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thoracic cage

n. (context anatomy English) A rib cage.

Usage examples of "thoracic cage".

Stuffed within the thoracic cage was shell-pink tissue continuous except for occasional cavities, more like a brain than anything else.

Working the saw twenty centimeters across the top, then down on two sides another twenty centimeters, then across the bottom, he was able to lift free a glutinous section of the thoracic cage.

Francis, until today the most popular topman in the ship, endeavouring to gild the Boadicea's maintopgallant truck, had lost his hold, making a most spectacular fall from that giddy eminence, missing the deck (and certain death) by the grace of the frigate's roll, but grazing her number twelve portlid with such force as to play havoc with his thoracic cage and above all to smear the bleeding paintwork, the grass-combing bugger.