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Sonámbulo (disambiguation)

Sonámbulo (or Sonambulo) is a word in the Spanish language meaning sleepwalker.

sonámbulo may refer to:

  • Sonámbulo, an independent comic-book by Rafael Navarro which combines elements of lucha libre and noir
  • "Sonámbulo", a song by Fernando Villalona
  • "Sonámbulo", a song by Tito Nieves

Sonámbulo (Sleepwalker) is a fictional character from the American independent comic book series of the same name created by Rafael Navarro. The character made his debut in Sonambulo: Sleep of the Just, the first of the ongoing series in 1996. The story follows the eponymous character, who in the 1950s became a successful luchador. Due to his rise in fame, Sonámbulo was approached by the local Mafia with the intent of extorting money from him and other special services. Around the same time, the masked-wrestler was plagued by a strange sleeping disorder. Upon refusing the gangsters demands, he was brutally beaten, shot, and left for dead. Instead of dying however, Sonambulo fell into a deep hibernation only to awake decades later, having the power to see other people's dreams and having the uncanny ability to go without sleep. Using his new-found powers, Sonámbulo becomes a private detective against the supernatural underworld of the night. All of the collected stories following the character feature some surreal dream-like quality, keeping with the theme of sleep.

The comic is notable for winning the Xeric Foundation Award and being one of the first mediums to combine elements of lucha libre along with the Hardboiled genre (creating a cross-genre known as Lucha Noir). The comic has been translated into Spanish for distribution in Spain and Mexico as well as French and Croatian for distribution in France and Croatia respectively. The development of a live-action film adaption has been in talks, most notably with the filmmakers of Y tu mamá también.