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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soja \So"ja\ (s[=o]"j[.a] or s[=o]"y[.a]), n. (Bot.) An Asiatic leguminous herb ( Glycine max, formerly Glycine Soja) the seeds of which (called soy beans) are used in preparing the sauce called soy. Called also soya.


n. (dated form of soya English)


n. erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers; extensively cultivated for food and forage and soil improvement but especially for its nutritious oil-rich seeds; native to Asia [syn: soy, soya, soybean, soya bean, soybean plant, soja bean, Glycine max]


is a city located in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

As of April 30, 2011, the city has an estimated population of 67,357, with 24,623 households and a population density of 317.72 persons per km². The total area is 212.00 km².


SOJA (Soldiers Of Jah Army) is an American Grammy-nominated reggae band based in Arlington, Virginia. Formed in 1997, their music is currently produced under ATO Records. The eight-member band has released a number of singles, albums, and DVDs, including SOJA – Live in Hawaii. Their third full-length album Born in Babylon peaked at #11 on the Top Heatseekers chart, while their 2012 album Strength to Survive topped the Billboard Reggae Album Chart. The band continues to tour and record new music.

Soja (disambiguation)

Sōja is a city in Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

Soja may also refer to:

  • Edward Soja (born 1940), American geographer and urban planner
  • Jean André Soja (born 1946), Malagasy politician
  • Soja Jovanović (1922–2002), Yugoslavian film and theater director
  • SOJA, a reggae band from Virginia, USA
    • SOJA (EP), a 2000 release by the band
  • Soja, an alternate spelling of soya, as in soya bean
  • Sōja Station, a railway station in Sōja, Okayama

SOJA, a studio EP, is the first album by the reggae band SOJA, released in 2000. The album was recorded in the fall of 2000 at LION and FOX Studios in Washington DC.

Usage examples of "soja".

Climbing back onto Soja, he headed out of the outpost and back to Yodgonosh.

Placing his foot in the stirrup he went to lift himself up, but Soja moved forward.

Theron said, and began leading Soja to the marketplace where he was sure Mitsos would be.

She smiled at him as she took them, and mounted Soja, who gladly accepted her weight.

The others found their horses tied to the tree not far from where Soja had been.

The others fell behind her, even though she tried to keep pace with them Soja seemed to want to speed up as fast as he could.

Still with Soja moving as fast as he could, she ran up to the gate, and swiftly ran through, before the guards had a chance to tell her to slow down.

Nudging Soja with her heels, she sped him up to walk next to Mitsos again.

Dismounting Soja in front of the large tent, she looked around for any of the older paladins.