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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sheriff court
▪ Lake deputy sheriffs said the woman called 911 late Friday to request help.
▪ When twelve deputy sheriffs came to serve warrants for arrest of the black ringleaders, they were ambushed in the grocery store.
▪ Four deputy sheriffs were seriously injured.
▪ Robinson said Ortega was a former deputy sheriff and worked at Southern Station for the last eight months.
▪ He became high sheriff of the County Palatine in 1885 and constable of Lancaster Castle in 1921.
▪ Unfortunately, his position as high sheriff of Hull prevented his leaving the town and the expedition was abandoned.
▪ For some years he lived on his estate at Ballinastow in county Wicklow, where he was high sheriff in 1835.
▪ In 1757, like his father before him, he served as high sheriff of Hampshire.
▪ He was high sheriff of Essex, 1941-2.
▪ He was high sheriff of the county in 1838-9.
▪ In 1267-8 he held the rather more responsible local post of sheriff of the twin counties of Shropshire and Staffordshire.
▪ Upon their arrival, the local sheriff and police chief were disarmed by Bonnie Parker.
▪ So beside every major town they built a castle garrisoned by loyal troops usually under the command of the local sheriff.
▪ The judge issued a detention order to the Waukesha County sheriff.
▪ The Johnson County sheriff denied that the charge had occurred or that he or other police officers were involved.
▪ He then called the Haralson County sheriff and reported the incident, identifying Deering, despite the stocking mask he wore.
▪ The county sheriff was due to get here soon.
▪ A Montgomery County sheriffs deputy reported he saw Monnett hit another man outside the controversial cabaret.
▪ Next it was five Interpen commandos picked up for vagrancy, courtesy of the Dade County sheriff.
▪ Francis Auld didn't appear at the town's sheriff court today, and his case was continued without plea.
▪ It was also pointed out that civil jury trial was available in the Court of Session but not in the sheriff court.
▪ The lady prioress would deny the charge, and call in the sheriff or some local justice she has in her power.
▪ Especially Harry, we call him the sheriff.
▪ He then called the Haralson County sheriff and reported the incident, identifying Deering, despite the stocking mask he wore.
▪ So he had to call the sheriff on his cell phone.
▪ All he can do is call down to the sheriff in Baudette.
▪ So the doctor called the sheriff and they locked him up.
▪ Dissatisfied parents are given a right of appeal to a specially constituted appeal committee and from there to the sheriff.
▪ Francis Auld didn't appear at the town's sheriff court today, and his case was continued without plea.
▪ He was elected sheriff for Kent in 1679 and knighted in the same year.
▪ He was still in his hospital bed when Daley visited him and asked him to run for sheriff.
▪ The sheriff demanded to know how the solicitor had got hold of a confidential social inquiry report.
▪ The sheriff had pictures of Benny.
▪ The property tax the county collects from city residents supplies millions of dollars for sheriff deputies that patrol in the foothills.
▪ The recorder, prosecutor and coroner are Republicans, while the auditor, treasurer and sheriff are Democrats.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sheriff \Sher"iff\, n. [OE. shereve, AS. sc[=i]r-ger?fa; sc[=i]r a shire + ger?fa a reeve. See Shire, and Reeve, and cf. Shrievalty.] The chief officer of a shire or county, to whom is intrusted the execution of the laws, the serving of judicial writs and processes, and the preservation of the peace.

Note: In England, sheriffs are appointed by the king. In the United States, sheriffs are elected by the legislature or by the citizens, or appointed and commissioned by the executive of the State. The office of sheriff in England is judicial and ministerial. In the United States, it is mainly ministerial. The sheriff, by himself or his deputies, executes civil and criminal process throughout the county, has charge of the jail and prisoners, attends courts, and keeps the peace. His judicial authority is generally confined to ascertaining damages on writs of inquiry and the like. Sheriff, in Scotland, called sheriff depute, is properly a judge, having also certain ministerial powers. Sheriff clerk is the clerk of the Sheriff's Court in Scotland. Sheriff's Court in London is a tribunal having cognizance of certain personal actions in that city.
--Wharton, Tomlins. Erskine.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late Old English scirgerefa "representative of royal authority in a shire," from scir (see shire) + gerefa "chief, official, reeve" (see reeve). As an American county official, attested from 1660s; sheriff's sale first recorded 1798. Sheriff's tooth (late 14c.) was a common name for the annual tax levied to pay for the sheriff's victuals during court sessions.


alt. To carry out the duties of a sheriff n. 1 (context British except Scotland English) (High Sheriff) An official of a shire or county office, responsible for carrying out court orders, law enforcement and other duties. 2 (context Scotland English) A judge in the sheriff court, the court of a county or sheriffdom. 3 (context US English) A government official, usually responsible for law enforcement in his county and for administration of the county jail, sometimes an officer of the court, usually elected. vb. To carry out the duties of a sheriff


n. the principal law-enforcement officer in a county


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Sheriff (band)

Sheriff was a Canadian rock band in the early 1980s, best known for their hit song " When I'm with You".

Sheriff (company)

Sheriff (in Cyrillic: Шериф) is the second-largest company based in Transnistria ( Moldova). Formed in the early 1990s by Viktor Gushan and Ilya Kazmaly, former members of the special services, Sheriff has grown to include nearly all forms of profitable private business in this small nation, and has even become significantly involved in Transnistrian politics.

Sheriff (disambiguation)

Sheriff is a political or legal office, varying greatly between countries.

Sheriff or Sherriff may also refer to:

  • SHERIFF, a telecom fraud detection system
  • Sheriff (weapon), a crowd-control vehicle of the U.S. military
  • Sheriff (band), a Canadian rock band from the early 1980s
  • Sheriff (company), a Transnistrian (Moldovan) conglomerate
  • FC Sheriff Tiraspol, a Moldovan football club founded by the company
  • Sheriff (arcade game), an arcade game by Nintendo in 1979
  • Sheriff Mountain, a mountain in Montana
  • SpySheriff, a malware program
  • Sheriff (Cars), a character from the Pixar film
  • The Sheriff, a 1918 film starring Fatty Arbuckle
  • Alexander Clunes Sheriff (1816–1878), English businessman and Member of Parliament (MP) for Worcester 1865–78
  • Frank Sheriff (born 1957), abstract sculptor
  • Mary Sheriff American art historian
  • Noam Sheriff (born 1935), conductor, composer and arranger
  • Paula Sherriff, British Labour Party politician, Member of Parliament (MP) for Dewsbury since 2015
  • R. C. Sherriff (1896–1975), writer, novelist and playwright
  • Peyton Manning (born 1976), professional football player, nicknamed "The Sheriff"
  • The capitouls of Toulouse, medieval chief magistrates of the town, sometimes translated as sheriffs
  • The Sheriff (1959 film), English title of La sceriffa
Sheriff (video game)

, also known as Bandido, is an arcade game developed by Nintendo R&D1 in 1979, designed by Genyo Takeda with art by Shigeru Miyamoto. Some sources claim that Ikegami Tsushinki also did design work on Sheriff. It is one of the earliest Western-style video games developed (following Gun Fight). The player controls a county sheriff tasked with defense of a town against bandits.

Sheriff (album)

Sheriff is the self-titled debut album and only album by Canadian band Sheriff released in 1982 on Capitol Records. " When I'm with You," jumped into the Top on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1988, seven years after its release.

Sheriff (Slovenia)

In principle, the term Sheriff was coined by the Slovenian media in reference to local politicians, usually mayors, who are faced with accusations of political corruption, favouritism or clientelism and are faced or charged with criminal investigations and indictments. These politicians are usually successful in eluding the law and in some cases manage to stay in office even after being found guilty by the court of law.

Usage examples of "sheriff".

It is true, the prices assigned by the assize of Richard were meant as a standard for the accompts of sheriffs and escheators and as considerable profits were allowed to these ministers, we may naturally suppose that the common value of cattle was somewhat higher: yet still, so great a difference between the prices of corn and cattle as that of four to one, compared to the present rates, affords important reflections concerning the very different state of industry and tillage in the two periods.

Supervisors and sheriffs using affinity was something he could never get used to.

Moorhouse and Ambler and the sheriff all had the same script and the lines were terrible.

This morning as always his New Lebanon Sheriffs Department shirt was clean and stiff as a sheet of new balsa wood and his beige slacks had razor creases.

My first act as Sheriff will be to install, on the courthouse lawn, a bastinado platform and a set of stocks -- in order to punish dishonest dope dealers in a proper public fashion.

Missouri, Egg enlisted the help of the county sheriff to sneak through the press mob besieging his gate.

Sheriff Bouvier is a respected law enforcement officer and did release the skeleton to Melton.

Lord Say, the treasurer, and Cromer, sheriff of Kent, should be punished for their malversations, he would immediately lay down his arms.

Gentry did not like or trust Richard Haines, but he knew no reason for the FBI to suspect a Charleston sheriff in either the airline explosion or Mansard House murders.

One look at Marcie apparently convinced the sheriff that the matter was urgent.

In the same year Thomas Kneseworth, the late mayor, was committed to the Marshalsea, together with the sheriffs who had served under him, and only regained his liberty on payment of a large sum of money.

The sheriff paid forty-five cents total, thirty for the Meatless Tuesday vegetable plate, ten for raisin pie, a nickel for coffee.

A FEW moments later, The Shadow was hearing the misconstructed details of his own disappearance, from the sheriff and the deputies.

Alva Dawson, the ex-deputy sheriff, and Herman Tubick, the mortician, had tied.

Her fork was still there when Sheriff David Mountebank walked in, Martha at his heels offering him food and coffee.