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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Suffragan \Suf"fra*gan\, a. [F. suffragant, L. suffragans, p. pr. of suffragari to support with one's vote, to be favorable. See Suffrage.] Assisting; assistant; as, a suffragan bishop.


Suffragan \Suf"fra*gan\, n. [F. suffragant: cf. LL. suffraganeus. See Suffragan, a.]

  1. An assistant.

  2. (Eccl.) A bishop considered as an assistant, or as subject, to his metropolitan; an assistant bishop.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "bishop who assists another bishop," especially one with no right of ordinary jurisdiction, from Anglo-French and Old French suffragan (13c.), from Medieval Latin suffraganeus "an assistant," noun use of adjective, "assisting, supporting," applied especially to a bishop, from Latin suffragium "support" (see suffrage). Related: Suffragant.\n


a. Of or pertaining to a suffragan. n. A bishop seen in relation to his archbishop or metropolitan province (which may summon him for support, to attend synods etc.).


n. an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese [syn: suffragan bishop]


Usage examples of "suffragan".

She remembered the previous Hierarch, Istella, who had been the grandmother of the Gilarra, the current Suffragan, the second in power to the Hierarch himself.

Hierarch tends to delegate this sort of case to the Suffragan Gilarra.

In the brief time since his return from the Lower Town, he had spoken to the Suffragan Gilarra, and his ears were still burning from what she had to say.

Seriema looked on, dumbfounded, the Suffragan stretched her arms above her head, then swung them back and forth and rubbed them hard to get the circulation going again.

The woman half turned, and Shree was surprised to recognize her as the Suffragan Gilarra.

Zavahl died, two newborns born in the Precincts would be nominated to the roles of Suffragan and Hierarch.

Its weight, together with the elaborate, jeweled silver headdress, was almost enough to pull the little Suffragan to the ground.

In the midst of them the Suffragan noticed an empty chair, and wondered what in perdition the Lady Seriema was up to.

Tiarondians echoed her words in an earth-shaking roar, the Suffragan plunged her torch into the center of the pyre.

As if caught up in the spirit of the time, Geoffrey of York, for interests of his own, excommunicated his suffragan, the Bishop of Durham.

The honors and estates of the church were attributed to his suffragan bishops, and it was not without difficulty, that Constantine was satisfied with inflicting the punishment of exile on the principal leaders of the Donatist faction.

Selymbria, or Selybria, is a titular see in Thracia Prima, suffragan of Heraclea.

Unless the suffragan down in Wuerzburg has done confirmations in some of the southern parishes that the diocese claims are under its jurisdiction.

The seven Suffragan Bishops of the Archdiocese of Paris will act as pall bearers.

Fourteen years ago, Martin Paschoud, one of the Rationalistic Reformed pastors of Paris, selected him as his suffragan or assistant.