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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Snath \Snath\ (sn[a^]th), n. [Cf. AS. sn[=i][eth]an to cut, to mow, sn[=ae]d a bite, bit, snip.] The handle of a scythe; a snead. [Variously written in England snead, sneed, sneath, sneeth, snathe, etc.; in Scotland written sned.]


vb. 1 (context UK dialect English) To lop; to snathe. 2 (alternative form of snead English)

Usage examples of "sned".

In the meantime, as the days wore on, the crew sned up with him and played endless hands of every card game he knew, and a few he'd never seen.

He accordingly pulled up the fir-tree, as I said before, and having snedded it into a walking-stick, set out on his travels to see his darling Oonagh on the top of Knockmany, by the way.