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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Ken had a terrible run-in with his boss yesterday.
▪ Sometimes it looks as though Limpar, who has had run-ins with manager George Graham, has no future at the club.
▪ The Texas Lottery has had its run-ins with critics.
▪ There were run-ins with the law for some of that groping and grabbing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Run-in \Run"-in\, n. An argument or quarrel.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"quarrel, confrontation," 1905, from verbal phrase, from run (v.) + in (adv.). From 1857 as "an act of running in."


n. An encounter; a scrape or brush; ''especially'' one involving trouble or difficulty.


n. an angry dispute; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words" [syn: quarrel, wrangle, row, words, dustup]


Run-in may refer to:

In sports

  • The tail-end of a team's regular season, the results of which may be crucial in deciding the team's playoff/promotion/relegation fate; this is often mentioned as such when a certain group of teams that rely on results face each other.

In professional wrestling

  • "Run-In", a professional wrestling plot device

In medical research

  • Run-in period, a period during a clinical trial where the subject receives no treatment.

In engineering

  • Running in, the operating of a new engine (especially that of a motor vehicle) at less than its normal speed until proper working has been established

Usage examples of "run-in".

It seems Brodder at one time or another has had a run-in with practically everyone in the club.

The run-in with the agent after the job with Cyd had suggested he could take on a demon if he had to.

After our run-in with the respected Hoja Effendi and after walking from Konya to Sivas in three nights, through eight villages, begging all the way, one night we were beset by such cold and snow that we two dervishes, hugging each other tightly, fell asleep and froze to death.

While racing was suspended, Humber could dope no horses, and there was no opportunity for me to see what difference it made to his routine when the racing was scheduled for any of the five courses with long run-ins.

Shadow or somebody a lot like him - had a run-in with Zull the night after the Harkness murder.

Flight, a willie pete arty round will be impacting momentarily to the west of your run-in line.

But it struck me that you should write up a first-person account of your run-in with the Dacget your version into a databank first, and you might be able to afford three or four replacements for the bonsai you lost.

Jangbu Pinasa, a fellow busboy who was dismissed from the four-star uptown brasserie, Les Hautes Manger, last Thursday night after a run-in involving the Dowager Princess of Genovia.

Lo Manto also knew there was a lot more that DelGardo knew about his father and his run-in with the Camorra than what he had heard from the gossips of the neighborhood.

She felt the dull pain from the bruise she knew was forming there after her run-in with Tyrel Squirl this morning.

I wear the gaudy gold-and-red velvet surcoat given me after my run-in with the whoremasters guild in Cieszyn and I found Anna in the matching barding.

It was March 1997, months after her run-in with Fastow over the co-generation deals, but Martin still felt wounded by the experience.

Tyne Street and the usefully positioned No 26 after my first run-in with the Blackshirts when I was looking for safe havens.

Also present, incidentally, were Boriz's son-in-law Sigur Vorbretten, and Count Tomas Vormuir, who apparently had a little run-in with your cousin in his Auditorial capacity recently.

She had been out in the hangar checking her sled, putting her cutter in its brackets with a loving snap, aware of the acrid, chemical tang of new plastic and metal from the run-in of the drive.