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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a football/rugby/tennis etc match
▪ There was a rugby match going on on the school field.
a tennis/cricket/golf/rugby etc ball
▪ She was practising hitting golf balls.
football/cricket/rugby etc pitch
▪ the world-famous Wembley football pitch
football/rugby/riding/ski boots
▪ Take your muddy football boots off before you come inside.
Rugby League
Rugby Union
tennis/football/rugby etc coaching
▪ Perhaps his initial success shouldn't have been all that surprising for he comes of good rugby stock.
▪ I was no good at rugby and hopeless at cricket.
▪ Who has played the better rugby?
▪ The best rugby, though, was yet to come stemming from a tigerish rally inspired by a local lad.
▪ I was no good at rugby so I took up rowing.
▪ After the restart North started to play better rugby gaining more possession and putting Malone under pressure for the first fifteen minutes.
▪ In conclusion, I fully endorse your desire to avoid confrontational behaviour surrounding international rugby.
▪ The lecture lasted for 45 minutes and provided an interesting and amusing insight into the world of international rugby.
▪ With hopes of unity in the Western Cape there is a real prospect of international rugby once again this season.
▪ On first impressions, Krynauw Otto is one of the scariest sights in international rugby.
▪ Welcome to international rugby union, Jason Robinson.
▪ The provincial competition should be a valuable stepping-stone to international rugby.
▪ His tackling this year has been phenomenal, even by international rugby standards.
▪ His only previous taste of international rugby was as an interval replacement against the Wallabies last year.
▪ Finding a rugby ball, they practised drop kicks in the boathouse, much to Jurgen's annoyance.
▪ Mould slid the rugby ball on to the hook, and threw it into the water.
▪ Royal Rovers, who joined in 1894, were so strapped they played with a rugby ball.
▪ On a given signal from the tannoy system we were all required to punt a rugby ball into the crowd.
▪ He designed his jumper with a regular pattern of rugby posts and a rugby ball in his extra art lessons at school.
▪ Five years ago rugby club chiefs were in favour of selling but the cricket club committee was firmly against.
▪ The rugby club are helping with the organisation.
▪ It led to the rugby club ending the talks.
▪ It is understood the rugby club favours the development which could net £5m.
▪ Bicester rugby club drive towards another Twickenham appearance when they travel to Ongar tomorrow in the quarter finals of the Provincial Cup.
▪ A car matching police descriptions had been found in Jedforest rugby club car park.
▪ It's all the brainchild of Oxford University rugby coach Lynn Evans.
▪ Read in studio Police have now named the three rugby fans who were killed when their light aircraft crashed into a field.
▪ Three rugby fans killed in light plane crash.
▪ This really is a must for any rugby fan.
▪ Three rugby fans who were flying back from a match in Dublin were killed in the accident.
▪ Kinnock fils, who is no mean performer on the rugby field, has developed a taste for academe.
▪ It stirs in the mud of rugby fields and in the mist of recent films that romanticize clan heroes.
▪ There is, however, no earthly explanation for his imperious contributions on the rugby field.
▪ I knew when I had played the best game on the rugby field.
▪ He recently admitted in his autobiography that he had used violence on the rugby field on at least4 three occasions.
▪ And he was in the rugby football team - Rich was proud as proud.
▪ His other recreations included golf, rugby football and shooting.
▪ They cut right across the basic philosophy of rugby football - that is, to go forward and make ground.
▪ Woods was not only a successful cricketer; he excelled at rugby football.
▪ Most important of all, though, rugby football gave Burton a real and early taste of fame.
▪ His chief activity, however, was rugby football.
▪ When I came round I told myself I should stick to gentler sporting pursuits ... like rugby football.
▪ It cuts right across everything we believe rugby football should be about - driving forward, gaining ground and exerting pressure.
▪ The women at the sidelines of the rugby match had become very rowdy indeed.
▪ A rugby match was in progress.
▪ A recent rugby match between Tredworth and Fleetwood at Moseley's ground saw rival supporters clash during the match.
▪ There was a rugby match when we went down 89 points to nil.
▪ No one runs up and kisses you in a rugby match.
▪ He enjoys a stroll across the Abbey's fields, sometimes forgetting there's a rugby match going on.
▪ But the university authorities agreed to rearrange an examination to allow him to play in a Varsity rugby match at Twickenham.
▪ And then he blagged a twin-engined Squirrel helicopter to take him home from a rugby match.
▪ After the latest tango in Paris, there is a very real sense of a rugby nation in crisis.
▪ Since the school took up so much space on the island, the rugby pitches were the size of tennis courts.
▪ An orderly queue was formed, stretching throughout the corridors of Hardside and out on to the rugby pitches.
▪ He had always seen them somewhere in the medical field as well as on a rugby pitch.
▪ The man was thickset and heavy, like a rugby player, the woman thin and bony.
▪ He was a promising young rugby player, either at full-back or three-quarter.
▪ First, that rugby players are a highly intelligent, dedicated and wise bunch.
▪ It was hardly a situation conducive to producing a relaxed and committed rugby player, just newly married.
▪ Harris was a large man, energetic, powerfully built, and a keen boxer and rugby player in his youth.
▪ At school he had been an ace rugby player and had become a big burly man.
▪ Nostalgia tends to be an acute instinct in most sportsmen: in rugby players it can be positively overwhelming.
▪ The tough rugby player at first put the pain of his acute appendicitis down to the after-effects of his stag night.
▪ In a recent meeting with council officials, he reiterated his call for its retention for the rugby team.
▪ The rugby team is from a rural ancestral world where traditions run unbroken.
▪ Also in Featherstone we have a rugby team which will win the cup this year.
▪ It will differ again in the case of the captain of the rugby team, or a parish priest.
▪ Ultra-confident, dashing and with a swashbuckling air he is the archetypal head boy or captain of the rugby team.
▪ Is there not one prominent rugby union footballer or journalist who is compelled to criticize this scandalous and absurd state of affairs?
▪ After all, rugby union has been the poor footballer brother to rugby league in Sydney for decades.
▪ Nigel Henderson is a consultant who's involved in the management of rugby union and deals with worst of these cases.
▪ Yet the events at Murrayfield illustrated just what a complex sport rugby union actually is.
▪ Davies speaks volumes Robert Armstrong on the biography destined to be a rugby union classic.
▪ If we all pull together, then we can be a successful force in world rugby again.
▪ He said Ireland would play attacking, 15-man rugby.
▪ More than that, it played attractive rugby.
▪ Do they want to carry on playing rugby?
▪ He used to play rugby, and according to the coach it shows.
▪ He was attacked and stabbed in the chest in the town centre, after playing rugby for the college team.
▪ Very few people want to play rugby league.
▪ He is adamant that he will not be tempted back to play rugby.
▪ A seven-hour festival of youth rugby will be staged at Bristol's Memorial Ground next Sunday.
▪ First though it's rugby and crunch time in the Courage League tomorrow.
▪ He claimed players applying for reinstatement should not be prejudiced by the amount of money they received from rugby league.
▪ I have heard of three deaths during rugby matches in the seven years I have been secretary, but nothing like this.
▪ The rugby club are helping with the organisation.
▪ The Human Piranha was short and square, like the hooker on a rugby team.
▪ Very few people want to play rugby league.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of football, 1864, after Rugby, public school where the game was played, from city of Rugby in Warwickshire, central England. The place name is Rocheberie (1086), probably "fortified place of a man called *Hroca;" with second element from Old English burh (dative byrig), replaced by 13c. with Old Norse -by "village" due to the influence of Danish settlers. Otherwise it might be *Rockbury today. Or first element perhaps is Old English hroc "rook." Rugby Union formed 1871. Slang rugger for "rugby" is from 1893.


n. A sport where players can hold or kick an ovoid ball. The ball cannot be handled forwards and points are scored by touching the ball to the ground in the area past their opponent’s territory or kicking the ball between goalposts and over a crossbar.


n. a form of football played with an oval ball [syn: rugby football, rugger]

Rugby, ND -- U.S. city in North Dakota
Population (2000): 2939
Housing Units (2000): 1434
Land area (2000): 1.933402 sq. miles (5.007488 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.933402 sq. miles (5.007488 sq. km)
FIPS code: 68860
Located within: North Dakota (ND), FIPS 38
Location: 48.367129 N, 99.995979 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Rugby, ND

Rugby may refer to:

Rugby (automobile)

The Rugby was a brand of automobile assembled by the Durant Motors Company of New York City, New York (USA). Beside badges and right hand drive for some models, the vehicle was identical to Durant's Star car, and was assigned to export markets by Durant Motors, due to the name Star being under copyright by The Star Motor Company in the British Commonwealth. The Rugby was built from 1923 (Star: 1922) and production ended in 1928 together with the Star.

There were also commercial cars based on the Rugby. Very few Durant commercial vehicles were rebadged Rugbys and sold in the USA for 1928.

Production of is confirmed for the Durant plants:

  • Elizabeth, New Jersey (Star and Rugby)
  • Lansing, Michigan (Star and Rugby)
  • Long Island City, New York (Star)
  • Oakland, California (Star)
  • Leaside (Toronto), Canada (Star and Rugby)
Rugby (UK Parliament constituency)

Rugby is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since its 2010 recreation by Mark Pawsey, a Conservative.

Rugby (video game)

Rugby (known as EA Sports Rugby, and as Rugby 2001 in the European PC version; often mislabeled as Rugby 2002) is the 2000 installment of Electronic Arts' Rugby video game series. The game was developed by Creative Assembly and published by EA Sports. The game is EA Sports' first rugby union game on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2, and is succeeded by Rugby 2004. Rugby features over 20 teams, over 500 players and over 20 stadiums. The game's commentators are Bill McLaren and former England International Jamie Salmon.

Usage examples of "rugby".

Wellbeloved was bent across the table near to the far-away Sinclair who was trying to remember whether the eight-forty for Euston from Birkenhead changed engines at Rugby on winter Saturdays.

She was at breakpoint with her most recent beau, bored with his rugby, his healthy hedonism, the smooth self-assured way he embraced her in bed.

He trained in classic, rather old-fashioned jiujitsu, and he played rugby with the international side against the sons of the British taipans with an effectiveness that bordered on brutality.

A careful examination of the line between Willesden and Rugby resulted in one discovery which might or might not have a bearing upon the tragedy.

This meeting between the two universities was one of the high spots of the rugby season, and the aficionados travelled thousands of miles to watch it.

Rugby, and she went at night to the standing stone on the edge of the woodland, and she put some bread that Bartholomew had been eating but had left unfinished on the stone, wrapped in a cut strand of her own hair.

His son was at Cambridge, he'd sent him to Rugby, fine school Rugby, nice class of boys there, in a couple of years his son would be articled, that would be nice for Philip, he'd like his son, thorough sportsman.

In the 1990s, indigenous players have comprised about half the backline in the Queensland State of Origin rugby league team.

Cogger was the hearty type of quack who once played rugby football for Barts and seemed to believe in the short, sharp shock treatment for most illnesses.

I was equally suspicious of rugby matches and cricket matches and boat trips and days out to Silverstone and Longleat.

But the Aboriginal community in Brisbane honoured her with a gift of a traditional dot painting at a ceremony attended by Test rugby league player Sam Backo, and Jeffrey Dynevor, the first Aborigine to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal, in boxing in Perth in 1962.

Her references to the fact that Stim, rugby, or whatever the game was called looked like a bastardized form of American football, and Bruce's towering rage at this comment, undoubtedly contributed to her making herself scarce for a while.

Cathy and Nick flew in with rugby league great Wally Lewis, and Aboriginal players, Ricky Walford of St George, and Larry Corowa who had coached with Lewis on the Gold Coast.

The administration block was surrounded by green lawns and flowering gardens, and beyond that there were an eighteen-hole golf course, a cricket pitch and a rugby field for the white miners.

She was wearing a crumpled Oxford-blue shirt tucked into black rugby shorts, white pumps on her feet, no socks.