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set list

n. (context music English) A band's playlist of the order of songs in a live performance.

Set List

Set List may refer to:

  • Set List (The Frames album), 2002
  • Set List (Duane Steele album), 2004
  • Set List: Greatest Songs 2006–2007, an album by AKB48
  • Set List - Stand-Up Without A Net, an improvised only stand up comedy show, first shown on Sky Atlantic.
Set List (The Frames album)

Set List is the second live album by Dublin-based rock band The Frames. It was recorded live in Dublin's Vicar Street venue in November 2002. The inside cover reads "for mic" in reference to Mic Christopher, the late musician and friend of the band.

This was the first album by the band to reach #1 in the Irish Album Charts.

"This glorious live recording shows exactly why the Frames are the darlings of Ireland's music scene. Set List (is) a sublime distillation of the very best of their work to date. There are moments of transcendental magic on this album" - Bruce Elder, The Sydney Morning Herald

This album showcases the Frames' ability to capture an audience's interest as the crowd sings along to songs and reacts to frontman Glen Hansard's anecdotes. Set List also features a number of covers interspersed into the middle of the Frames' own tunes such as the version of Johnny Cash's " Ring of Fire" during "Lay Me Down" and Bob Marley's " Redemption Song" at the end of "Your Face" and also a tease of "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in "Star Star".

Set List (Duane Steele album)

Set List is a greatest hits album by Canadian country music artist Duane Steele. It was released by Jolt/ Royalty Records on June 1, 2004. Singles released from the album include "Better Man," "Nobody Cheated, Nobody Lied" and "Sad Country Song."