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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a miscellany of travel writing
▪ All of us have a miscellany of ideas, most of which are not consequential.
▪ Franc's Diary, that entertaining miscellany which was written for years by a succession of different pens.
▪ He gave the miscellany no further thought.
▪ It was there by the River Greta at Brigham that the miscellany of workshops and smelting houses were erected.
▪ This miscellany printed poems by Wordsworth, Crabbe, and Byron, as well as many others whose popularity has faded.
▪ To the idea of a miscellany he gave a firm no.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Miscellany \Mis"cel*la*ny\ (m[i^]s"s[e^]l*l[asl]*n[y^]), a. Miscellaneous; heterogeneous. [Obs.]


Miscellany \Mis"cel*la*ny\, n.; pl. Miscellanies. [L. miscellanea, neut. pl. of. miscellaneus: cf. F. miscellan['e]e, pl. miscellan['e]es. See Miscellaneous.] A mass or mixture of various things; a medley; esp., a collection of compositions on various subjects.

'T is but a bundle or miscellany of sin; sins original, and sins actual.

Miscellany madam, a woman who dealt in various fineries; a milliner. [Obs.]
--B. Jonson.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a mixture, medley," 1590s, from Latin miscellanea "a writing on miscellaneous subjects," originally "meat hash, hodge-podge" (food for gladiators), neuter plural of miscellaneus (see miscellaneous).


n. 1 miscellaneous items 2 A collection of writings on various subjects or topics; an anthology.

  1. n. a collection containing a variety of sorts of things; "a great assortment of cars was on display"; "he had a variety of disorders"; "a veritable smorgasbord of religions" [syn: assortment, mixture, mixed bag, miscellanea, variety, salmagundi, smorgasbord, potpourri, motley]

  2. an anthology of short literary pieces and poems and ballads etc. [syn: florilegium, garland]


A miscellany is a collection of various pieces of writing by different authors. Meaning a mixture, medley, or assortment, a miscellany can include pieces on many subjects and in a variety of different forms. In contrast to anthologies, whose aim is to give a selective and canonical view of literature, miscellanies were produced for the entertainment of a contemporary audience and so instead emphasise collectiveness and popularity. Laura Mandell and Rita Raley state:

Manuscript miscellanies are important in the Middle Ages, and are the sources for most surviving shorter medieval vernacular poetry. Medieval miscellanies often include completely different types of text, mixing poetry with legal documents, recipes, music, medical and devotional literature and other types of text, and in medieval contexts a mixture of types of text is often taken as a necessary condition for describing a manuscript as a miscellany. They may have been written as a collection, or represent manuscripts of different origins that were later bound together for convenience. In the early modern period miscellanies remained significant in a more restricted literary context, both in manuscript and printed forms, mainly as a vehicle for collections of shorter pieces of poetry, but also other works. Their numbers increased until their peak of importance in the 18th century, when over 1000 English poetry miscellanies were published, before the rise of anthologies in the early 19th century. The printed miscellany gradually morphed into the format of the regularly published magazine, and many early magazines used the word in their titles.

Miscellany (EP)

Miscellany is an extended play by Russian progressive chamber band iamthemorning. It was self-released on January 1, 2014. The album was mixed by Marcel van Limbeek, Gianluca Capacchione and Mark Knight then mastered by Marcel van Limbeek at Reveal Sound in London.

Miscellany (Puncho)

Miscellany (Bulgarian Поппунчов сборник Poppunčov sbornik) is a collection of sermons and other religious texts (Damaskinou), by Puncho (Punčo; Пунчо Куздин), a priest and pupil of Paisius of Hilendar who compiled, scribed and illustrated it by 1796, in a village near Mokreš Lomu. Today it is in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library in Sofia (under the shelfmark NBKM 693). The 809 pages are 20.5 х 15 centimeters.

The collection is an important witness to the nascent modern literary Bulgarian language, as written by an educated man using the commonly spoken language of Bulgarian (mokrešský dialect). The text is accompanied by several miniatures, including two self-portraits.

Usage examples of "miscellany".

Il Penseroso, Arcades, Comus, Odes, Sonnets, Miscellanies, English Psalms, Elegiarum Liber, Epigrammatum Liber, Sylvarum Liber.

The search for artificial consciousness proceeds through a miscellany of sciences--computer design, neurology, the psychophysiology of perception, game theory, as well as philosophy and psychology.

Heaping a miscellany of wood and baskets at the entrance, Vreesar sat poised on a throne made from a cradleboard laid between two stools.

In 1852 he once more published an article in a purely Slavophil miscellany, for which the miscellany was suppressed.

Behind Geros, wielding sabers and broadswords and a miscellany of pole arms, came twoscore Freefighters of the Morguhn Company and, after them, the battered remnants of the Confederation infantry, mostly spearless now but no less deadly with shortsword and shield.

Anyone literate enough to write well has, as a matter of course, read a huge miscellany of printed material and, the human brain being what it is, a great deal of it remains in the memory at least unconsciously, and will be regurgitated onto the manuscript page at odd moments.

They include: The Festival of the Passions, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, The Curtain Drawn Up, The Bagnio Miscellany, The Birchen Bouquet, and The Lustful Turk.

He had also recognized a miscellany of muscle men and runners, plus a couple of black bagmen who were probably from the city's Fillmore District, the black neighborhood.

There were a vast host of Highlanders, lean as whiter wolves, unshod and barelegged in the cold mud, dirty, disheveled, usually bearded and armed only with dirks, cowhide targets, and a miscellany of archaic polearms.

Under that, the miscellany began -- a quadrant, a tin canikin, several sticks of tobacco, two brace of very handsome pistols, a piece of bar silver, an old Spanish watch and some other trinkets of little value and mostly of foreign make, a pair of compasses mounted with brass, and five or six curious West Indian shells.

On a sideboard rested a miscellany of curios and oddments: a pyramid of black stone, a coil of rope, glass bottles, small masks hanging on a board, stacked books, a zither, a brass instrument of many arcs and beams, a bouquet of flowers carved from stone.

It looked as if Defiant was attracting a typical Collingswood gathering of miscellany.

Most of Yao's bomb crew were therea score of powerfully built young men and bandy-legged girls who had armed themselves with a miscellany of slats, garden shears and trowels, and what must have been branches of the iron trees, clandestinely filed to the snapping-off point during weeks of captivity.

Also a thousand ingots of brass and two hundred of lead riding on Ranthar's pack animals along with a miscellany of gunlocks, flints, powder horns and other lightweight but necessary gear.

The cloudiness in the Europan water could be from any sort of inorganic compound, but it could not be from the fascinating assorted detritus of living things, the miscellany that made every scoop of Earth water an experiment, a sample that might contain a previously unclassified species of life.