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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Snath \Snath\ (sn[a^]th), n. [Cf. AS. sn[=i][eth]an to cut, to mow, sn[=ae]d a bite, bit, snip.] The handle of a scythe; a snead. [Variously written in England snead, sneed, sneath, sneeth, snathe, etc.; in Scotland written sned.]

Usage examples of "sneed".

Sneed Banducci, who herded her through a seething maggotry of reporters to a nearby cathedral where he announced that Estrella would take confession before holding a press conference.

Captain Drobeck fussed nervously with his trouser creases and hoped his shoes were spit shined well enough by his adjutant, Sergeant Sneed, who learned such things while a trombone player in the U.