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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I was able to walk along the line and give encouragement to my resolute riflemen...
▪ The rifleman stood to one side of me.
▪ They were our two best riflemen.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rifleman \Ri"fle*man\, n.; pl. Rifleman. (Mil.) A soldier armed with a rifle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1775, from rifle (n.) + man (n.).


n. 1 A soldier trained to use a rifle as their primary weapon. 2 A person especially skilled in the use of a rifle. 3 A small wrenlike insectivorous passerine bird endemic to New Zealand, (taxlink Acanthisitta chloris species noshow=1), the titipounamu.

  1. n. someone skilled in the use of a rifle

  2. a soldier whose weapon is a rifle

Rifleman (disambiguation)

A rifleman is a soldier in a rifle unit of infantry.

Rifleman may also refer to:

  • A member of the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) or any of the brigades and regiments that derive their heritage from the original unit (see The Rifles)
  • Rifleman (bird) or Titipounamu (Acanthisitta chloris), a New Zealand bird
  • The Rifleman, a U.S. television program starring Chuck Connors
  • ST Rifleman, a British tugboat

A rifleman is a soldier in an infantry unit who carries a long, rifled firearm. Since the gun replaced the sword as the most predominate weapon of any army, the rifleman has been the most numerous and therefore the mainstay of all armies. Although the rifleman role had its origin with 16th century hand cannonners and 17th-century musketeers, the term rifleman originated in the 18th century. Entire regiments and bodies of troops were armed with the weapon which had slowly surplanted archers, pikemen, slingers etc. Long, rifled, firearms too big to be carried by one man came to be called artillery.

Rifleman (bird)

The rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris) ( Māori: tītipounamu) is a small insectivorous passerine bird that is endemic to New Zealand. It belongs to the Acanthisittidae family, also known as the New Zealand wrens, of which it is one of only two surviving species. The rifleman resembles a wren in form, but is not related to the family of true wrens, Troglodytidae, nor the fairy-wrens of Australia.

The rifleman is named after a colonial New Zealand regiment because its plumage drew similarities with the military uniform of a rifleman.

Usage examples of "rifleman".

The French spread victorious across the land, and these Riflemen were bereft and frightened.

Your son, Hector, served when a boy as a volunteer rifleman in the Coto River War.

He went first, jumping down the steps, sprinting towards the track, stopping at the dunghill, turning and dropping to one knee, and the red-jacketed riflemen were spreading in the skirmish line either side of him as he aimed the rifle at the side of the house, looking for an officer, seeing none, but there was a voltigeur taking aim with his musket.

A group of Riflemen were tying strips of white cloth to the bare hornbeam that had broken through the tiles.

He went inside, past the hornbeam which was decorated anew with a delicate tracery of snow, and it seemed impossible that only yesterday morning he had watched the German Riflemen decorate the bare branches.

Eskimos had returned, accompanied by Keelhaul de Rosa and four or five riflemen and machine gunners.

It was an hour before dawn that the guns started, and the riflemen followed close behind the last limber, so that the first light of day fell upon the black sinuous line winding down between the hills.

Every one of our infantry companies, incidentally, contains a heavy-weapons platoon, and each squad in that platoon is armed with the Montigny mitrailleuse, to give long-range rapid-fire cover for each advance of the riflemen.

The man finished his duty, moved away, another officer shouted some thin7 and from one side a 93 row of riflemen stepped sharply into position.

Without hesitation the whole Boer force, now some 2500 strong, galloped at full speed in open order through the Nek, braving the long range fire of riflemen and guns.

Surrounded at Scheepers Nek by many hundreds of riflemen in a difficult country, there was no alternative but a surrender, and so sharp and sudden was the Boer advance that the whole action was over in a very short time.

As he rode along by the side of the marching regiments, he observed the pikes and cutlasses, and the sheathless bayonets which hung at the belts of the riflemen, and wondered what would happen when it came to close fighting.

We surely did not need to prove once more what had already been so amply proved, that bravery can be of no avail against concealed riflemen well entrenched, and that the more hardy is the attack the heavier must be the repulse.

Marching toward the courtyard, between the ranks of riflemen, The Shadow glanced behind him and saw the marimba player following, with his bulky instrument.

Though he had yet to learn how to save Reggs completely, at least now when the mortars or the grenades or the punji pits took him out, the rifleman died a man.