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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a sad reflection
▪ This situation is a sad reflection on society.
a sad/solemn occasion
▪ He did not want his funeral to be a sad and solemn occasion, but a celebration of his life.
a sad/tragic fate
▪ The play is about the tragic fate of two lovers.
look tired/happy/sad etc
▪ You look tired. You should go to bed.
sad loss (=the death of someone you love)
▪ I’m sorry to hear of your family’s sad loss.
▪ Her beautiful eyes suddenly looked sad.
▪ He gazed at her with sad eyes as she slowly walked away.
▪ Maggie looked at him with a sad face.
the sad/painful truth (=something that is true but that you regret)
▪ She still misses him, and that’s the sad truth.
▪ The jacaranda pods were too stiff to act as castanets. How sad it was to leave!
▪ You are such a writer, wanting to capture how sad you truly felt.
▪ Mary Miller Scary price of stardom HOW sad that one of the perils of stardom is the kind of fans you attract.
How lucky he was and how sad he must be.
▪ The clock ticks. How sad life is!
▪ Fiction is pure joy how sad that I could not reinvent the trip as fiction.
▪ The same thing that everybody thought. How sad.
▪ She described how sad and anxious she had been feeling in the past month.
▪ She was lost in her own thoughts and was feeling rather sad.
▪ Although it's been quite humorous inpart I find it also rather sad.
▪ Lady Diana counting how many days of freedom are left to her. Rather sad.
▪ It has always seemed to me rather sad that almost any move from beat duty is regarded as a promotion.
▪ Charles felt detached and rather sad.
▪ Many plastic slopes now feature bumps in one form or another, and often it's a rather sad effort.
▪ One could argue that the poisonous atmosphere in rugby is a rather sad reflection of the vitriolic exchanges between politicians.
▪ When he's had a bad day he looks really sad.
▪ I am really sad that nobody wants to do it like I have done it for them.
▪ Everyone was really sad to be leaving.
▪ Then again, maybe not so sad.
▪ When I really looked, he seemed so sad and out of it.
▪ We care not a pin, though they are ne'er so sad.
▪ Twice a week, every week, she went and always came back so sad, so sad.
▪ It seemed so sad I could have cried.
▪ She played and sang so plaintively that I almost wept, the song was so sad.
▪ It was all so sad, so depressing, so futile.
▪ I very sad, adopt Krishna.
▪ This is very sad nonsense, Michael.
▪ Most of the news is very sad.
▪ The experience is very sad for them personally, as well as enraging.
▪ I find it very sad that the traditional weekend by the sea cam now be considered a health risk.
▪ David Copperfield about a poor boy who is mistreated by people that was very sad.
▪ Mr Parry said that it was a very sad case.
▪ Boston is a very sad place.
▪ Really sad case, that, because he'd been a fine man.
▪ Instantly she brought the sad case of Odysseus before the others.
▪ Mr Parry said that it was a very sad case.
▪ Even the sad case of the fairest of the nymphs, Echo, did not move him.
▪ There are so many sad cases needing our help, and Miss Withington and I do all we can.
▪ It is a sad commentary to note such parochial schools within our people.
▪ The experience of some Sunday morning services in competition with golf is a sad commentary on the bending of principle to person.
▪ Male speaker Although we have moved production across the road, it's still a sad day for a lot of people.
▪ But one sad day she happened not to be with him and he tracked down a mighty boar.
▪ It turned out to be an irritating, sad day.
▪ It was a sad day for me.
▪ Female speaker It's a sad day as the sisters were planning to sell.
▪ Some have said this is a sad day.
▪ He says it's been a sad day, but its also a homecoming.
▪ If they get possession of the Mississippi River, it will be a sad day for the Confederacy.
▪ His eyes appraised her face, a lovely face, a sad face - because of him.
▪ The cat had a sad face.
▪ Dress your child up in a clown outfit and paint on a sad face.
▪ The sad faces look out longingly at the small figures silhouetted on the rooftops.
▪ A black-haired woman with a long, sad face was inside.
▪ The sad fact is that on an average classroom teacher's salary it is impossible to bring up a family in London.
▪ The sad fact is that we are amazingly persistent at missing the point.
▪ Little evidence exists to indicate that tests help teachers; however this sad fact may not surprise many people.
▪ And the sad fact is that the military has not gained anything by making adultery a crime.
▪ The sad fact is, however, that in Britain the old have the worst housing of any group.
▪ One could not and I would not attempt to persuade our management of this sad fact.
▪ The sad fact is that many organisations would be unable to recognise a customer even if he or she fell in front of them.
▪ It is a sad fact that most professionals do what interests them, rather than what most needs doing.
▪ For Doctor Who this was a sad loss.
▪ On the way back to the rendezvous the next morning, however, they suffered a sad loss.
▪ Waterpolo suffered another sad loss last week with the sudden death of Donegall's Eddie Neill.
▪ Tony attended to all the arrangements and Maureen wrote to Terry with the sad news.
▪ Sitting on a red vinyl padded stool at the breakfast bar, she told us the sad news.
▪ Well, she brought me sad news.
▪ Say you have some sad news.
▪ Halema, however, had no sad news to share.
▪ And sad news from the Manor.
▪ One could argue that the poisonous atmosphere in rugby is a rather sad reflection of the vitriolic exchanges between politicians.
▪ Meanwhile a sad reflection dawns upon the well-intentioned occupant of the ministerial chair.
▪ A sad reflection on human nature, and the times we live in, but true.
▪ When he leaves her for the Gipsy and she dances. alone, it becomes a sad reflection of what has been.
▪ It is a sad reflection on life that it takes danger and suffering to bring people closer together.
▪ It is a sad reflection on the Opposition.
▪ It is a sad reflection on his party that for so long he did not enjoy a smell of office.
▪ Is Lily's sad smile as familiar as the sight of the other couples?
▪ He looked up with a sad smile.
▪ Do the others have anything to do with Lily's sad smile?
▪ Paul sat beside her, utterly still, a small, sad smile on his face.
▪ He was smiling, but it was a sad smile.
▪ He shot it because it played a sad song.
▪ This sad state of affairs does not have to continue.
▪ A sad state of affairs, but it is so.
▪ It's a sad state of affairs.
▪ I do not need to detain the House with a contemporary history of that sad state.
▪ The unfinished building stood for several years as a mute witness to their sad state.
▪ A moor hen's nest floating away on a swollen tyke told a sad story.
▪ That is the sad story Jim Carlton tells in his forthcoming book about Apple Computer.
▪ As he left, Lord Henry thought about this sad story.
▪ The result of this sad story is that we have 4, 000 ancient Samaritan manuscripts all over the world.
▪ It is one long sad story of complaining and discontent.
▪ Peter Cameron tells sad stories with tender grace and understatement, as if his work were composed of panels of watercolor.
▪ That's the sad story of my life.
▪ He spoke for hours and hours, telling me the great and sad story of the Tom Morrises.
▪ It depicts the sad tale of a lavatory attendant, Jim, who reads newspapers to seek a new career.
▪ She confessed to cleaning his house, and also told her own sad tale.
▪ It was no longer believed to be a sad tale of the power of fortune to undermine love.
▪ A sad tale about a man who died at the age of 103 because no one would give him any money.
▪ The sad thing is that the G8 could do much more.
▪ The sad thing about it was that most of us felt more at home out in the field than in base camp.
▪ The sad thing is that there's probably little we can do about it now.
▪ The sad thing is the ride ended.
▪ One of the sad things about history is that nations keep making the same mistakes.
▪ The sad thing is that parents rarely complain when this is the case.
▪ The sad thing about the Yobots article is that, since its publication, Quasp has been overtaken by trendy wimps.
▪ But the sad thing is that there was absolutely no return.
▪ We live in sad times now; the Puritans cut King Charles's head off last January.
▪ We missed our families and it was a sad time.
▪ They talked about the happy and sad times.
▪ Everybody in Avonlea was very kind to them, but it was a sad time.
▪ Stephen came home for Christmas, but it was a quiet, sad time for the family.
▪ This was a sad time for me.
▪ For the girl herself it was a sad time.
▪ But the sad truth is that words are all that Labour has while the Tories rule.
▪ The dates reflect a sad truth.
▪ The sad truth is that the average collector is unlikely to recover more than the most fragmentary remains of dinosaurs.
▪ The sad truth is that this source of power is already nearly tapped out.
▪ The sad truth is to tackle these subjects you have to be more than just willing, you have to be shite-hot.
▪ The sad truth is that conservatives flagrantly and lasciviously Frenchkissed those elements.
▪ The sad truth is that doctors who spend careers in research may forgo huge incomes from private practice.
▪ The sad truth is that Rosewood was not an isolated incident.
be a sad/tragic/devastating etc commentary on sth
▪ The experience of some Sunday morning services in competition with golf is a sad commentary on the bending of principle to person.
▪ Don't look so sad! It won't be long until the next holidays.
▪ Fairuz sang a sad song that made us all feel homesick.
▪ I don't like movies with sad endings.
▪ I felt so sad when I heard about Ronald's death.
▪ I was glad to be going home, but sad to leave all my friends.
▪ It's natural to feel sad about it when your children finally leave home.
▪ It's pretty sad that in an Italian restaurant they can't cook pasta well.
▪ It's very sad that she died before her children grew up.
▪ My brother told us the sad news.
▪ She felt sad as she waved goodbye.
▪ The day her son left home was one of the saddest days of her life.
▪ There was such a sad look in her eyes.
▪ We were very sad to hear about Mrs Humphrey's death.
▪ You stayed home waiting for him to call? You are so sad.
▪ A sad state of affairs, but it is so.
▪ But an omelette empty of content was a sad object.
▪ But one sad day she happened not to be with him and he tracked down a mighty boar.
▪ His son Michel is apparently taking over the family trade, and has perfected the sad Gallic intonations of his dad.
▪ It is sad to go into their offices.
▪ This sad state of affairs does not have to continue.
▪ Those moments became sad bygones as drivers solemnly filed into Calvary Church, North Carolina's largest.
▪ We missed our families and it was a sad time.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

SAD \SAD\, n. Seasonal affective disorder. [Acron.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English sæd "sated, full, having had one's fill (of food, drink, fighting, etc.), weary of," from Proto-Germanic *sathaz (cognates: Old Norse saðr, Middle Dutch sat, Dutch zad, Old High German sat, German satt, Gothic saþs "satiated, sated, full"), from PIE *seto- (cognates: Latin satis "enough, sufficient," Greek hadros "thick, bulky," Old Church Slavonic sytu, Lithuanian sotus "satiated," Old Irish saith "satiety," sathach "sated"), from root *sa- "to satisfy" (cognates: Sanskrit a-sinvan "insatiable").\n

\nSense development passed through the meaning "heavy, ponderous" (i.e. "full" mentally or physically), and "weary, tired of" before emerging c.1300 as "unhappy." An alternative course would be through the common Middle English sense of "steadfast, firmly established, fixed" (as in sad-ware "tough pewter vessels") and "serious" to "grave." In the main modern sense, it replaced Old English unrot, negative of rot "cheerful, glad."\n

\nMeaning "very bad" is from 1690s. Slang sense of "inferior, pathetic" is from 1899; sad sack is 1920s, popularized by World War II armed forces (specifically by cartoon character invented by Sgt. George Baker, 1942, and published in U.S. Armed Forces magazine "Yank"), probably a euphemistic shortening of common military slang phrase sad sack of shit.


a. 1 (label en obsolete) sated, having had one's fill; satisfied, weary. 2 (label en obsolete) steadfast, valiant. 3 (label en obsolete) dignified, serious, grave. 4 (label en obsolete) Naughty; troublesome; wicked. 5 (label en heading) ''Emotionally negative.'' 6 #Of colours: dark, deep; later, sombre, dull. 7 #Feeling sorrow; sorrowful, mournful. 8 #Appearing sorrowful. 9 #Causing sorrow; lamentable.

  1. adj. experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness; "feeling sad because his dog had died"; "Better by far that you should forget and smile / Than that you should remember and be sad"- Christina Rossetti [ant: glad]

  2. of things that make you feel sad; "sad news"; "she doesn't like sad movies"; "it was a very sad story"; "When I am dead, my dearest, / Sing no sad songs for me"- Christina Rossetti

  3. bad; unfortunate; "my finances were in a deplorable state"; "a lamentable decision"; "her clothes were in sad shape"; "a sorry state of affairs" [syn: deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sorry]

  4. [also: saddest, sadder]


The word sad refers to an emotional condition.

SAD or sad may also refer to:

Sad (surah)

Sūrat Ṣād (, "The Letter Sad") is the 38th sura of the Qur'an with 88 ayat and 1 sajdah (39:24). Sad (ص) is the name of the eighteenth letter in the Arabic alphabet.

Saad was sent to Muhammad by God while he was coping with rejection from his tribe, the Quraysh, and struggling to keep his own faith. It recounts stories of previous prophets, describes the splendors of heaven, and warns of the monstrosities of hell. The sura dates to the 2nd Meccan Period, meaning it was revealed only five or six years into the development of Islam.

Sad (album)

Sad is the fourth Nels Cline Trio album. The album was recorded at New Zone Studio by Wayne Peet.

Sad (Maroon 5 song)

"Sad" is the ninth track from American band Maroon 5's fourth studio album Overexposed (2012). It was written by Adam Levine and James Valentine; they produced the song together with Noah "Mailbox" Passovoy. Valentine started composing the song on his home piano, before introducing the melody to Levine, who wrote the lyrics and called the song his most personal track on the album. "Sad" is a piano ballad that is similar to the works by British singer-songwriter Adele. It received generally mixed reviews from music critics; some of them called it a standout track on Overexposed, however, others criticized Levine's voice on the song. Following the release of the album, due to strong digital downloads, the song peaked at number 12 on the singles chart in South Korea.

Usage examples of "sad".

I segued into the second movement, that sense of bright expectation replaced by the slow, haunting strains of the Adagio, at once lyrical and sad -- mirroring the turns my own life had taken, the shifting harmonies sounding to me like the raised voices of ghosts, of echoes.

People will change their view of me, from reckless Fuck-Up to helpless Martyr, from dangerous Fool to sad Victim, from addicted Asshole to unfortunate Child.

With a sad heart she turned her steps to the prison-gate, but here she was denied admittance, and for ten days she found the prison-door closed against her.

She did not remind them that Agatine Slegin was the last of her Name, or say what a sad occasion it always was when an ancient family died out.

The Almoner greeted him in a kindly manner and gave him a beautiful round cheese and a warm blanket and asked what had happened to make his face so long and sad.

Poets and kings are but the clerks of Time, Tiering the same dull webs of discontent, Clipping the same sad alnage of the years.

Now here Jocelyn sighed amain and, sitting beneath a tree, fell to sad and wistful thinking.

How sad it is you will realize when I tell you that daily I thank God on my knees - for I still believe in God, despite what was alleged against me by the inquisitors of Aragon - that she who inspired this love of which I am to tell you is now in the peace of death.

In company with the brothers of the Order, Michel stood easily on his good leg, feeling at once happy, sad, and gratified as he watched Aumery kneeling before the altar.

But, however kindly they addressed him, Avenant rode on and answered nothing, for he was too sad at heart.

William Bedel of the Hawks, who answered this time, his voice infinitely sad.

Now she found it lacking, an oddly empty, circumscribed happiness bound up in self-indulgence and personal gratification, bereft of interest in or concern for others, ultimately puzzling and somehow sad.

For Berel Jastrow these rotten remains possess all the sad sacred sweetness of the dead: poor cold silent mechanisms, once warm happy creatures sparkling with life, now dumb and motionless without the spark of God in them, but destined one day in His good time to rise again.

To wind up quickly the visit of Berel, we had a sad interlude of family gossip.

I was a stranger in that company, A Galilean whom his speech bewrayed, And when they lifted up their songs of glee, My voice sad discord made.