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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Besot \Be*sot"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Besotted; p. pr. & vb. n. Besotting.] To make sottish; to make dull or stupid; to stupefy; to infatuate.

Fools besotted with their crimes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"affect with a foolish manifestation," 1570s, from be- + sot. Related: Besotted; besotting.


vb. To muddle, stupefy, or act foolishly; as with alcoholic liquor or infatuation.


v. make dull or stupid or muddle with drunkenness or infatuation [syn: stupefy]

Usage examples of "besot".

The simple fact was that she had become besotted by a big, tough, brave guy and that she no longer loved the man she had married almost as a girl, the man who spent all day making chairs and tables.

What could a man do when he was so utterly besotted but shed more layers?

Italian lover as tall and thin, and rather shy, commenting that her niece was besotted with him for at least a year.

Most of his previous partners had probably been besotted with him, or paid by him, but she was a professional woman, with a mind of her own.

Behind this door slept the detested humans, wrapped in their stolen furs and besotted with burned flesh and rotted plant juices.

One such pierced through the ruby scarab, that today I had put on again, red through red, such a colour the eyes were besotted by it.

Still she carried on, just as besotted and tragic as that desperate teenage boy, clinging to her fragile happiness.

I also know that a woman besotted with a man will do much from a hint.

It was as if Primo were a human besotted, but still fighting, fighting to break free.

I have worried that you were so besotted with me that you might forgive me crimes in this lifetime, now.

The hound she had kicked the night before lay nearby like a besotted lover.

Because he had breached her and drawn a sigh or two from her lips, he now thought her besotted and lackbrained with lust for him.

I am not so besotted yet that I do not recognize a hot poker quivering in my belly.

How like a totally besotted man who can think day and night of only one woman to tone down his words so dramatically.

But his besotted brain was stuck on Hester and her stiffly circumspect note.