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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hard day’s work/walking/skiing etc
▪ There’s a sauna where you can relax after a hard day’s skiing.
a shopping/fishing/skiing etc trip
▪ He was knocked off his bicycle on his way home from a shopping trip.
a skiing/camping/walking etc holiday
▪ They went on a camping holiday in France.
go shopping/swimming/skiing etc
▪ I need to go shopping this afternoon.
sporting/camping/skiing etc equipment
▪ Can you help me load the camping equipment into the boot, please?
water skiing
▪ Tracy was a keen swimmer and water skier.
▪ For do you bother with magazines if you are not going skiing?
▪ We were joined there by George and Marion and we all went off to a skiing resort called Gargellen.
▪ We were all allocated to our rooms and after we had unpacked we went to collect our skiing gear.
▪ She went water skiing while Prince Charles went windsurfing.
▪ If you are going skiing, why not knit Rebecca's jumper which will be appearing in our October issue.
extreme sports/surfing/skiing etc
▪ The explosion of extreme sports in recent years has produced an unprecedented number of ultra-endurance races.
▪ A large sports centre has been made at Aviemore, mainly for winter skiing but also for the use of summer tourists.
▪ Alternatives to skiing include a leisure pool, curling and skating on the nearby lake, indoor tennis and sleigh rides.
▪ Changeable conditions and the active nature of skiing make it essential that designs should not only look good but also be functional.
▪ He lives in Alton, and in his spare time enjoys skiing.
▪ Should we call this off-piste skiing?
▪ The skiing can be excellent, the scenery is beautiful and the whole experience unforgettable.
▪ They relax with a lot of skiing, the favourite off-bike way of keeping fit.
▪ Val d'Isere because the skiing is just so brill and Tignes is, well, a concrete jungle really.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1885, verbal noun from ski (v.).\n\nTHE new sport which has lately been introduced at Beloit is skeeing. They are long ash planks, carefully and turned up at the end, and are warranted to take down hill quicker than a wink. After some practice performers become very expert, and the speed with which they go is something surprising.

[Beloit College, Wisconsin, "Round Table," Dec. 18, 1885]


alt. (present participle of ski English) n. (context sports English) A group of sports utilizing skis as primary equipment. vb. (present participle of ski English)


n. a sport in which participants must travel on skis


Skiing is a mode of transport, recreational activity and competitive winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow. Many types of competitive skiing events are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Skiing (Atari 2600)

Skiing is a video game cartridge for the Atari 2600 console. It was authored by Bob Whitehead, and released by Activision in 1980.

Skiing is a single player only game, in which the player uses the joystick to control the direction and speed of a stationary skier at the top of the screen, while the background graphics scroll upwards, thus giving the illusion the skier is moving. The player must avoid obstacles, such as trees and moguls. The game cartridge was programmed with five variations each of two principal games. In the downhill mode, the player's goal is to reach the bottom of the ski course as rapidly as possible, while a timer records his relative success. In the slalom mode, the player must similarly reach the end of the course as rapidly as he can, but must at the same time pass through a series of gates (indicated by a pair of closely spaced flagpoles). Each gate missed counts as a penalty against the player's time.

Skiing (Intellivision video game)

Skiing (released as U. S. Ski Team Skiing) is a sports video game produced by Mattel and released for its Intellivision video game system in 1980. Up to six players compete individually on either a downhill or slalom course to see who can complete the course the fastest. For the game's initial release, Mattel obtained a license from the U. S. Ski Team and used its name and logo in the game's box art. In 1988, INTV Corporation released an enhanced version of the game entitled Mountain Madness: Super Pro Skiing.

Skiing (magazine)

Skiing is an American magazine devoted to skiing that was published in print form between 1948 and 2010, one of the two largest circulation magazines for skiers. Today it is available only online.

Skiing (disambiguation)

Skiing may refer to:

  • The sports of Skiing or Water skiing
  • Skiing (magazine), a magazine published between 1948 and 2010
  • Skiing (Atari 2600), a 1980 video game
  • Skiing (Intellivision video game), a 1980 video game
  • Skiing (gaming), a move in video gaming

Usage examples of "skiing".

David and Theresa Coggins went cross-country skiing on Winetka Lake near their home in south Hopkins.

Johannes had the vision that the future of skiing was there, so he started with one Norwegian ski teacher, a tiny little workshop built into our garage, and about fifty pairs of rental skis and shoes in all sizes.

During the last two, while he was successfully working towards his A levels and university entrance, he spent all breaks either riding racehorses - he won three steeplechases - or skiing, in which sport he won a European under-18 downhill race.

Jean-Claude is on TV so often, skiing at selected resorts all over the world, that it is nearly impossible to miss seeing him.

Wesley was standing there, leaning on one of the sickbay beds, decked out in full skiing regalia.

She could envision the clowns and the skiing wedges of cheddar from the BuckLand cheese factory slipping and falling in the street, tangling up with one another, the crowds on the sidewalks doubled over laughing.

More than once she wished Zach had had the good taste to die rescuing a child from a burning building, or skiing in avalanche country.

For a construction worker in Abilene, Texas, skiing was about as exotic as you could get.

Because her complexion was further wrecked by blotchiness in the extreme cold, and because her excessive smoking had ill-influenced her circulation, a weekend of winter skiing in New England-even to forward the cause of her competition for her son's affection-did not favor either Mrs.

I had it on the night that I was unceremoniously translated from the planet Denali to Earth at the truncated end of my skiing holiday and commanded to resume writing these Memoirs.

Brendan said, raising his voice to quash their argumentativeness, "downhill and cross-country skiing, skidoo and other snow-based sports, canoeing and kayaking on designated rivers, trekking on foot or mounted, hunting and fishing.

The facial features were enhanced with high cheekbones and a tanned complexion that might have come from skiing in the Andes or sunbathing on a yacht anchored off Bahia Blanca.

While Arkady dressed he noticed more photographs: a ballet mistress, a tabby cat, friends skiing, someone shielding their eyes on a beach.

Brewer was taking Andrew to the bunny slope for some skiing, even though, as Kristy put it, the snow was so old it would probably wrinkle under your feet.

Not surprisingly, though, speed-lover Sachs had found cigarette boats and Jet Skiing more to her liking.