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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A sheikh was summoned and with his authority and before a vast concourse of onlookers the tomb was reopened.
▪ He was a religious sheikh and presided at the mosque the girl's father attended.
▪ It is a tradition in which each devotee must have a direct relationship with a Sufi sheikh.
▪ Raimondo, the designer, was frantic; an oil-rich sheikh was coming in for a private showing with his wives.
▪ Rape, arson, sell me little sister to an A-rab sheikh?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sheik \Sheik\, n. [Ar. sheikh, shaykh, a venerable old man, a chief, fr. sh[=a]kha to grow or be old.] The head of an Arab family, or of a clan or a tribe; also, the chief magistrate of an Arab village. The name is also applied to Mohammedan ecclesiastics of a high grade. [Written also scheik, shaik, sheikh.]


n. (alternative spelling of sheik English)


n. the leader of an Arab village or family [syn: sheik, tribal sheik, tribal sheikh, Arab chief]


Sheikh (pronounced or ; , mostly pronounced , plural )—also transliteratedSheik, Shaik, Shayk, Shaykh, Shaikh, Cheikh, and Shekh— is an honorific title in the Arabic language. It commonly designates the ruler of a tribe, who inherited the title from his father. "Sheikh" is given to a royal male at birth, whereas the related title "Sheikha" is given to a royal female at birth. "Sheikh" also often serves as a title for prominent Islamic leaders or clerics.

Sheikh (Sufism)

A Sheikh or sheik (Arabic: شيخ shaykh; ; pl. شيوخ shuyūkh), of Sufism is a Sufi who is authorized to teach, initiate and guide aspiring dervishes in the islamic faith. The sheik is vital to the path of the novice Sufi, for the sheik has himself travelled the path of mysticism. Viewed as the spiritual master, the sheik forms a formal allegiance (bay'a) to the disciple of Sufism and authorizes the disciple's travels and helps the disciple along the mystical path. Islamic tradition focuses on the importance of chains and legitimization. In Sufism, sheiks are connected by a continuous spiritual chain (isnad, sanad, silsila). This chain links every previous Sufi sheik, and eventually can be traced back to the Successors, and in later times to the Prophet himself. As Sufism grew, influential shayks began to acquire spiritual centers and waypoints known as khanqah, ribat, and zaouia. Sheikhs duplicate the Prophetic realities, and are also expected to perform and act as an intermediary between the Creator and the created, since the sheikh has arrived close to God through his meditations and spiritual travels. There are several types of such sheikh.

Sheikh (disambiguation)

Sheikh (also spelled Sheik, Shaykh, Shaikh or Sheikh) is an Arabic word meaning the elder of a tribe, a revered old man, or an Islamic scholar.

Sheikh or Shaikh is an Arabic word, these words down below can also refer to it :

  • Sheikh (Sufism), a Sufi leader

Usage examples of "sheikh".

Winters went to Bourne Farley it was to confer with the sheikh about that stretch of Breedy property.

The Turks treat the Tanelkums with great consideration, and every year the Pasha of Mourzuk gives their Sheikh a fine burnouse and other presents.

The piece began with shots of the Masjid al-Salaam, the dingy Jersey City mosque where the Sheikh had held forth.

Whether Yousef was involved or not, the timing of the OKC bombing threatened to cause a mistrial in the case against his supporter in the Trade Center bombing, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

After reviewing those episodes we will turn to the handling of the Moussaoui case and some late leads regarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

One of these women has been seen, and the Sheikh and the Shereef Kebir are trying to get her back.

Sheikh and the Tentless One, in that the latter was dumb, even as the Sheikh himself had been!

JTTF agents and detectives to contain the cell surrounding a blind old man: Egyptian cleric Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

Sheikh obtained three sanctioned visas from CIA agents posing as State Department officials at the U.

This second investigation, also ongoing during the fall of 1992, would have put agents within striking distance of other blind Sheikh cohorts who were engaged in paramilitary training sessions and gunrunning.

In effect, both the Sheikh and Ramzi Yousef were agents of the Saudi billionaire.

I, Hassan of Aleppo, am Sheikh of the Order to-day, and my sacred duty has brought me here.

They had mounted their horses before the great door of the bordj, said goodbye to the Sheikh of Arba, scattered some money among the ragged Arabs gathered to watch them go, and cast one last look behind them.

It held sway, at the outset, over both banks, from range to range, northward as far as Deyrut, where the true Bahr Yusuf leaves the Nile, and southward to the neighbourhood of Gebel Sheikh Haridi.

Some of it was in kind - pearls from a dealer in Bahrain, even a box full of Maria Theresa dollars and another full of silver, presumably gifts from the local sheikhs.