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semantic memory

n. 1 A subcategory of declarative memory, semantic memory stores general information such as names and facts. 2 A system of the brain where logical concepts relating to the outside world are stored. 3 (Advertising) the memory system which stores information relating to brand, thus where brand positioning is established.

semantic memory

n. your memory for meanings and general (impersonal) facts

Semantic memory

Semantic memory is one of the two types of declarative or explicit memory (our memory of facts or events that is explicitly stored and retrieved). Semantic memory refers to general world knowledge that we have accumulated throughout our lives. This general knowledge (facts, ideas, meaning and concepts) is intertwined in experience and dependent on culture. Semantic memory is distinct from episodic memory, which is our memory of experiences and specific events that occur during our lives, from which we can recreate at any given point. For instance, semantic memory might contain information about what a cat is, whereas episodic memory might contain a specific memory of petting a particular cat. We can learn about new concepts by applying our knowledge learned from things in the past. The counterpart to declarative, or explicit memory, is procedural memory, or implicit memory.

Usage examples of "semantic memory".

His professional knowledge should still be in his head, lodged in his long-term semantic memory.