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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sot \Sot\, a. Sottish; foolish; stupid; dull. [Obs.] ``Rich, but sot.''


Sot \Sot\, v. t. To stupefy; to infatuate; to besot. [R.]

I hate to see a brave, bold fellow sotted.


Sot \Sot\, v. i. To tipple to stupidity. [R.]


Sot \Sot\, n. [F., fr. LL. sottus; of unknown origin, cf. Ir. sotal pride, soithir proud, or Chald. & NHeb. shoten foolish.]

  1. A stupid person; a blockhead; a dull fellow; a dolt. [Obs.]

    In Egypt oft has seen the sot bow down, And reverence some d?ified baboon.

  2. A person stupefied by excessive drinking; an habitual drunkard. ``A brutal sot.''

    Every sign That calls the staring sots to nasty wine.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late Old English sott "stupid person, fool," from Old French sot, from Gallo-Roman *sott- (probably related to Medieval Latin sottus, c.800), of uncertain origin, with cognates from Portugal to Germany. Surviving meaning "one who is stupefied with drink" first recorded 1590s. As a verb, it is attested from c.1200, but usually besot.


n. 1 (context archaic English) stupid person; fool 2 drunkard vb. 1 To drink until one becomes drunk 2 To stupefy; to infatuate; to besot.


n. a chronic drinker [syn: drunkard, drunk, rummy, inebriate]


Sot or SOT may refer to:

Sot (village)

Sot is a village located in Syrmia, Vojvodina, Serbia. It is situated in the Šid municipality, in the Syrmia District. The village is ethnically mixed and its population numbering 791 people (2002 census).

Usage examples of "sot".

There was a sight of folks there, gentlemen and ladies in the public room--I never seed so many afore except at commencement day--all ready for a start, and when the gong sounded, off we sot like a flock of sheep.

I saw them sotted with each other and reckless, until the Queen talked of making Ancel War King, and meant a different crown entirely.

He rose, washed, dressed, finished gathering up his gear for the journey north, greeted Questor, Abernathy, Bunion, Parsnip, Fillip, and Sot at breakfast, ate, saw his possession to the pack animals an the far side of the lake shore, mounted Wishbone, and gave the command to ride.

At de highway, de Lawd prepared a friend to carry me to Union, and when I got dar I take and lay hands on Ria Rice, she laying down and suffering, and I sot down and laid my hand on her.

I lost the linch pin out of my forrard axle, and I turned up there to get it sot to rights.

Brer Rabbit snatched off he coat en lipt up de ladder, en sot in dar en put on mo' shingles in one hour dan Brer Fox kin put on in two.

Sot Naht, but the owners of this warehouse, or whatever, ordered this.

Wall, we sot thar on the fense, a swingin our feet two and fro, blushin as red as the Baldinsville skool house when it was fust painted, and lookin very simple, I make no doubt.

We can call your banker a Shylock, my wife a Bowery chippy, President Grant a sot and a spoilsman and do it all with a perfectly comclear conscience.

The Sots, though they might harass women they suspected of being whores in and around their own stronghold or inside churches, had not yet become brave enough to go after the Scarlet Women at their own doorsteps.

A hansum yung gal, with a red musketer bar on the back side of her hed, and a sassy little black hat tipt over her forrerd, sot in the seat with me.

The oldest one wuz very sharp in her face and had a pair of small round eyes that seemed when they were sot onto you to sort a bore into you like two gimlets.

But any way, it wuz jest sot on it, and there wuz the end of it, for you might jest as well dispute the wind as to dispute the Town when it gets sot.

If they had sot out together, where wuz my pardner, Josiah Allen, now?

Josiah and Ardelia and me sot sail for the Indian Encampment, which wuz encamped on a little rise of ground to the eastward of where we wuz.