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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thar \Thar\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A goatlike animal ( Capra Jemlaica) native of the Himalayas. It has small, flattened horns, curved directly backward. The hair of the neck, shoulders, and chest of the male is very long, reaching to the knees. Called also serow, and imo.


n. Any of several species of Asian ungulates of the genus ''Capricornis''.


n. short-horned dark-coated goat antelope of mountain areas of southern and southeastern Asia

Serow (disambiguation)

Serow may refer to:

  • Three species of Asian ungulate in the genus Capricornis
    • Japanese serow
    • Mainland serow
    • Taiwan serow
  • Serow, Iran, a city in Urmia County, West Azarbaijan Province, Iran
  • Alternative spelling of Serov

The serows ( or ) are six species of medium-sized goat-like or antelope-like mammals of the genus Capricornis.

All six species of serow were until recently also classified under Naemorhedus, which now only contains the gorals. They live in central or eastern Asia.

  • The Japanese serow, Capricornis crispus
  • The Taiwan serow, Capricornis swinhoei
  • The Sumatran serow, Capricornis sumatraensis
  • The Chinese serow, Capricornis milneedwardsii
  • The Red serow, Capricornis rubidus
  • The Himalayan serow, Capricornis thar

Like their smaller relatives the gorals, serows are often found grazing on rocky hills, though typically at a lower elevation when the two types of animal share territory. Serows are slower and less agile than members of the genus Naemorhedus, but they are nevertheless able to climb slopes to escape predation and to take shelter during cold winters or hot summers. Serows, unlike gorals, make use of their preorbital glands in scent marking.

Coloration varies by species, region, and individual. Both sexes have beards and small horns which are often shorter than their ears.

Fossils of serow-like animals date as far back as the late Pliocene, two to seven million years ago. The common ancestor species of the Caprinae subfamily may have been very similar to modern serows.

Usage examples of "serow".

Although very shy and difficult to find, the serow is a fierce and dangerous brute when wounded and brought to bay.

The results indicated that the scalp had been manufactured from the skin of the serow, a goat-like Himalayan antelope.

Irsk delegation had encamped behind some brush in an indentation only a few yards from where the serow had been at rest.

Who ever heard of Fostum Sahib, or Yankling Sahib, or even the little Peel Sahib that sits up of nights to shoot serow - I say, who, ever heard of these Sahibs coming into the hills without a down-country cook, and a bearer, and - and all manner of well-paid, high-handed and oppressive folk in their tail?

Kim heard tales of shots missed upon ibex, serow, or markhor, by Sahibs twenty years in their graves - every detail lighted from behind like twigs on tree-tops seen against lightning.