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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hard day’s work/walking/skiing etc
▪ There’s a sauna where you can relax after a hard day’s skiing.
a shopping/fishing/skiing etc trip
▪ He was knocked off his bicycle on his way home from a shopping trip.
a ski resort
▪ The lack of snow is causing problems for ski resorts.
a skiing/camping/walking etc holiday
▪ They went on a camping holiday in France.
football/rugby/riding/ski boots
▪ Take your muddy football boots off before you come inside.
go shopping/swimming/skiing etc
▪ I need to go shopping this afternoon.
Jet Ski
ski boot
ski jump
ski lift
ski pants
▪ a pair of ski pants
ski plane
ski pole
ski run
ski slope
sporting/camping/skiing etc equipment
▪ Can you help me load the camping equipment into the boot, please?
water skiing
▪ Tracy was a keen swimmer and water skier.
▪ Today Gulmarg in Kashmir is the only reasonably developed ski area.
▪ Those of us standing at the top of Mount Rose ski area, however, were in for a special treat.
▪ It is from these villages and their ski areas that the most impressive mountain scenery is to be seen.
▪ Visa is also offering savings for its members at numerous eastern and western ski areas.
▪ The book records this knowledge and aims to inform the skier of worthwhile ski areas, routes and runs.
▪ In addition, most ski areas have two-for-one lift ticket promotions on designated weekdays.
▪ The winner was the Pongau ski area near Salzburg, where lifts more or less link.
▪ A burst that promises to give two ski areas nestled high in the Angeles National Forest a face-lift.
▪ Salomon's radically different Adventure 7 boots, using even more ski boot technology, are still eagerly awaited for test.
▪ This year, however, Lowa have produced a remarkable ski boot range.
▪ The concept of assessing foot volume instead of width to achieve a good fit is another idea borrowed from ski boot technology.
Holiday giant Thomson yesterday unveiled thousands of special deals which will slash up to £70 off the price of ski holidays from Thursday.
▪ The basics: If you have skiing friends urging you to accompany them on a ski holiday, why not go?
▪ Who wants to spend money on a ski holiday and find themselves going for walks?
▪ Boxes at Wimbledon, golfing weekends and ski holidays at Les Arcs are on the boundaries of business entertainment and business corruption.
▪ He is of slim to medium build and was wearing a dark ski mask.
▪ An early police report said the men had been wearing ski masks.
▪ They were later seen wearing ski masks and driving the vehicles across the Denes area.
▪ Pappas was shot by two men wearing ski masks.
▪ The girl has told officers her attacker was taller than her and wore a ski mask.
▪ The rapist had worn a ski mask, but she knew his approximate height and his coloring.
▪ They wore black boots, green military fatigues, had their faces covered with black ski masks and carried automatic weapons.
▪ In winter he wears up to four layers of clothing, a ski mask, gloves.
▪ For lodging information, begin by calling the ski resort of your choice.
▪ Of course, we must not forget that these are ski resorts.
▪ The artery, which links ski resorts and casinos to the rest of Northern California, was reopened Jan. 17.
▪ Sadly, unscrupulous ski resorts might misuse the new polymer, surreptitiously dusting it on the slopes of their rivals.
▪ She reportedly works at a local ski resort and keeps a few horses.
▪ Father was a mountaineer; he made his fortune from the ski resorts on a mountain Grandfather had bought cheaply in Colorado.
▪ At most ski resorts, large and small, there has been a sharper focus on day-care facilities and staff.
▪ He is of slim to medium build and was wearing a dark ski mask.
▪ An early police report said the men had been wearing ski masks.
▪ He was wearing a red ski balaclava, a dark cotton jacket and tracksuit bottoms.
▪ Pappas was shot by two men wearing ski masks.
▪ He wore a pink ski suit.
▪ The rapist had worn a ski mask, but she knew his approximate height and his coloring.
▪ Clare, wearing an old red ski suit, stood in a crowd of about three hundred people.
▪ Vick wore a ski brace on his right ankle and moved as if he were knee-deep in powder.
beach/ski etc bum
▪ Parke Puterbaugh and Alan Bisbort are beach bums and proud of it.
▪ You envision a California beach bum.
extreme sports/surfing/skiing etc
▪ The explosion of extreme sports in recent years has produced an unprecedented number of ultra-endurance races.
▪ Men and women are segregated on the beaches and even the ski slopes.
▪ Organized ski treks exist, their routes following set trails with accommodation enroute.
▪ Pappas was shot by two men wearing ski masks.
▪ The village boasts an ice rink, nursery ski school and boutiques, hotels and restaurants.
▪ Widespread deforestation to make way for ski slopes has eroded topsoil, increasing the incidence of avalanches.
▪ Within the hall, simulators allow visitors to experience the excitement of a bobsled run or ski jump.
▪ Stretch up as high as you can. 3. Ski down, pulling your tummy in and tucking your bottom under.
▪ A little boy came out of the woods opposite and began skiing down the slope towards the road.
▪ These cornfields are on land so steep none but the bravest would ski down.
▪ Stretch up as high as possible. 6. Ski down, tucking your bottom under and pulling your tummy in.
▪ Stretch up high. 5. Ski down.
▪ With legs slowly turning to jelly, I skied down hard, icy snow, followed by spring snow, then slush.
▪ A little boy came out of the woods opposite and began skiing down the slope towards the road.
▪ Try explaining, for example, the experience of skiing down a mountain slope to a person who has never seen snow.
▪ Ski start: the major tour operators run learn to ski weeks which are especially useful for lone learners.
▪ The birds flop in the snow, learning to ski.
▪ Sam and he learned to ski.
▪ I almost learned to ski at the cost of a torn jacket and a twisted elbow.
▪ A few have skied in various other parts of the Himalayas.
▪ A recent favorite was when we ski on Mars.
▪ I'd never skied in my life but that wasn't an insurmountable problem!
▪ If you are frightened by heights, skiing is not going to appeal to you.
▪ It is built into the structure of some sports, such as skiing, parachuting, and flying.
▪ Like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing allows the individual to get into the most pristine parts of the wilderness.
▪ Spring snow has a low-friction surface which opens up acres of gentle offpiste perhaps not steep enough to ski when powder-covered.
▪ Whatever we call it, skiing off the piste is getting more popular again.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Skee \Skee\, n. [Dan. ski; Icel. sk[=i]? a billet of wood. See Skid.] A long strip of wood, curved upwards in front, used on the foot for sliding; now usually spelled ski.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1883 (there is an isolated instance from 1755; in early use often spelled skee), from Norwegian ski, related to Old Norse skið "long snowshoe," literally "stick of wood, firewood," cognate with Old English scid "stick of wood," obsolete English shide "piece of wood split off from timber;" Old High German skit, German Scheit "log," from Proto-Germanic *skid- "to divide, split," from PIE root *skei- "to cut, split" (see shed (v.)). Ski-jumper is from 1894; ski bum first attested 1960; ski-mask is from 1963; noted as part of criminal disguises from 1968.


1885, from ski (n.). Related: Skied; skiing.


n. 1 One of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow. 2 One of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over water while pulled by a boat. 3 (cx aviation English) One of a pair of long flat runners under some flying machines, used for landing. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To move on skis. 2 (context transitive English) To travel over (a slope etc.) on skis; travel on skis at (a place), especially as a sport.

  1. n. narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used for gliding over snow [syn: skis]

  2. [also: ski'd]

  1. v. move along on skis; "We love to ski the Rockies"

  2. [also: ski'd]


A ski is a narrow strip of semi-rigid material worn underfoot to glide over snow. Substantially longer than wide and characteristically employed in pairs, skis are attached to ski boots with ski bindings, with either a free, lockable, or partially secured heel. For climbing slopes, ski skins (originally made of seal fur, but now made of synthetic materials) can be attached at the base of the ski.

Originally intended as an aid to travel over snow, they are now mainly used recreationally in the sport of skiing.

Ski (driving stunt)

Skiing is an automotive driving stunt where the car is driven while balanced only on two wheels, either the pair on the driver side or on the passenger side.

The stunt is generally performed by driving one pair of wheels up on a ramp to lift one side of the car. Alternately, the stunt can be done in a vehicle with a high center of gravity (such as a 4x4 or SUV) by turning sharply or at speed. This technique is more dangerous because there is a strong possibility of the vehicle tipping completely over. Another technique is to let some air out of the tires that will be on the ground, so that the car can tip easier, as well as keep its balance better. Once up on two wheels, the car has to be balanced by steering (much as one would when riding a bicycle) which makes it necessary to drive more or less in a straight line. The vehicle used must also be fitted with a lockable differential (common on 4x4s).

Ski (disambiguation)

A ski is a long, flat device worn on the feet designed to help the wearer slide smoothly over snow.

Ski may also refer to:

  • Skiing, gliding on skis
  • -ski, a common ending of predominantly Polish surnames of Slavonic origin
  • Ski (driving stunt), driving a car balanced on two wheels
  • Ski (record producer)
  • Ski (soda), a soft drink
  • Ski, a town and a municipality in Akershus county, Norway
  • Ski Inn, a bar in Bombay Beach, California
  • Water skiing, skiing on water, pulled by a boat

The abbreviation SKI may refer to:

  • Skipton railway station
  • SKI combinator calculus, a technique used in functional programming
  • SKI protein
  • Spending the Kids' Inheritance (SKI, SKI'ing)
Ski (record producer)

David Willis, otherwise known as DJ Ski and Ski Beatz, is an American record producer mainly working in hip hop.

Ski (soda)

Ski is a citrus soda made from orange and lemon juices manufactured by the Double Cola Company.

Usage examples of "ski".

Being addicted to a drug is like spending your whole life attempting to ski uphill.

Transport aircraft land daily on our airfield bringing fur clothing, skis, sledges and other things.

The centres were of coarse babiche with a large mesh, so as to pick up the least amount of snow, and since the meshing entered the frame by holes and was not whipped round it, the wooden surface was as smooth as skis.

While she changed boots, Beane pitched the skis one at a time over the edge and grinned They were alone on the peak and there was no way down.

From there, the southern ski face is unapproachable, just as Beane said.

One-time mountain bike racer, David was appointed for a two-year stint as second in command of the Royal Marine biathlon team, in which he is basically a full-time paid athlete who spends a lot of time on skis in Norway.

Next, he removed her boots and slid her into his ski pants, carefully threading the bib straps underneath her back.

With his ski gloves back on and the loose straps of the bib ski pants in his hands, Scot moved backward two feet and then pulled Amanda slowly forward for one.

Our skis, our sharp edges which others are forever trying to smooth off, bite hard into the firn, the snow marked with signs: every man for himself on this white festive garb on which we are tumbled like refuse.

That winter of 1927-8, there was a fairly large crowd for the Winter Sports, and if most of them found dancing and drinking more reasonable than going out into the cold for skiing and luging and skating why, that merely lessened all worry as to whether there was enough snow.

Shoshana was leaning against the rail, talking and smiling at Mana, actually enjoying the conversation when the high-pitched wail of four approaching jet skis demanded their attention.

World will feature a thrilling toboggan ride and a ski lodge where Moochie, Scooter and Danny will perform skits for the whole family.

There were people on Jet Skis and old Everglades swamp buggies and even battered tourist pedalos, many of them laden with stuff.

Less of a leader but a mechanical genius, such as in hotwiring cars, picking locks, fixing ski lifts, and turning pesto sauce into an anaesthetic.

In the gush of names I learned that Junie Alteck art-directed Cypress Hill and Redman videos, Bee Prudhomme had been knifed to death by a lover in a ski chalet outside Helsinki, and Moira Hogarth was a performance artist known for being censured by a Midwestern senator.