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rugby ball

n. A spheroid-shaped ball designed for the sport of rugby.

rugby ball

n. inflated oval ball used in playing rugby

Rugby ball

A rugby ball, originally called a quanco, is an elongated ellipsoidal ball used in the game of rugby. Compared to a spherical ball, it is easier for passing.

Usage examples of "rugby ball".

Let us hear what they have to say about Lothie and his manne, though I doubt that those souties can tell the difference between a stick of biltong and a rugby ball.

Maybe I'll enjoy it more when it's got big enough to hold a cricket bat or pass a rugby ball he thought.

The Welsh lad's got this steady gaze on me like he wants to use my head as a rugby ball.

Victor looked round, and saw the collection flask on one of the benches, a titanium rugby ball, split into two halves.

He didn't see a rugby ball until he arrived in England, and I've studied his dossier and know for a fact that he never boxed in his life.

It did seem to be a genuine Cornish pasty except that it was about the size of a rugby ball.