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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Satrap \Sa"trap\ (? or ?; 277), n. [L. satrapes, Gr. ?, fr. OPers. khshatrap[=a]van ruler: cf. F. satrape.] The governor of a province in ancient Persia; hence, a petty autocrat despot.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "governor of a province of ancient Persia," from Latin satrapes, from Greek satrapes, from Old Persian xšathrapavan-, literally "guardian of the realm," from xšathra- "realm, province" (related to xšayathiya "king," cognate with Sanskrit kshatra; see shah) + pavan- "guardian," from PIE *pa- "to protect, feed" (see food). Related: Satrapy.


n. 1 A governor of a Persian province. 2 A petty ruler.


n. a governor of a province in ancient Persia


Satraps ( Old Persian: xšaθrapāwn) were the governors of the provinces of the ancient Median and Achaemenid (Persian) Empires and in several of their successors, such as the Sasanian Empire and the Hellenistic empires.

The word satrap is also often used metaphorically in modern literature to refer to world leaders or governors who are heavily influenced by larger world superpowers or hegemonies and act as their surrogates.

Usage examples of "satrap".

The patriotic satraps of Armenia, who asserted the freedom and dignity of the crown, implored the protection of Rome in favor of Tiridates, the lawful heir.

All the instances we have of satrapal coins were issued by satraps invested with the command of armies.

Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt until its last satrap, Ptolemy Apion, had bequeathed it to Rome in his will.

Cyrenaica had been a fief of the Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt until its last satrap, Ptolemy Apion, had bequeathed it to Rome in his will.

Turning up the deep astrachan collar of his long coat, the stranger swept out of the shop, with the air, Miss Fritten afterwards described it, of a Satrap proroguing a Sanhedrim.

The satraps and generals were distributed according to their several ranks, and the whole army, besides the numerous train of Oriental luxury, consisted of more than one hundred thousand effective men, inured to fatigue, and selected from the bravest nations of Asia.

Let the words of this Ethiop be written down and copies of them sent to the satraps of all the provinces that they may be read to the peoples of the earth.

Adeben Kibbe, satrap of Inarime, Hegemon of the worlds subject to Asterion, hereby acknowledge that I am truly and deeply indebted to the sieura Silence Leigh, star pilot and maga.

Carrying a bunch of regular slaves, but forward was a batch that were a gift from the Satrap of Jamaillia himself to some high muckamuck in Chalced.

Some were criminals, some had shamed or ruined their family names, some were very unpopular with the Satrap himself.

On the Silver Coast a Watussi satrap ruled and the former subjects of Makru began to realize that green tyranny was no whit easier to bear than the old white one or the dictatorship of a man of their own color.

I have just entered the tent of Hystaspes, satrap of Bactria and Parthia.

How, I wondered desperately, was I going to kill the satrap of Bactria in his own capital?

Brigadier Ma Bao, who is on the staff of His Highness the Satrap of Yunnan.

Today, not only are the eunuchs the attendants and guardians of the wives and concubines, they are also councilors to the Great King, ministers of state and even, sometimes, generals and satraps.