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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
veteran politician/campaigner/leader etc
▪ the veteran leader of the socialist party
▪ Time and again the Conservative politicians we approached would talk in private frankly and openly about the problems they foresaw for their party.
▪ The fear of racial violence was provoked by Conservative politician Enoch Powell.
▪ Her first honours list contained fifty awards for Conservative party politicians and supporters.
▪ Some conservative politicians were inclined to agree.
▪ The traditional southern support for the Democratic Party was maintained, in spite of the doubts of some of the more conservative southern politicians.
▪ Dozens of prominent conservative politicians and activists are working to generate memorials to honor the 90-year-old Reagan.
▪ Nevertheless, there were a few Conservative politicians who fundamentally disagreed with Conservative policy.
▪ Despite his uncouth manner and four-letter language, no editor is more courted by senior Conservative politicians.
▪ Yet the argument against Ashdown's triumphalism has to stop short of encouraging the same fatal hubris among Labour politicians.
▪ Throughout the inter-war years Labour politicians had been concerned with the preservation of peace.
▪ In that context, the shuffling attitude of leading Labour politicians is of historic discredit.
▪ Mr. Budgen Surely that is a proper attitude for a Labour politician.
▪ Some Labour politicians know that all too well - others simply don't.
▪ Alderman Lewis, a trade unionist and local Labour politician from the Midlands.
▪ Is it not true that spending pledges such as those made by Labour politicians would mean that nothing would happen?
▪ The key Labour politician, Ramsay MacDonald, was equally eager to occupy the middle ground.
▪ He may be judged excessively optimistic, however, if not utterly desperate, in seeking the votes of leading opposition politicians.
▪ The Webbs devoted themselves to pressing these ideas upon leading politicians and civil servants.
▪ Robert Walpole, as leading politician at that time, became indispensable to George I, despite their mutual dislike for each other.
▪ Also, news bulletins concentrated heavily on the speeches and activities of leading politicians, particularly the president.
▪ Others were in the employ of leading politicians.
▪ Ramsey the Liberal politician had ideas of democracy which cut across this benevolent dictatorship.
▪ The liberal politicians sigh with relief and continue their efforts to enlarge the welfare state.
▪ Such efforts had met with little success from Liberal and Tory politicians alike.
▪ Many liberal politicians complained of the automatic extension to the army of the rights of police in respect of civilians.
▪ The recompense is meagre, but when combined with ideological enthusiasm it helps sustain a new type of local politician.
▪ Rumors persist that another local politician is interested in the seat: state Sen.
▪ Even the pope recently reproached local politicians on a visit to Naples for their self-interest and neglect of their constituents.
▪ Nevertheless, it's worried and surprised local people and politicians.
▪ There is a move among many local politicians to demand increased powers in response to this offloading.
▪ Yet fixing them will cost billions of dollars that local politicians can not raise from taxes.
▪ His conversion sharpened his criticism of national and local politicians, who in turn questioned his integrity.
▪ Work on other parts of the route, which is strongly supported by local politicians, is already well under way.
▪ This is why law-and-order-minded national politicians have their knives out for Dalzell.
▪ Diamond is also among the top Arizona contributors to state and national politicians, including Symington.
▪ However, most national politicians and local councillors share the civil service preference for the functional and centralized system based on Whitehall.
▪ By those measures of visibility, national politicians were much more visible than local candidates from the start.
▪ Land reform was popular and the National Front politicians, what remained of them, could hardly impose it.
▪ His conversion sharpened his criticism of national and local politicians, who in turn questioned his integrity.
▪ That sort of centrality does not automatically make it an easy issue for national politicians, though.
▪ Or that some of our national politicians were allowed to say so.
▪ Badr's departure followed a sustained campaign by the opposition for his dismissal for publicly insulting prominent intellectuals and politicians.
▪ The most notable adult victim was a prominent New York politician and Democratic candidate for the vice presidency.
▪ A number of prominent politicians made public statements supporting Stolpe, including the federal President, Richard von Weizsäcker.
▪ Dozens of prominent conservative politicians and activists are working to generate memorials to honor the 90-year-old Reagan.
▪ The Constitution, in short, is subject to interpretation by different bodies, the most prominent being politicians, judges, and scholars.
▪ Others had been advisers to prominent politicians.
▪ A number of senior politicians, including one member of Schro der's cabinet, agree.
▪ No senior politician dares to oppose deployment.
▪ The sight of so many senior politicians falling over themselves to kiss his hand was reminiscent of Tammany Hall at its worst.
▪ Jimmy Carter and George Bush also have joined a growing chorus of eminent senior politicians in the quest for reform.
▪ He is one of Britain's most respected broadcasters and has interviewed a string of famous people from senior politicians to royalty.
▪ Another senior politician to suffer a heart attack was John Smith.
▪ Despite his uncouth manner and four-letter language, no editor is more courted by senior Conservative politicians.
▪ Ask any senior Labour politician the reason for defeat and he demurs.
▪ About 55 percent of those questioned believed that the veteran politician had not made clear what he would do as president.
▪ The action is the latest in a series of assaults on journalists, judges and opposition politicians.
▪ Vilified by opposition politicians, Bryan lost to McKinley in 1896 and again in 1900.
▪ An opposition politician, Chee Soon Juan, was jailed for 12 days in 1999 for speaking in public without a permit.
▪ Local journalists are intimidated and foreign media expelled. Opposition politicians are arrested.
▪ In recent weeks, many opposition politicians had campaigned for guarantees of future immunity from prosecution on charges of corruption.
▪ Doctors and Opposition politicians have spelled out why Britain can not afford to lose Bart's.
▪ Even some Right-wing opposition politicians reckoned it was the best Mr Mitterrand could have done in the circumstances.
▪ The king says he will impose martial law if anything similar happens again. Opposition politicians are screwing up their courage.
▪ In that context, the shuffling attitude of leading Labour politicians is of historic discredit.
▪ Let the people lead the politicians instead of the other way around.
▪ Musharraf and his aides have been counting on the continued absence of Bhutto and Sharif, the country's two leading politicians.
▪ However, in spite of soothing words from leading politicians, there were warnings of worse to come.
▪ For some years leading Labour politicians have offered two separate justifications for the block vote - one in public, the other in private.
an actor turned politician/a housewife turned author etc
▪ As a salesman, I have to be part politician and part psychologist.
▪ Hargreaves is a clever and ambitious politician.
▪ Many right-wing politicians opposed the treaty.
▪ the wife of a leading British politician
▪ Although only fifteen at the time of his father's death he soon showed himself to be a cunning and unscrupulous politician.
▪ Decisions on large infrastructure projects are usually made by bankers, engineers and politicians.
▪ He says the only advantage of a two-year term is that it keeps politicians closer to their constituents.
▪ How different it might have been if Edelman had proposed that politicians enter into a Contract With Children.
▪ It is also the fact that he and the other politicians in Sacramento control only around a quarter of state spending.
▪ Sadly, that breed of politician had died out.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Politician \Pol`i*ti"cian\, a. Cunning; using artifice; politic; artful. ``Ill-meaning politician lords.''


Politician \Pol`i*ti"cian\, n. [Cf. F. politicien.]

  1. One versed or experienced in the science of government; one devoted to politics; a statesman.

    While empiric politicians use deceit.

  2. One primarily devoted to his own advancement in public office, or to the success of a political party; -- used in a depreciatory sense; one addicted or attached to politics as managed by parties (see Politics, 2); a schemer; an intriguer; as, a mere politician.

    Like a scurvy politician, seem To see the things thou dost not.

    The politician . . . ready to do anything that he apprehends for his advantage.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, "person skilled in politics," from politics + -ian. It quickly took on overtones, not typically good ones. Johnson defines it as "A man of artifice; one of deep contrivance."


n. One engaged in politics, especially an elected or appointed government official.

  1. n. a leader engaged in civil administration

  2. a person active in party politics [syn: politico, pol, political leader]

  3. a schemer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways


A politician (from Classical Greek πόλις, " polis") is a person active in party politics, or a person holding or seeking office in government. In democratic countries, politicians seek elective positions within a government through elections or, at times, temporary appointment to replace politicians who have died, resigned or have been otherwise removed from office. In non-democratic countries, they employ other means of reaching power through appointment, bribery, revolutions and intrigues. Some politicians are experienced in the art or science of government. Politicians propose, support and create laws or policies that govern the land and, by extension, its people. Broadly speaking, a "politician" can be anyone who seeks to achieve political power in any bureaucratic institution.

Usage examples of "politician".

It is there that the People, endlessly apostrophized by the politicians, make their appearance as audience, pupils and ideal citizens: patriotic in their muscularity but never threatening in their unruliness.

Religious proclamations, stentorian speeches by assorted politicians who could not tell a spiral galaxy from a supernova.

De Batz took no heed of these as he passed, anxious only that the crowd of eating-house politicians did not, as often was its wont, turn out pele-mele into the street, and settle its quarrel by the weight of fists.

Anderson, an Ontario teacher turned politician, who campaigned wearing a billycock hat and wing collar.

The politicians of this class have decided for themselves that the summum bonum is to be found in bread and the circus games.

The new technology of radio had forced briskness and brevity on professional speakers, such as politicians, who were accustomed to orating on the stump for three hours at a stretch, and preachers, sometimes drilling words into their listeners at speeds that reached two hundred words a minute.

There is something in the tone of those instructions of his to Sancho that evokes in one the image of an elderly, seedy, obscure poet, who has never been successful in anything, giving to his sturdy, popular, extravert son a sound bit of advice as to how to be a prosperous plumber or politician.

Ismail seemed to him, and to his advisers, much more a politician than a warrior: he had no coherent military plan for taking Kutali, still less Marga, but seemed to think that the town must necessarily fall into his hands as soon as he had the cannon.

Samuel Gompers and George Meany and a generation of social-democratic politicians who came to the fore in Europe late in the twentieth century.

This English knight was at different periods of his life an admiral, a theologian, a critic, a metaphysician, a politician, and a disciple of Alchemy.

His assumption of the prime ministership forced a fairly serious money problem on Diefenbaker, as it has on all Canadian politicians who were not rich before taking office.

Unlike most politicians, who set their sights on the prime ministership early in life, then spend the next three or four decades trying to achieve their ambition, St Laurent became prime minister only seven years after he had reluctantly entered politics.

Besieged by solicitations for products and services we neither want nor need, misrepresented and misgoverned by corrupt politicians beholden to multinational megacorporations, and reduced to involuntary servitude by usurious financial institutions, we are not so much consumers as we are in danger of being consumed.

Politicians, newsmongers, and travellers made the cafe salons ring with their animated discussions.

The rabid determination of partizan politicians not to allow the United States to enter into any agreement with the rest of the world to stop war, the outbreaks of violence among the criminal classes, the determined efforts of the liquor interests to nullify the constitutional Prohibition amendment, the depression in business, the increase of unemployment, the strenuous effort of the agitators to make trouble between this country and Great Britain on one side and Japan on the other, all may be grouped with this pathetic spectacle of respectable women turned shoplifters as an indication of that other moral slump from idealism.