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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The scapula and pelvis were broken, but they may have been broken already in the pellet.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Scapula \Scap"u*la\ (sk[a^]p"[-u]*l[.a]), n.; pl. L. Scapul[ae], E. Scapulas. [L.]

  1. (Anat.) The principal bone of the shoulder girdle in mammals; the shoulder blade.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) One of the plates from which the arms of a crinoid arise.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"shoulder blade," 1570s, Modern Latin, from Late Latin scapula "shoulder," from Latin scapulae (plural) "shoulders, shoulder blades," perhaps originally "spades, shovels," on notion of similar shape, but animal shoulder blades might have been used as scraping tools in primitive times, from PIE *skap-, variant of *skep- "to cut, scrape" (see scabies).


n. (context anatomy English) Either of the two large, flat, bones forming the back of the shoulder.

  1. n. either of two flat triangular bones one on each side of the shoulder in human beings [syn: shoulder blade, shoulder bone]

  2. [also: scapulae (pl)]


In anatomy, the scapula (plural scapulae or scapulas) or shoulder blade is the bone that connects the humerus (upper arm bone) with the clavicle (collar bone). Like their connected bones the scapulae are paired, with the scapula on the left side of the body being roughly a mirror image of the right scapula. In early Roman times, people thought the bone resembled a trowel, a small shovel. The shoulder blade is also called omo in Latin medical terminology.

The scapula forms the back of the shoulder girdle. In humans, it is a flat bone, roughly triangular in shape, placed on a posterolateral aspect of the thoracic cage.

Usage examples of "scapula".

Valerius, this is Marcus Ostorius Scapula, tribune in the Second legion.

Before full winter, every warrior in every one of the western tribes will kno that Scapula intends to eradicate all memory of the Silures.

In the middle of the month, after a fifth trooper had died to a grief-stricken warrior, Scapula ordered that the executed natives should be denied their burial rites and their bodies hung instead outside the steadings as a warning.

Marcus Ostorius Scapula, true to his heritage, set himself at the head of his remaining hundred legionaries.

Marcus Ostorius Scapula, resplendent in white and scarlet, stood on the threshold.

They had hanged some outside the gates of their forts and sold others into slavery, but Scapula had long made it known that the capture alive of the Boudica or Caradoc or any of their kin was a matter of highest priority and that their fate, in Rome, would not be the swift death of a battlefield hanging.

More than anything else, that hatred strengthened her ties to Scapula and Rome.

With that many, fresh and well armed, we can crush Scapula before he has time to call for reinforcements.

The only word Scapula would believe now would be that of a wounded man or woman captured alive on the battlefield, who would live long enough to spread the lie, but not so long that the truth could follow.

The new recruits repeated it, chanting in marching rhythm with the verbs made scurrilous and Scapula as much their target as the man they marched to kill.

Valerius doubted whether either Scapula or Corvus would choose to slaughter ten men in a hundred of their foremost cavalry wing on the eve of a battle against warriors renowned for their use of the horse.

Governor Scapula, who has also, as I understand it, placed a significant quantity of gold on your speedy recovery.

The governor, Scapula, added afterwards his own assessment of the likely tactics of the enemy, based on his position and strength.

Scouts reported the arrival of Scapula in the fortress of the XXth legion and his departure, several days later, with one and a half legions and two wings of cavalry.

If it were given them, they would see the death of Scapula before the fire was lit again.