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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The donkey-driver sat down and rather grudgingly accepted a small tumbler of retsina.

n. (context uncountable English) A Greek resinated white or rosé wine of a sort that has been produced for at least 2700 years.


n. Greek wine flavored with resin


Retsina is a Greek white (or rosé) resinated wine, which has been made for at least 2000 years. Its unique flavor is said to have originated from the practice of sealing wine vessels, particularly amphorae, with Aleppo Pine resin in ancient times. Before the invention of impermeable glass bottles, oxygen caused many wines to spoil within the year. Pine resin helped keep air out, while at the same time infusing the wine with resin aroma. The Romans began to use barrels in the 3rd century AD, removing any oenological necessity for resin, but the flavor itself was so popular that the style is still widespread today.

Usage examples of "retsina".

At dinner they had finished the retsina and after the meal had sampled another Greek invention, a liqueur that reminded Indy of the Pernod he drank on occasion in Paris.

It started early, with a barbecue and drinks and remained relatively subdued until the Retsina drinking contest.

The culture dictated that the evening start with a barbecue and then continue with the now obligatory Retsina drinking contest.

There was also the strong sweet smell of a more alternative intoxicant than Retsina to blend with the cypress trees and olive groves.

We had a big fattening lunch, with plenty of retsina, and we talked of this and that.

He continues to drink his retsina but tries to step outside its field of distortion.

Greece opened its doors - or the Makedonia Palace did, in exchange for their passports, with a third-floor front room that had complimentary bottles of the best retsina, twin His and Hers bathrooms and a magnificent view of the Bay.

Magda tells her, as retsina is being poured, and she quite evidently does.

Cayce, remembering from college that retsina is not a good mix with any other species of alcohol, orders a half shandy and leaves most of it.

She pulled him to her, and retsina spilled on the floor and in the tub.

One of the men suddenly lurched ahead of the other and slammed a bottle of retsina over his head.

Panos poured himself another glass of retsina from the bottle on the table.

She sat down and poured what was left of the retsina into the second glass.

And I thought of me, sitting in the heat with the empty bottle of retsina, listening to this.

Erica behind me, and the retsina, and now the vodka, were seeing to it that nothing much else took its place.