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The Collaborative International Dictionary

SOS \SOS\ The letters signified by the signal ( . . .
--- . . . ) prescribed by the International Radiotelegraphic Convention of 1912 for use by ships in distress.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1910, from International Morse code letters, chosen arbitrarily as being easy to transmit and difficult to mistake. Not an initialism (acronym) for "save our ship" or anything else. Won out over alternative suggestion C.Q.D., which is said to mean "come quickly, distress," or "CQ," general call for alerting other ships that a message follows, and "D" for danger. SOS is the telegraphic distress signal only; the oral equivalent is mayday.


SoS can refer to:

  • Scotland on Sunday, a Scottish weekly newspaper.
  • Son Of Sardaar, a 2012 Indian film.
  • "Secret of success", a colloquial phrase with varied interpretations across cultures.
  • System of Systems, systems that pool their resources and capabilities together to create a new, more complex system.
SOS (disambiguation)

SOS is the common name of the international Morse code distress signal.

SOS may also refer to:

SOS (ABBA song)

"SOS" was the third single from Swedish pop group ABBA's self-titled 1975 album, their third for Polar Music and their second for Epic and Atlantic. It was released with "Man in the Middle" as the B-side. Agnetha Fältskog, who sang lead, recorded the song in Swedish on her 1975 solo album Elva kvinnor i ett hus. "SOS" was ABBA's first major worldwide hit since " Waterloo".

SOS (video game)

This page is for the 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game. For the 1980 arcade game, see SOS (arcade game).

SOS, known in Japan as , is a survival adventure video game developed by Human Entertainment and published in 1994 by Vic Tokai for the Super NES. A sequel to the game was later released in Japan for the PlayStation known as Septentrion: Out of the Blue.

SOS (game)

SOS is a (usually two-player but may be more) game played with paper and pencil. It is similar to tic-tac-toe but with more complexity.

Before play begins, a square grid of at least 3x3 squares in size is drawn. Players take turns to add either an "S" or an "O" to any square, with no requirement to use the same letter each turn. The object of the game is for each player to attempt to create the straight sequence S-O-S among connected squares (either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically), and to create as many such sequences as they can. If a player succeeds in creating an SOS, that player immediately takes another turn, and continues to do so until no SOS can be created on their turn. Otherwise turns alternate between players after each move.

Keeping track of who made which SOSs can be done by, e.g., one player circling their SOSs and the other player drawing a line through theirs. Once the grid has been filled up, the winner is the player who made the most SOSs. If the grid is filled up and the number of SOSs for each player is the same, then the game is a draw.

SOS is a game of skill and an abstract strategy game. It is also a combinatorial game (when played with two players). In terms of game theory, it is a zero-sum, sequential game with perfect information.

SOS (arcade game)

This page is about the 1980 arcade game. For the 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, see SOS (video game).

is a fixed shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1980. It was the third and final monochromatic title that was released by the company in the early part of that year; the first two were Navarone and Kaitei Takara Sagashi (originally developed by K. K. Tokki).

SOS (Rihanna song)

"SOS" is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna from her second studio album A Girl like Me (2006). It was written by Jonathan "J.R." Rotem, E. Kidd Bogart and Ed Cobb, with production was handled by Rotem, Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers. It was released on February 14, 2006, as the lead single from the album. "SOS" is a dance song which samples taken from Soft Cell's 1981 recording of " Tainted Love", a song written by Cobb in 1965. Critical reception of "SOS" was generally positive, with the majority of music critics praising the inclusion of the "Tainted Love" sample. Some critics compared "SOS" to Rihanna's debut single, " Pon de Replay" ( Music of the Sun, 2005).

"SOS" became a commercial success. In the United States, it topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks, becoming Rihanna's first number one single on the chart. "SOS" peaked at number one on the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart and Mainstream Top 40 chart. "SOS" was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipments of over 1,000,000 copies. The song was also successful in Europe as well as Australia, where it spent eight consecutive weeks at number one.

Three music videos were shot for "SOS"; aside from the official music video, directed by Chris Applebaum, promotional campaign videos were shot for lingerie brand Agent Provocateur and Nike. "SOS" was performed live at the 2006 MTV EMA awards in Copenhagen, Denmark. "SOS" was included on the set list of the Good Girl Gone Bad Tour (2007–09) and the Last Girl on Earth (2010–11), which saw Rihanna perform a rock-inspired version of the song. The Chipettes covered the song for the 2011 film Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked and its soundtrack.

SOS (Elena Patroklou song)

"SOS" was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1991, performed in Greek by Elena Patroklou.

The song was performed twenty-first on the night (following the United Kingdom's Samantha Janus with " A Message To Your Heart" and preceding Italy's Peppino Di Capri with " Comme è ddoce 'o mare"). At the close of voting, it had received 60 points, placing 9th in a field of 22.

The song is an environmentally-themed plea to the people of the world. Patroklou sings about the damage humanity has caused to the planet and that the SOS of the title is from the earth itself. While such topics are relatively common in popular music, even though they had not been raised as frequently at the Contest.

It was succeeded as Cypriot representative at the 1992 Contest by Evridiki with " Teriazume".

Category:Eurovision songs of Cyprus Category:Eurovision songs of 1991 Category:1991 songs

SOS (band)

SOS is a Turkish Cypriot rock band from Morphou, Northern Cyprus.

The band was formed in 1987 with its current band members (with the exception of Özberek) with the initiative of the guitarist Kamil Atik in Morphou. The first years of the band was centered on an idealistic ideology, with covers of foreign-language songs and composition of songs about peace. However, the band gradually grew monetary concerns and started to perform popular songs at weddings and profitable locations. During this period, Kemal Dürüst, the former Turkish Cypriot Minister of Education, was part of the group as its keyboardist and violinist, but had to leave because of his university education.

They released their first cassette in 1987, the year the band was established, and have released a number of cassettes since then. They became popular with the Turkish Cypriot youth. The band views rock music as a way of relieving "societal depression". In the 2000s, during the rallies for the Annan Plan for Cyprus, they became symbolic of the support for the plan and performed to audiences exceeding 80,000 people. The group has been active in performing the election songs of political parties. In 2014, they released an album where they interpreted Turkish Cypriot folk songs in their own style. They perform at numerous festivals across Northern Cyprus, along with bars and clubs in North Nicosia and Kyrenia.

The current band members are:

  • Kamil Atik - Guitar
  • Mehmet Zeyin - Guitar
  • Muhittin Yangın - Vocal
  • Mehmet Özçelik - Bass
  • Tevfik Özberek - Drums

Usage examples of "sos".

Bulletins from Party Headquarters are spelled out in obscene charades by hebephrenics and Latahs and apes, Sollubis fart code, Negroes open and shut mouth to Hash messages on gold teeth, Arab rioters send smoke signals by throwing great buttery eunuchs -- they make the best smoke, hangs black and shit-solid in the air -- onto gasoline fires in a rubbish heap, mosaic of melodies, sad Panpipes of humpbacked beggar, cold wind sweeps down from post card of Chimborazzi, flutes of Ramadan, piano music down a windy street, mutilated police calls, advertising leaflet synchronize with street fight spell SOS.

Captain Smith was stepping in and out of the radio shack by then, and after watching Wireless Operator Phillips send the standard distress signal, CQD, he urged them to try the new call signal SOS as well, in the hope that even amateurs might hear it.

She poured on the speed, all alarms and SOS signals blaring, while Alex squirmed around and fastened himself in, moaning.

They marched out into the countryside and pitched pup tents, dug straddle trenches for latrines, and ate the Army's favorite meal for troops in the field, creamed chipped beef on toast, universally known as SOS, or Shit on a Shingle.

It was a repeated row of the continental Morse code symbols for SOS.

The U-boat has its whip aerial up, is monitoring the usual frequencies, and hears the Trinidadian steamer fire up her radio and send out an SOS.

Due to the low volume level of Tommy Rockford's SOS signals, Doc would need things as quiet as possible as he rotated his loop antenna for a fix.

He had no way of hearing the mercury on-off switch which Tommy began manipulating at midnight sharp: SOS DE K6ATX, SOS DE K6ATX, over and over and over again.

Considering the political orientation of the nearest nation, the SOS could be a ruse of some kind, designed to lure a couple of Tomcats down to killing position.

When a person is going through a psychic trauma, their mind sends out a sort of SOS - a telepath can hear it for miles.

And that if a frigate suddenly did heave over the horizon and order us to stowell, how could we send out an sos with all our transmitters smashed?

It was worth torpedoing, but the attack might trigger SOS signals and a full air-and-sea submarine search in the Sea of Japan.

So, as soon as carreras picks up the news of your sos, he gets rid of all the witnesses-permanently and sheers off, transships to this other vessel that's waiting and that's that.