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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
rev (up) an engineBritish English, gun an engine American English (= make an engine go very fast)
▪ As the lights turned green, Chris gunned the engine and we surged forward.
▪ The accountant strolled round to the driver's side, got in, revved up the engine and drove the champion home.
▪ There are real Cannoli, revved up with a mocha-flavored ricotta cheese filling, and much more.
▪ The car revved up and made off.
▪ Ace pressed the remote-control button and the room became alive to the sound of highly tuned engines revving up.
▪ And the pirate, if that is what he was, revved up his engines and began to turn away.
▪ Stone gasped, stood rooted to the spot, listening to the engine revving up.
▪ But only in the past several years have neuroscientists made much progress in illuminating how caffeine revs up the brain.
▪ As they travelled along Endill thought he could hear the sound of an engine revving nearby.
▪ Ace pressed the remote-control button and the room became alive to the sound of highly tuned engines revving up.
▪ The engines throb, revving for takeoff.
▪ Cars were called, engines revved, the Sheikha ordered coffee and water for the cars.
▪ Stone gasped, stood rooted to the spot, listening to the engine revving up.
▪ The engines were being revved, full, throaty, reliable.
▪ Joe donned his black helmet and revved up his Harley.
▪ And the pirate, if that is what he was, revved up his engines and began to turn away.
▪ Anya seems to be revving up to tell Rainbow her side of the story.
▪ Older men and women revved up their metabolism by 15 percent after just 12 weeks of strength training.
▪ The Audi followed, spinning slightly on the wet road, the back end swinging round as the driver revved too hard.
▪ The car revved up and made off.
▪ There are real Cannoli, revved up with a mocha-flavored ricotta cheese filling, and much more.
▪ After reaching the desired revs by using the foot throttle, the driver then pushes the centre button.
▪ Although the revs are low the blades are still turning so he has it tilted back on the iron roller.
▪ And the rev counter no longer worked.
▪ As they talked, planes began to taxi out and rev up.
▪ At the same time there's a new sparkle to low rev performance.
▪ The transformation takes place at 4000 revs.
▪ Until warm, high revs cause excessive wear.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1916, from earlier noun (1901), shortening of revolution, in reference to the internal combustion engine. Related: Revved; revving.


Etymology 1 n. revolution Etymology 2

abbr. reverend Etymology 3

vb. To increase the speed of a motor, or to operate at a higher speed.

  1. n. rate of revolution of a motor; "the engine was doing 6000 revs" [syn: revolutions per minute, rpm]

  2. [also: revving, revved]

  1. v. increase the number of rotations per minute; "rev up an engine" [syn: rev up]

  2. [also: revving, revved]

REV (disk)

REV is a removable hard disk storage system from Iomega.

The small removable disks store 35, 70, or 120 gigabytes and are hard-drive technology. Like a standard hard drive, the REV system uses a flying head to read and write data to a spinning platter. The removable disks contained the platter, spindle, and motor, while the drive heads and drive controller are contained within the REV drive. The drives allow for data transfer rates of about 25 megabytes per second.

The REV was available as an external desktop model with FireWire, SCSI or USB 2.0 interfaces, an internal model with SCSI, ATAPI, or SATA interfaces, or an external server model which features a cartridge autoloader and SCSI interface. Iomega also offered a 320 GB network-attached storage appliance which features a built-in REV. The drives are compatible with Macintosh, Windows, and Linux operating systems, although some only with particular models or interfaces.

This product, especially the server model, was marketed as a replacement of tape drive technology for enterprise data backup, with claims of higher reliability, greater speed, and random access capability.

The REV was in many ways a successor to Iomega's Jaz drive, which uses a similar removable hard-disk-platter concept. However the Jaz design does not put the drive motor in the disk case. In some circles, REV drives are referred to as "RRD," for "Removable Rigid Disk," because SCSI REV drives identify themselves as "RRD" drives to the host OS.

The disks are formatted with the UDF file system on Windows and Unix/ Linux. On Apple systems, they may be formatted as HFS+ or UDF in Mac OS X.

A similar competing technology is RDX Technology

The drives suffer from poor reliability and high failure rates of both the disk mechanism and power supply units (on the external versions). Faced with cheaper, smaller, higher capacity and more reliable USB 2.5" portable hard drives, the REV format was discontinued:

  • 35GB - 8/31/2009
  • 70GB - 12/14/2009
  • 120GB - 1/25/2010

Rev or Rév may refer to:

Rev (drink)

Rev is a 7% ABV vodka-based cola beverage ( alcopop), infused with guarana. Rev is manufactured by FBM Distilleries in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and distributed exclusively within the country under license from Bacardi. It is currently available in blue as Rev Energy and Rev Low. Purple, red, and green have been discontinued. The drink is sold in packs of four 330 mL bottles and single 473 mL bottles.

Rev was introduced in April, 2000, as a beverage marketed towards rave and nightclub culture.

Rev (Ultra Vivid Scene album)

Rev is the third album by Ultra Vivid Scene, released in 1992. The single "Blood and Thunder" reached number 27 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Rev (comics)

The Rev is a fictional supervillain, and enemy of the Marvel Comics antihero the Punisher. He was created by Mike Baron and Klaus Janson, and first appeared in The Punisher Vol. 2, #4 (November 1987).

Rev (Ten Foot Pole album)

Rev is the second album by Ten Foot Pole, and the last to feature Scott Radinsky.

Rev (HIV)

Rev is a transactivating protein that is essential to the regulation of HIV-1 protein expression. A nuclear localization signal is encoded in the rev gene, which allows the Rev protein to be localized to the nucleus, where it is involved in the export of unspliced and incompletely spliced mRNAs. In the absence of Rev, mRNAs of the HIV-1 late (structural) genes are retained in the nucleus, preventing their translation.

Rev (album)

Rev is an album by Jane's Addiction vocalist Perry Farrell, released in 1999. It is a combination of solo work and a best-of for the singer's bands.

Rev (The Reverend Horton Heat album)

Rev is The Reverend Horton Heat's eleventh studio album, released with Victory Records on January 21, 2014. Peaking at number 111 on the Billboard 200 in the US, it is their highest charting record to date.

Usage examples of "rev".

Colonel De Craye assiduously courted him, was anecdotal, deferential, charmingly vivacious, the very man the Rev.

On Campus Boul in the morning, a trio of hippies, lit up on crystal meth, were rambling up and down the walks, crooning that the rev had begun.

Father Pemberton was there, and Master Byles Gridley, of course, and the Rev.

Morit was constantly outraged and furious at neighbors who used their leaf blowers in the middle of the night, their hordes of barking dogs, revving engines, occasional gunfire, jangly music from street vendors, loud music just when he was trying to get some sleep.

The jet engines on the suprafoils were revving up, filling the huge chamber with an ostinato thunder.

When I found a parking space in front of the Shuman Building, I revved the engine, popped the clutch and backed into the parking slot at close to warp speed.

His cohorts were doing their ghost dance now, thinking that if they stomped around long enough, revving their chain saws and gumming their snoose, the tide of jogging-shoed, tree-hugging, latte lovers would disappear into Puget Sound, taking their cell phones with them to fifty fathoms, their stacks of Helly Hansen catalogs and their World Wraps fast-food outlets.

A vibration tachometer which will indicate any speed between 50 and 150 rev.

It is a far cry from the Chingachgook and Uncas whom Fenimore Cooper imagined to the Rev.

Scott, The Walking Stick Method of Self Defence by an Officer of the Indian Army, Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun by Wess Roberts PhD and, perhaps most bizarre of all, Flashes from the Welsh Pulpitby the Rev G.

In my view, Kaspar was, to put it mildly, an ambulatory automatist, who had strayed away, like the Rev.

The Complete Poetical Works of John Milton: with explanatory notes and a life of the author, by the Rev.

Kamov-26 helicopter started spinning rapidly as Manso spooled up the revs of the jet turbine engine.

He pushed the revs up and up, hurrying the car to eighty then to ninety, his huge Marchal headlights boring a safe white tunnel, nearly half a mile long, between the walls of the night.

Muff, Ministre Anglican, and borrowing money of him, and of her coaxing and flirting with Milor Noodle, son of Sir Noodle, pupil of the Rev.