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region in northwestern Asia, the name said to come from Sibir, ancient Tatar fortress at the confluence of the Tobol and Irtysh rivers. As a typical place of miserable banishment, it is attested from 1841. Related: Siberian.


Siberia (; ) is an extensive geographical region, and by the broadest definition is also known as North Asia. Siberia has been historically part of Russia since the 17th century.

The territory of Siberia extends eastwards from the Ural Mountains to the watershed between the Pacific and Arctic drainage basins. Siberia stretches southwards from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and to the national borders of Mongolia and China. With an area of 13.1 million square kilometres, Siberia accounts for 77% of Russia's land area, but it is home to just 40 million people – 27% of the country's population. This is equivalent to an average population density of about 3 inhabitants per square kilometre (approximately equal to that of Australia), making Siberia one of the most sparsely populated regions on Earth.

Siberia (continent)

Siberia, also known as Angaraland (or simply Angara) and Angarida, is an ancient craton located in the heart of Siberia. Today forming the Central Siberian Plateau, it formed an independent continent before the Permian.

Angaraland was named in the 1880s by Austrian geologist Eduard Suess who erroneously believed that in the Paleozoic there were two large continents in the Northern Hemisphere: "Atlantis", North America connected to Europe by a peninsula (=Greenland and Iceland); and "Angara-land", eastern Asia, named after the Angara River in Siberia.

Siberia (Echo & the Bunnymen album)

Siberia is the tenth studio album by Echo & the Bunnymen. It garnered generally positive reviews, with some commentators calling it their best work since Ocean Rain, despite it being their first album not to reach the UK Top 75.

The track "Of a Life" has the line "I want a song to learn and sing", which name-checks the band's 1985 compilation album Songs to Learn and Sing.

Siberia (Backstreet Boys song)
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Siberia (disambiguation)

Siberia is the region of Russia between the Ural Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Siberia may also refer to:

Siberia (opera)

Siberia is an opera in three acts by Umberto Giordano from a libretto by Luigi Illica. There is no direct source for the plot of Siberia and it is quite possible that this is an original work by Illica. It was suggested at the New York premiere that it was based on Leo Tolstoy's novel Resurrection or one of the novels within it.

Siberia (film)

Siberia is a 1998 Dutch comedy film directed by Robert Jan Westdijk about a group of young Dutchmen who systematically rob tourists after having sex. Baywatch star Nicole Eggert has a cameo role in the film. The film was premiered on August 27, 1998 and attracted an attendance of around 54,000.

Siberia (Lights album)

Siberia is the second studio album by Canadian recording artist Lights. It was released worldwide on October 4, 2011, with the exception of Australia, where it was released on October 28. Production was handled by Tawgs Salter and Canadian electronic band Holy Fuck, while featuring guest vocals from Canadian rapper Shad on two of the album's tracks. Musically, Siberia has been described as being "grittier" and "darker" whilst also incorporating " poppier moments", and while the album still uses prominent elements of synthpop, it also features influences of other genres such as dubstep and hip-hop.

The album has received generally positive reviews from music critics, with some commending Lights' vocal performance as well as the album's heavier and more mature sound, while others criticized its lack of variety. It debuted at No. 3 on the Canadian Albums Chart, selling more than 10,000 in its first week, while also peaking at No. 47 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. It received a Juno Award nomination for Pop Album of the Year on February 7, 2012. It was certified gold on April 27, 2012 in Canada, denoting sales in excess of 40,000. The album spawned the singles " Everybody Breaks a Glass", " Toes", and "Where the Fence Is Low".

Siberia (Polvo album)

Siberia is Polvo's sixth full-length studio album. It was released on Merge Records on September 30, 2013. Unlike its predecessor, 2009's In Prism, the album was not accompanied with a tour.

An official music video was created for the track "Light, Raking".

Siberia (TV series)

Siberia is an American mockumentary series about a reality television show where 14 contestants must survive in the Siberian territory of Tunguska. Shortly after arrival, the contestants notice strange things and are abandoned by the production of the reality show. The show was filmed in Birds Hill Provincial Park just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It premiered on NBC on July 1, 2013.

It was met with generally favorable reviews from critics and viewers, with average viewership per episode coming in around 2.03 million viewers. Metacritic scored the show with a 63 out of 100. The first season concluded on September 16, 2013. After low ratings the show has not been renewed.

Usage examples of "siberia".

Concurrently archeologists recognized pronounced similarities between the archeological remains found in Alaska and Siberia.

Siberia, to be on the lookout for any performing bears that demonstrated any tricks or abilities out of the ordinary.

Travel writers wrote about its Asiatic tribes, the Tungus and the Yakuts and the Buriats, without ever mentioning the settled Russian population in Siberia, even though it was already sizeable.

Indians grabbed the mooring ropes and seized the Chukchee interpreter, whom Waxel had brought from Siberia.

Cook now scuds across Bering Strait thirty-nine miles to the Chukchee land of Siberia in Asia.

She shared this residence with Katya Trubetskoi, another young princess who had followed her Decembrist husband to Siberia.

Maria was immediately accepted into the official circles of the new governor, Muraviev-Amursky, who made no secret of his sympathy for the Decembrist exiles and looked upon them as an intellectual force for the development of Siberia.

During his own journey to Siberia, in 1850, his convoy had been met by the Decembrist wives in the Tobolsk transit camp.

Hey presto again, she was best-selling author of a monthly series of semi-fictional booklets with settings from Demerara to Siberia expounding all the principles of political economy.

Most evenings she could be found beneath the glare of the small halogen lamp, entering data into her computer, scanning images of genetic mutations involving female shark moths exposed to dioxane, corresponding with other researchers in Melbourne and Kyoto, Siberia and London.

German population of the Kaliningrad region was either dead or expelled or sent to Siberia, but since the demise of the Soviet Union, Kaliningrad had became a free port to attract prosperity, and the closest source of prosperity was.

And then I set off to Siberia, to Krasnoyarsk Territory, near where Yevgeny Popov lived in his famous town of K.

Many a Marxian was arrested for attempting to undermine the Russian government and sent into exile in Siberia.

Already his Cossacks had scoured the two Siberias like birds of prey, exacting tribute from the wandering tribes of Tartary, of Kamchatka, of the Pacific, of the Siberian races in the northeasternmost corner of Asia.

Therefore, at a time when the littoral regions of the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, or the Gulf of Mexico already enjoyed a warmer climate, and became the seats of higher civilizations, immense territories in middle Europe, Siberia, and Northern America, as well as in Patagonia, Southern Africa, and Southern Australasia, remained in early postglacial conditions which rendered them inaccessible to the civilized nations of the torrid and sub-torrid zones.