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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Any image, black-and-white or colour, was always worsted in this optical smorgasbord.
▪ Currently, a rich smorgasbord of overseas surfing is being heaped on the Net.
▪ The Channel crossing on Sally Lines was superb, with a magnificent smorgasbord breakfast.
▪ The highly publicized abortion debate overshadowed the rest of the platform that calls for a smorgasbord of constitutional amendments.
▪ The meeting promises a veritable smorgasbord of all things otherworldly, this time with a focus on those eerie Phoenix lights.
▪ The taut dialogue raises a squirming smorgasbord of questions about the potential for bedlam when our profound individual differences are ignored.
▪ Those families would then be bolstered with a smorgasbord of visiting psychotherapists, tutors, speech pathologists, social workers and others.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1893, from Swedish smörgåsbord, literally "butter-goose table," from smörgås, "slice of bread and butter," compounded from smör "butter" (see smear (n.)) and gås, literally "goose" (and from the same Germanic root that yielded English goose (n.)).\n\n[Smörgås] properly signifies "a slice of bread-and-butter"; and has come by custom
--in much the same way as when we familiarly speak of "taking a sandwich" for partaking of some light refreshment
--to be applied synecdochically to the preliminary relish or appetizer partaken of before meals. ["Notes and Queries," Nov. 15, 1884] \n\nThe final element is bord "table," from Proto-Germanic *burdam "plank, board, table" (see board (n.1)). Figurative sense of "medley, miscellany" is recorded from 1948.


n. 1 A buffet. 2 (context figuratively English) A diverse collection of things.

  1. n. a collection containing a variety of sorts of things; "a great assortment of cars was on display"; "he had a variety of disorders"; "a veritable smorgasbord of religions" [syn: assortment, mixture, mixed bag, miscellany, miscellanea, variety, salmagundi, potpourri, motley]

  2. an assortment of foods starting with herring or smoked eel or salmon etc with bread and butter; then cheeses and eggs and pickled vegetables and aspics; finally hot foods; served as a buffet meal

Smorgasbord (disambiguation)

Smorgasbord may refer to:

  • Smörgåsbord, a type of Scandinavian meal, originating in Sweden, served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on a table
  • Smorgasbord, the original title of the 1983 Jerry Lewis film Cracking Up
  • Smorgasbord Records, a recording label
  • Smorgasbord, a 1979 album by Sharon, Lois & Bram

Smörgåsbord is a type of Scandinavian meal, originating in Sweden, served buffet-style with multiple hot and cold dishes of various foods on a table.

In Northern Europe, the term varies between 'cold table' and 'buffet': In Norway it is called koldtbord or kaldtbord and in Denmark det kolde bord (lit. the cold table); in Germany kaltes Buffet (lit. cold buffet); in Iceland it is called hlaðborð (farmyard/courtyard buffet), in Finland voileipäpöytä (butter-bread/sandwich table).

In Eastern Europe, each language has a term that literally means Swedish table: rootsi laud in Estonia, zviedru galds in Latvia (however aukstais galds - the cold table is also a popular name), švediškas stalas in Lithuania, шведска маса (shvedska masa) in Bulgaria, szwedzki stół in Poland, svédasztal in Hungary, švédský stůl in the Czech Republic, švédsky stôl in Slovakia and švedski stol in Croatia. Similarly, in Japan バイキング / ヴァイキング (baikingu / vaikingu, i.e. "Viking") is a popular name used.

Smörgåsbord became internationally known, spelled smorgasbord, at the 1939 New York World's Fair when it was offered at the Swedish Pavilion's "Three Crowns Restaurant." It is typically a celebratory meal and guests can help themselves from a range of dishes laid out for their choice. In a restaurant, the term refers to a buffet-style table laid out with many small dishes from which, for a fixed amount of money, one is allowed to choose as many as one wishes.

Smorgasbord (album)

Smorgasbord is the second album by popular children's entertainers Sharon, Lois & Bram, originally released in 1979.

Usage examples of "smorgasbord".

Or even in the Betan Orb ultra-classy sexual smorgasbord and training academy sense.

Maus abhorred tea bags, pressure cookers, canned fruit cocktail, bottled mayonnaise, instant coffee, iceberg lettuce, monosodium glutamate, eggs poached in geometric shapes, New England boiled dinners, and anything resembling a smorgasbord, salad bar, or all-you-can-eat buffet.

Now this latest milestone: Eight current or former Miami policemen busted in the past week for a smorgasbord of drug crimes, including the ever-popular trafficking of cocaine.

Archways, circular buttresses, and a smorgasbord of Victorian indulgence that would have dazed the Queen herself.

The first issue sold 300,000 copies, and some sf magazines fought with hands and claws and tentacles to be first to the smorgasbord.

The Bioroids simply could not adjust to the smorgasbord of Earthly war-mecha suddenly facing them.

When Malomar in his early days indulged in more strenuous sex, before his first heart attack, when his huge home was filled with overnight guests of starlets and high-fashion models, the doctor had been his dinner companion and they had sampled together the smorgasbord of women prepared for the evening.

But it offers a smorgasbord of fun - Symbolism of the Tarot, Intermediate Contract Bridge, Folk Guitar, Quilting, Horseshoeing, Chinese Cooking, Hearst Castle Tours, Modern Jazz, Taoism, Hatha Yoga Asanas, Aikido, Polarity Therapy, Mime, Raku, Bicycling, Belly Dancing, Shiatsu Massage, Armenian Cuisine, Revelation and Prophecy, Cake Art, Life Insurance Sales Techniques, Sexuality and Spirituality, Home Bread Baking, Ecuadorian Backstrap Weaving, The Tao of Physics, and lots, lots more!

The whole time he worked with the shovel, he had a feeling that every turkey buzzard in Florida was wheeling in the sky overhead, waiting to make a smorgasbord of Lemus' remains.