bland grains.
▪ It is made from fermented soya beans and the whole process of producing the sauce should take at least a year.
▪ It is rounder and more pungent than soya sauce.
▪ She made touching things for the children called mock devil's-food-cakes, concocted out of cocoa, golden syrup, carrots and soya flour.
▪ Some of them have a construction like meat or that soya substitute, you can't tell the difference.
▪ Teriyaki A marinade based on soya sauce but with the addition of Tabasco sauce, sherry and sugar.
▪ The government's plan is to open up the Amazon to soya farming.
▪ Try using skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, or substitute dairy milk with soya milk. 10.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soja \So"ja\ (s[=o]"j[.a] or s[=o]"y[.a]), n. (Bot.) An Asiatic leguminous herb ( Glycine max, formerly Glycine Soja) the seeds of which (called soy beans) are used in preparing the sauce called soy. Called also soya.


Soybean \Soy"bean\ (soi"b[=e]n`), n.

  1. (Bot.) An Asiatic leguminous herb ( Glycine max, formerly Glycine Soja) the seeds of which (also called soy beans) are used in preparing the sauce called soy. Called also soya bean and soya.

  2. the seeds of the Glycine max, which produce soybean oil; -- called also soya bean.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"soy," 1670s; see soy. Soyaburger is attested from 1953.


n. soya bean


n. erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers; extensively cultivated for food and forage and soil improvement but especially for its nutritious oil-rich seeds; native to Asia [syn: soy, soybean, soya bean, soybean plant, soja, soja bean, Glycine max]


Soya can mean:

  • Soya bean, or soybean, a species of legume native to East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean
  • Sōya District, Hokkaido, a district located in the Sōya Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Soya Group, a Swedish corporate group including the Wallenius Lines, Wallfast and Wallenius Water companies
  • Soya sauce, a fermented sauce made from soybeans, roasted grain, water and salt
  • Sōya Subprefecture, a subprefecture of the Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
  • Sōya (icebreaker), a Japanese icebreaker
  • , a Swedish coastal tanker

  • Soya3D, a high-level three-dimensional rendering engine for the Python programming language

Usage examples of "soya".

De Soya must convince the garrison commander -- Pax Major Leem -- that an expedition has to be mounted.

DE SOYA: Bishop Melandriano ordered the Pax troops I had brought in to release Captain Powl and the others.

De Soya explains to his daughter, Aenea, how he remembers the brief rebaptism ceremony at the local cathedral -- St.

Father de Soya set his tunicle in place, the outer garment showing a T-cross in front.

Lieutenant Arkadi Papyrin watched the thermal imaging down-link terminal from the RORSAT satellite currently making a pass over the Japanese north island of Hokkaido and the Soya Strait.

On Grass, standing shoulder high in the yellow world prairie, we waved good-bye to Isher Perpet, one of the bolder rebels once rescued from a Pax prison galley and gathered in by Father de Soya.

After Sergeant Gregorius is resurrected, rests a few hours, and flies to Station Three-twenty-six Mid-littoral to report, de Soya tells him the various findings.

De Soya realizes that the child is going to step into this new era only to be confronted with three helmeted, visored figures in combat armor, and slides all of his visors up.

It had happened out in the hydroponic garden, when she was drinking the soya cream his mother poured for her breakfast.

Monsignor Lucas Oddi stops at the far end of the gardens, waves the others to a stone bench near where another man waits, and Father de Soya realizes that the seated man is Cardinal Lourdusamy and that the conference is happening here, in the scented gardens.

Monsignor Lucas Oddi and Pax Captain Marget Wu move to either side of de Soya and act as escorts as they turn to leave the garden.

Still, the hunter and the soya products notwithstanding, I refused to go out with no foodstuffs at all.

As de Soya watches the Holy Father celebrate Mass, the Pax captain thinks of the story of Julius's ascendancy-learned through both official Church history and the banned poem the Cantos, which every literate teenager reads at the risk of his soul, but reads nonetheless.

Bettik, Theo, the Dorje Phamo, and Lhomo Dondrub -- I knew well: other people there -- Father Captain de Soya, obviously renewed and recovered from his terrible wounds and wearing a priest's black trousers, tunic, and Roman collar, Sergeant Gregorius in his Swiss Guard combat fatigues -- I had met recently and knew by sight.

That night, walking the base path along the river, de Soya tries to imagine what he will do if he is court-martialed and stripped of his priesthood but not imprisoned.